Why Did the Browns Sign Kareem Hunt?

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NFL Network's Ian Rapoport explains why the Cleveland Browns signed running back Kareem Hunt.

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Why Did the Browns Sign Kareem Hunt?

NFL Network's Ian Rapoport explains why the Cleveland Browns signed running back Kareem Hunt.

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  1. garret phillips

    We needed a new kicker so here we are.

  2. Mr1deepNtx

    Why wouldnt you sign him, guys gotta alot of talent left… This isnt ray rice

    • Hannah Bailey

      gmsllc he knocked her out and dragged her unconscious body like she was dead. she shouldn’t have married him. he will most certainly hit her again. this sort of thing doesn’t just happen once, it’s a cycle.

    • +Hannah Bailey if he doesn’t hit her again should he be vilified for the rest of his life?

    • +gmsllc she married him for the money.

    • Jamster946

      +Hannah Bailey Lol fool that are happily married. I know clowns like you seeing happy black couples and black excellence though. Slap yourself fool

    • Samuel Alexander

      Mr1deepNtx right on

  3. TheBig DawgOG

    Nick Chubb and Hunt? Nice duo. Watch Browns win the SB

    • JoeMeister007

      You forgot about Duke Johnson Jr. They could have a backfield similar to the Eagles when they won the Super Bowl.

    • They ran a play in the Falcons game called “The Wishbone” where they used three running backs, and the Falcons had no way to stop it (Until they tried a trick play and had the RB throw the ball and throw a pick) but yeah that was with Johnson and Chubb, imagine Chubb, Johnson, and Hunt doing that formation.

    • a s h t o n

      Braylon Rangel I’m not saying this because I’m a Texans fan but they have potential. Hopefully they don’t choke in the playoffs

    • +Braylon Rangel it’s Brady until he retires

    • TheBeastAmongUs

      Chubb and hunt = Chubb and Michel in Georgia

  4. Been a browns fan my whole life and hadn’t once thought about not being a browns fan. Now it all pays off

    • Cleveland Browns Highlights

      I’m wrong but IKR

    • Vincent 2099

      That’s how you become popular. You think all the of OG Laker fans joined because of magic and Kareem or because they were all from LA?

    • Willie Oliver

      Congratulations u got a good one

    • James05574

      I’ve supported them ever since they came back into the league in ’99 & before the move. Always thought we would finally be in the mix of the post season after say 8-10 seasons; didn’t happen. I always was disappointed season after season after season…Hopefully things are looking up.

  5. Gregory Dippold

    I’m actually excited to see the browns next year

    • spartanlm21 !

      Davon Smith yeah but your team hasn’t been losing constantly for 3 years straight 🤧🤧🤧

    • spartanlm21 !

      Davon Smith BaNDWagoN

    • Taylor Reddick


    • +Aaron Seidl i bet its safe to say everyone is a browns fan cause they want to see how they are doing

    • Davon Smith

      spartanlm21 ! It’s cool they will end the losing in Cleveland but still get blown out if they face the patriots in the playoffs so HAVE FUN SUCKERS

  6. Juan Morales

    The Chiefs are going to regret releasing him.


      JB Tiamson Damien Williams balled out kid. He had like 3 TD’s Williams actually played just as good if not better than Hunt.

    • Willie Oliver

      +STARKILLER yeah but if you watch Damian he chops his feet hunt would just explode into you for extra yards or jump over you

    • Jermaine Lynch


    • Goku Naruto

      They already did…afc championship game lost

  7. Trespen31

    its no longer a disgrace to be signed by the browns

    edit: let’s not sleep on then anymore they looking like some demons now

    • No Name Just Game

      Foreal. They have all the pieces in order. They just need a WINNING locker room mindset.

    • Vlad Friedess

      +J CV dont put that nonsense on the browns. Belichik was fired by Art Modell after he moved the team to Baltimore.

    • Antonio Becerril


    • Derek Davis

      You people act like having talent on their roster hasn’t prevented the Browns from winning in the past ? They pick in the Top 5 every year in the draft dude more like top 1 lol . The real problem starts in that front office of theirs and the coaching . we will see how they blow this one , Probably will ruin Baker Mayfields career too lol

  8. Smooth Jazz

    I’m glad the man got another chance — that women obviously, provoked the incident. Anyone with 2 eyes can see that.

    • Squidward’s_house

      swissmrkc she deserved it simple 😂

    • Angelo Carrasco

      +swissmrkc barely touched her with his foot. And toddler kicks harder than he kicked her

    • Ikr he barely even hit her

    • Khaleel IsTrouble

      He didn’t even kick her kick her he gave her that light kick like when u tryna see if somebody dead or not 😂😂😂😂😂🤷🏾‍♂️

  9. It’s kind of ironic because Cleveland is where the mistake happened

    • Malik Clifton

      He’s from Cleveland 💪🏽#theland

    • James Pegg

      D M I mean if you watch the video he gave her a little shove and a little kick people make it sound like her booted her to another planet

    • Stank Face

      +Willie Oliver I’m a chiefs fan too. I don’t blame Andy man. He gave Vick a second chance in Philly. This is all Clark Hunt’s decision. But. Hunt has multiple incidents like this. He’s an idiot dressed like a nice kid.

    • Willie Oliver

      +Stank Face john Dorsey is out to show the chiefs he is the reason for their success

  10. Chubb & hunt? 1-2 punch

  11. Damone Hogan

    I am glad Kareem is back in the NFL. Another chance, don’t mess it up.

  12. zaying Hui

    Don’t sleep on Nick Chubb mans a baller

  13. Seahawks MoNey3

    Here comes the comments “is he their new kicker?”

  14. Jimmy Padrigan

    Who would’ve thought that the Browns just might start a dynasty? 🤔👀

  15. It's Sunny

    Browns are looking dangerous

  16. I love how people are talking smack about the Browns when they did better than half the teams lmao 😂

    • Edward Mendoza

      Browns aren’t my favorite team but I hope the Browns can get something done next year. They have been losing for long enough.

    • Serosis z

      Picking in the upper half of the draft (17) and they won more games than the packers, lions, Jaguars, Raiders and Broncos.

    • SSJ2 Teen Gohan

      Facts and most that trash talking is coming from Jaguar fans.

  17. They can not have image damage, because the browns has no image

  18. See you in the play offs Cleveland 👍🏻🏈

  19. Dalton Hill

    Glad Kareen Hunt got a job, we all make mistakes. Hopefully, he learned from it.

  20. They signed him because he’s a good back.

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