Who is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ousted 10-term incumbent Rep. Joseph Crowley (D-N.Y.) on June 26. Just last year the 28-year-old was working as a bartender and server. Read more: . Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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Who is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ousted 10-term incumbent Rep. Joseph Crowley (D-N.Y.) on June 26. Just last year the 28-year-old was working as a bartender and server. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  1. Maggie M

    I hope this communist loses in November. Look at Venezuela – people voted bc they wanted to live for free.

    • Harry Leonard

      Maggie M …but your president loves communists?

    • Königin

      Poor poor thing you are.. I mean your hillbilly ancestors were holding desegregation is communism placards during civil rights era.. the same idiots were holding womens rights is communism during womens rights era.. I mean for you degenerate illiterate sobs, communism is a fancy word for bad or terrible etc with out knowing the actual definition or the types of ownerships in private and public sectors or the Foreign policies etc.. BTW todays socialism is a capitalistic structure in terms of trade and foreign policies and at the same time acts as a safety net providing basic assistance in terms of education, health and basic survival tools.. Every country in the developed world follows some kind of socialism even in the most far right countries in Europe like poland, hungary etc.

    • Lone Star

      There a difference been socialism and communism. Most of Europe is a Capitalistic-Socialistic hybrid system. You don’t have people dying in the streets in those countries.

    • Yasmine R

      Maggie M look at

      New Zealand

      Democratic Socialist countries that every time are voted as the happiest countries on earth 😉😉

      And educate your self Communism and Democratic Socialism are NOT the same; 😉 bone head

    • Jeremy Hodge

      PumpkinsnBlackcats communism is a failed political ideology and has killed over 100 million people in the last 100 years. We know what communism is sweetie

  2. Go progressives!!! No more super PACs!!

  3. Uncle Sleven

    Democratic Socialists 🙂 you have my love!

    • Kekligula

      Victor Dasilva No. They’re not. Stalin used the term many times. You lazy fucks are just that easy to pander to.

    • john doe

      Socialism only works in high IQ white countries where the population actually works to sustain it. In non-white countries, it fails every time because the people are too stupid and lazy.

    • TM3000

      john doe It fails in white countries too, sometimes it just takes a little longer. Plenty of white socialist countries have collapsed.

    • john doe

      What people fail to realize is that they aren’t really socialist. The European socialism depends on upward mobility and smart hard-working people contributing to the pot. The countries are heavily capitalist but they pay ridiculously high-income taxes. A bunch of third-world migrants aren’t going to be able to contribute financially the amount needed to uphold such a system. In the long term, the high IQ population will end up footing most of the bill until it collapses.

    • josh's bullet club

      Put down the weed for a couple of minutes and realize what you just said.

  4. charlie 1963

    God, I bet all of you at the Washington post are eating every minute of video you have to post about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez! I Love it!!!

  5. Dustin Vinas

    Democrats are open socialists now

    • Brammy007a

      As much as I dislike Obama and his ideology, he was not a full on Marxist.  You do a disservice to your position when you make statements like that.

    • Harshit Madan

      +jamali hamilton Nazis were socialists. They gave free cars and healthcare to white Aryan workers.

    • Harshit Madan

      +KT Chong FDR elongated the great depression.

    • And i guess you’re an open fascist then…

  6. Richard Atkinson

    Those of us who don’t rely on corporate propaganda like The Washington Post already knew who she was a year ago, which is why we donated to her campaign. Maybe you should do some better reporting next time and you won’t have to make silly videos like this that show how clueless you were for the past year.

    • Golden Arms

      Way to waste your $ asshat 😂🤣😝

    • Better enjoy donating that money now while you have it. If people like her end up running the country, you will have very little disposable income left after the socialist state taxes away every penny beyond what they deem as “fair” for you to have.

    • Mario Morua

      Steve these kind of people don’t understand. The future of the US is going to end up like the movie idiocracy, where everybody is a millionaire. Just look at the liberals now, and compare them to the people in that movie, they are similar.

    • striderflys

      I didn’t think it was possible for someone to be dumber than Cortez…

    • Richard Atkinson Please!! LMAO. She’s a dumbass. Are you kidding me? Chick is on camera and doesn’t know basic… I say again BASIC ECONOMICS! Please don’t reproduce.

  7. The Engineer

    She is my hero. Thank you Progressives. She is the one. We need more. Thank you. Yessss!!!!!!!

    • Ham Za

      Alondra Maldonado lol

    • marc griffith

      The Engineer..oh please are you serious??..if you are I suggest a labotomy…once you have had the damaged brain removed you would be just llike her! Do you know she is so dumb instead of tampons she uses tea bags lol

    • marc griffith

      Alondra I was thinking just way is this utter moron an engineer …. honestly this daft mofo could not build a turd

    • striderflys

      Engineers usually need to be able to think. I’m guessing you’re not one really.

  8. Monika Wizersack

    She says things people like to hear, what people want to hear. But people don’t seem to understand how unrealistic what shes saying is. Also, she has no where near enough power to make college free in the whole United States, or have completely open borders. Physically fact:Looking and sounding upset makes you look weak

    • Zohan_2001

      Rafael Pena okay, so if you believe it’s a fundamental right, then you’re moving the goldposts because I was debating the idea behind regulated and unregulated healthcare, not its necisity, and I’m not really interested in arguing that point. So are you suggesting that America should just focus on itself and ignore the other countries it protects?

    • Mr. Fett Esq.

      C Snap Jesus…It’s amazing how most everything you said was either wrong or overly simplified. This is what Socialism and this Ocasio-Cortez lady is doing to some people.

      I guess if it was so easy…we better just do it then huh!!?? Man…You are a genius!!

    • Mr. Fett Esq.

      C Snap you do realise that Ocaso-Cortez and her socialist agenda and policies calls for MORE government…right?? Christ all mighty….

    • Mr. Fett Esq.

      C Snap and no…no it wouldn’t cost less for Americans and our country to make universal healthcare a thing. It’s not as easy and magical as you try and claim it is. We don’t have a surplus of money here. And the American people, most if them, don’t wanna be taxed in upwards of 40% just because they are financially more successful. I for one don’t want to pay so that people who have less or don’t work can have more too. Call it selfish if you want, but people like to keep the money that they work for and not just give it to people who are undeserving.

    • Zach White

      No it doesn’t socialism sucks move to Venezuela if you want it so bad

  9. Dan Man

    wow! taking a foreign bartender and sticking her in politics is fuking genius! but seriously guys we gotta stop letting illegals vote so this stuff wont happen

    • Alondra Maldonado

      Lone Star He was talking about illegals voting for people like her. Dumbass.

    • But, but racism! But, but sexism! But, but catcalling! But, but everyone has two jobs!

  10. The Champion of “Bigger” government, open borders, socialized medicine, more government handouts, citizenship on demand. That plays well for the east and left coast, but nowhere else.

    We’ve seen increasingly that the Democrat party has moved further left in recent years. Bernie Sanders was a prime example. If it had not been for the fact that the “fix was in” for Hillary, the Democrats would have nominated a Marxist as their candidate. Ocasio-Cortez fits that mold as well. Socialism is nothing more than the “lite beer” version of communism. Both utterly fail in delivering of the things they promise while bankrupting the people financially and morally.

    Ocasio-Cortez is just another leftist pandering to the radical elements of the Democrat base. She is a shining example of a liberal Democrat who lives in an insulated if not isolated world. She does not have a clue what the vast majority of Americans think about illegal immigration nor does she care. In typical liberal fashion she is posturing and pandering. She knows full well her politics will never see the light of day and she has absolutely no chance of passing legislation through Congress. Like most Democrats, she does not care about facts or logic.

  11. Vince R

    Let’s be honest with an answer here: She is an insane leftist in the mold of Crazy Bernie, that espouses “free stuff for everyone” with absolutely no thought as to how that stuff gets paid for. In other words, she is a moronic blowhard.

    Update: just watched the vid, the actual link to Bernie was too good.

  12. Fuckya Lookin at

    She’s so repugnant. Venezuelan Chavismo has arrived

  13. The Amazing Lucas

    Socialism is for figs

  14. bob thornton

    She is extremely dumb. She can’t give details about issues, only repeat slogans. Watch every interview of her.

    • Jim McCarrick

      Джейсон Хичкок That’s vodka inebriated voter, to you – your cyrillic language encoded handle, you.

  15. Le Polygone

    Dear Santa, please make this ignorant millennial head of the DNC so we can once and for all, put the PC culture to sleep for good.

    Signed, all of your good children from the silent majority.

  16. Liberty Prime

    I’ll tell you what she is. She’s a political dumpsterfire, and the last nail in the DNC’s coffin. So by all means, please vote for her!

  17. Class Punk

    Lobbyists destroy economies. Socialists destroy economies. Democratic socialism destroys economies. Capitalism without socialism saves economies. A lobbyist is a self-serving socialist.

  18. Stephen

    I love listening to her talk… PURE COMEDY. She knows absolutely nothing about economics. She will get eaten alive

  19. Answer : A miss busybody that flaps her gums at things she doesn’t know anything about and shouldn’t be involved with , if she couldn’t figure out where her 3 months rent is then how if she going to find 14 billion in mismanaged pentagon dollars !

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