Whitlock and Wiley react to the Browns reportedly signing Kareem Hunt | NFL | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

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Jason Whitlock and Marcellus Wiley discuss the report that the Cleveland Browns will sign former Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt following him being released due to a domestic violence incident. Hear why Whitlock thinks this is a 'bad look' for the NFL.

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Whitlock and Wiley react to the Browns reportedly signing Kareem Hunt | NFL | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

Speak For Yourself

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  1. Speak For Yourself

    What are your thoughts on Kareem Hunt being signed?

    • Teflon DaDon

      Ray rice should be signed

    • B.A. Baracas

      Hope he redeems himself and GO BROWNS!!!

    • Anthony Seiuli

      The fault lies with the NFL so this means the buck stops with Roger Godell.

      His signing is just among the many infringements that have an inconsistency of punishment set by the NFL. Example, there was NO evidence of deflate ball(s) yet Brady was suspended, Colin Kaepernick-gate ended with his exile from the NFL but then the SAINTS-RAMS fiasco was an incident that should have been addressed by Roger Godell and wasn’t in due time or Hunt gets signed by the Browns which Cleveland would not have been able to sign unless the NFL green lit it.

      I guess this is expected of the NFL head-honchos.

      It is what it is.

  2. Joshua Woodard

    It’s not that big of a deal he made a mistake it’s over I find it funny how people keep calling for these athletes jobs like their perfect smh people are fickle and need to get over themselves

    • Sarah Sander’s Conscience

      Jon Vich bro she flew like 4 feet into a wall just from him shoving his friend into her. You probably have a charge on you. No innocent man would defend those actions as anything less than monstrous.

    • Daniel Harrison

      I think ray rice should of lost his job as well as his life after what he did. Hunt should lose few games to half season. My 2 cents.

    • Sarah Sander’s Conscience

      WOOD PRIDE 88 I hope you have a daughter who gets treated like that by a man of his strength one day. I hope you think back on this comment when it happens.

  3. Gavin Falconet

    Lets beat them to the punch maybe not the best way to word that with domestic violence lol

  4. clevelandcbi

    Browns now have two beasts running the ball, and Duke Johnson is darn good too. I don’t like what he did, but it pales in comparison to Rice or Peterson’s KO’ing a loved one or hitting a small child til he’s bruised and bleeding. Plus, he’s a local guy who Dorsey has closely followed.

    • SangheiliWarrior

      Sure it looks good on paper, but you cant just stack on position. You have your franchise RB who is a 3 down back. The Browns were looking for a backup, so get someone like Tevin Coleman who will be way cheaper. And now they still have a problem because he will be suspended for half the season. Its not a good fit at all

    • clevelandcbi

      +SangheiliWarrior Hunt IS the cheapest option. Chubb is a beast , but another stud for a playoff run seems low risk/high reward. Jmo

    • Clinton Crites

      +SangheiliWarrior Kitchens unveiled a successful Wishbone for a series against Atlanta last season. Imagine having that formation in your back pocket for a playoff push?? Kareem looking to get a 10-12 game rip before he can see the field. Last 5 to 7 weeks gets him back into form. Then come playoffs, YES..barring disaster the Browns will get a home playoff game, they have a Wishbone package featuring Chubb, Duke, AND Kareem…most likely with Njoku and Landry on the field as well. That would be an absolute matchup nightmare for opposing defenses. FEAR 6!

  5. madboyreadynow28

    Leave to Uncle Tom no black person but he would have a job. You can always bet on Jason Whitlock to put another black man down. It’s a good look for the Browns and the NFL to give this kid another shot. We forget these are very young people. If I was in the NFL when I was a young man I would have a lot to explain to my kids today at the age of 45. Your going to make mistakes as a young man. This was a very bad mistake but his life should not end because of it.

    • If he did a black woman like that, Whitlock would be the 1st to welcome him with open arms

    • Davor Ban

      You wouldn`t say this if that was yours sister. You people forget things very easy and it makes me angry. Have you see the tape, have you seen his temper and what he has done to that poor girl ?
      It is who he is !!!

  6. Raemon Rivera

    Where was all this energy when Ben Rapistberger was in trouble, Ray Lewis was in trouble, Donte Stallworth, Leon lett, Russell Maryland, Michael Irvin, and that’s just to name a few. It’s amazing how media outlets pick and choose for rating smmfh

  7. Anthony 2b Channel 12

    Big ben be raping women and he been playing over 10 years ..smh

  8. Michael Singleton

    He deserve another chance, he paid for his mistake

  9. John Dockery

    Team trying to win! Wtf

  10. Ramon Garcia

    Someone was going to sign him who cares when

  11. Walter Gill

    He’s young and he made a mistake. It’s not like he went complete overkill on the woman.

    • Walter Gill

      +Emmett Kahnert AGREED!!

    • If it's in the Word Then it's in the word

      He lied about it….. That’s what makes it worse

    • Walter Gill

      +If it’s in the Word Then it’s in the word presidents lie everyday lol

    • Stephan Makintaya

      +Walter Gill You could expand that most politicians

    • Raw Status TV

      He did make a mistake the woman made a terrorist threat by following him from the lobby to his hotel Room uninvited ,while harassing him by calling him a bigger. You should I get a harder.

  12. Wayne Hawkins

    Here we go brownies here we go roof roof

  13. Just Paid

    Hatelock, strikes again

  14. Browns making the playoffs.

    • His_ Redeemed

      Idk about all dat cuzzo. You’re goin a little too far a little too soon.

    • Michael Muth

      +His_ Redeemed I got $100 on it. Put your money where your mouth is or sit down.

    • Raw Status TV

      YES INDEED !!

    • Mrkiddballer15

      Idk why y’all saying it’s too soon… they went 7-8-1 and baker didn’t even start the whole season. They had a legitimate chance this year. Now they have Kareem hunt as well. I think the browns definitely make the playoffs 10-6

  15. Personally, after watching the video, it was clear the 2 skanks were the trouble makers. Where is their punishment? I would hate to think we can take away someone’s livelihood because of something like this. It doesn’t happen to thousands of everyday citizens who make a bad decision outside their work. I wouldn’t fire an employee because he got into a drunken barfight on Friday night. It has no bearing on his ability to perform his duties while on the job. I just wish he was still in the Chiefs Kingdom.

  16. Steve Superior

    Funny thing is that when it’s reverse situation and a female gets physical with a male, everyone laughs it off.

    • I’m wrong but

      Steve Superior like people clowning bow wow

    • Tylar Durten

      malenurse1999 keep your filthy hands to yourself and you won’t have any problems.

    • Dejesus Libran

      Aka bow wow

    • Brooks Orlando

      Let’s be honest..women know this and use is it to there advantage. Sometimes the guy snaps and he’s automatically the villain. I’m not defending it don’t get me wrong. This is just generally the way it goes down.

  17. Johnathan Hannaford

    obviously the browns want to win, they are on a roll with baker Mayfield and now they want to move forward, they did EXACTLY the right thing for the FUTURE !

    • Warren Triplett

      Johnathan Hannaford And I think they’re sending a message that it’s not the same old Brown’s they are serious about winning and I have no problem with this whatsoever I just hate the fact that I think Duke Johnson will not be with us

    • Mr Get Right

      Johnathan Hannaford…… As John Dorsey would say YOUR EXACTLY RIGHT BUDDY BOY 😂😂

  18. Red Dead Nation

    Do you really think Browns fans are gonna be booing when he hurdles TJ Watt for a TD at a home game? The suspension is an unknown thing. That is the reason this is sketchy. These guys are not paid for their image or virtue. They are paid for their production. Hunt produced all season, and if he continues in CLE he’s good.

  19. Steven Irvine

    Matt Nagy was gonna sign him because the Bears needed a kicker.

  20. James Black

    Whitlock your wrong. The NFL fan base does not care about HOES.

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