Watch Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez speak after winning Congressional election

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a progressive Democrat, speaks after winning her Congressional election in New York's 14th district. At age 29, she became the youngest woman ever to be elected to Congress.

Watch Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez speak after winning Congressional election

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a progressive Democrat, speaks after winning her Congressional election in New York's 14th district. At age 29, she became the youngest woman ever to be elected to Congress.

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  1. First ever known mentally-challenged member of Congress

    • Froggyblunderbutt

      +Chris Martino Get George Soros to fund my camoaign like he did hers and i can buy an election too. It had nothing to do with being qualified because, obviously, she isn’t.

    • Chris Martino

      +Froggyblunderbutt she had 300,000. Crowley had 10 million. Soros obviously did not fund her campaign you brainwashed chipmunk

    • bruce sweatman III


    • Alptn Mrl730

      It helps if you are stupid.

  2. redhead sticky

    Small dollar donor.? Lol. George bought your ride honey.

    • Zydeco Dancer

      Typical clueless traitor trumper. Oooh the Soros boogieman. LOL.

    • Pink Cave Woman

      +Zydeco Dancer hey 💩 for brains, even leaders in the EU are talking about the problems Soros has caused. Russia has a warrant for his arrest.

      He is a very real threat to freedom. And he hates the goyim.

    • kevinalvarado


    • Aaaaaand there it is. If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to see it, do conservatives still blame it on Soros?

    • Pink Cave Woman

      +Ian G You do know, don’t you, that even leaders in the EU are complaining about Soros. Putin has an arrest warrant on Soros.

  3. Nicholas Gillespie

    I’m so glad she won!

    • That’s three chances now and you can’t provide an explanation. Your opinion isn’t really valid if you can’t back it up so you basically wasted your own time writing that comment.

    • With the high taxes and high living cost of NY, of course someone like Cortez screaming– Free stuff, gets elected , so she did. Now let’s hope for the best for our friends in Queens, NY. Hope she exceeds their expectations. I’m sure she got A’s on all speech and debate as well as her rhetoric communication courses. She got that bossy attitude perfect to fool those who lack common sense.

    • indemniman 162

      +Ms U
      Evidently people in New York’s 14th district are IDIOTS, no doubt. This is one stupid Bit*h.

    • MetalDetroit

      FreeSoftware If you think universities can be “free” then you are too stupid to attend one.

    • Łøw Łifę

      She didn’t say anything in that speech

  4. Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus

    Mmm, conservative tears taste delicious.

    • indemniman 162

      Need a reality show to follow her around in Washington daily, this is going to be hilarious.

    • Vlad The Inhaler

      I’m only crying because I’m laughing so goddamn hard!🤣😂😂

    • winter cinders

      yeah tears of joy, I hope she lasts long. She’s the reason people turn conservative. KEEP HER PLEASE.

    • Daneelro

      It’s especially delicious to taste these conservative tears two months later, when all their whining only made her much much stronger.

  5. I hope the people in her district truly embrace socialism.

    • She is one step beyond Obama. A leftist, without a real cause. They hate anything conservative for no real good reason. These folks want to live in a rainbow word with unicorns, and no accountability, no consequences for their actions, where they ride on the wave created hard working folks until the money runs out and their socialist world will come crashing down just lime they all do.

    • Ray Bueno

      socialims just like denmark were everybody is opening a cupcake bakery !

    • William Creed

      Well if worst case, she can clear the tables.

    • Alptn Mrl730

      Most of her votes come from stupid women and sissy-boy men.

    • SuperGotgas

      She will do nothing for them her district can embrace a shithole they will live in

  6. MarilynMonroeFamily

    So here we have an individual who can’t support and defend our Constitution being elected. THAT is treason!

    • Edwin Göbel

      +Mike fortrump just sayin… bullshit show me one thing she said against the constitution. Also you probably don’t even know what is written in the communist manifest so stfu if you don’t know what you are talking about

    • Edwin Göbel

      +I KNOW NOTHING haha so much unsubstantiated bull… where tf do you get your info from?
      I was born and raised in Germany and I can ensure our cities are safe and we are actually quite free. What crimes do you mean are higher these days? Germany’s crime statistic for example actually dropped…but yeah your vague statements are so fucking convincing. Also as a foreigner you definitely won’t get treated better as ” their own country” (You mean country man or nationals ?)

    • Edwin Göbel

      also again… socialism: a transitional social state between the overthrow of capitalism and the realization of Communism.
      No one not even Cortez talks about communism!
      Wealth distribution=/ communism
      Changing the means of production= communism

    • prometheus5700

      Just to remind you that with Merkel’s tacit approval, Germany is the rape capital of Europe, maybe the world.

  7. Dusty Reason

    Maxine Waters is no longer the dumbest person in congress now.

    • Thijs Halsema

      Lmao I am not American, but as far I can tell Trump is one of the most dumb presidents. He only cares for dollars, and Americans. Like it’s a superiour race. Everyone has equal rights you know. Wether your from europe, mexico, russia or america. Wether you are white or black. We are all humans, that’s what a president should focus on in my opinion.

    • Troll Hunter HD

      +Thijs Halsema Everyone has equal rights . Good, work on your country that you love so much. Leave mine alone. If you want to become a citizen that’s great otherwise I could care less what your opinion is on the USA.

    • Thijs Halsema

      @Troll Hunter HD I am not saying I don’t like America, or the people. I think America is great, I just don’t agree politicaly with Donald Trump.

    • Dusty Reason

      +Thijs Halsema If you are American citizen or you have the right to be in the USA. I have no problem at all with you. But if you are a illegal immigrant. We have a problem and I don’t care if you came from Africa where I am originally from or any other country on earth. Trump has the right to protect its own citizen first and those who are in the US legally.

      If Trump cared only about the money. Why isn’t he getting paid for being the President of the USA???? Why did he left his multi million job to work for free in his current job??????????????? Chew on that.

  8. Erth Mann

    She will also be the most ineffective congress woman ever elected because her entire platform promises are nothing more than progressive fantasy.

    • +The Everyday Progressive Show my ideology is strictly constitutional with extremely limited government. I think each man and woman should do what they want as long as it harms no one. I also believe taxes to the government should be as low as possible and should not over burden anyone. Once again I can’t find a single program in the history of the United States that cost what the people running numbers say it is going to cost…always has exceeded those numbers and nobody on this planet can even begin to budget health care needs of 360 million people accurately without limiting the medical care of every single person in order to stay within a budget. Truth is nobody can determine if it would be 34 trillion or 100 trillion without capping every single medical charge and limiting the medical care of every single citizen…its easy for you to say every person in america is covered and every test is covered and every treatment is covered and you will decide what doctor you see as many times as you want…oh and you will have the best healthcare on the planet and we will still innovate in the medical technologies…oh and the government will make it completely efficient (even though the government makes nothing else efficient). Once again what I see is the U.S. Government deciding what we eat…what we drink…how our daily lives are to be run in order to make all this free health care cost less by forcing everyone to live a certain way…to me the freedom to live how I want outweighs trips to the emergency room for people.

    • The Everyday Progressive Show

      +zzt bird Nice Gish-gallop btw…So you want to force everyone else to deal with a more expensive and less effective system to AGAIN sate your ideology? And your interpretation of the constitution is just that, an interpretation. Medicare for one is cost-effective program(which 8 out of 10 older adults like/love). It would be more so if they were allowed to negotiate with the drug companies. Your way simply doesn’t work for everything. You have to accept that. And you’ve bought into a red-scare narrative that is nothing more than bullshit.

      And you are dismissing a RIGHT WING STUDY that shows that medicare for all is CHEAPER than what we are doing now. Stop ignoring the studies and realize what is going on.

    • Erth Mann

      +Mai Nem These “happiest countries on Earth” you refer to are small white raced countries like Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland taxing working class people upwards of 49%. They also don’t have a military budget like us as they depend on us for any real effective defense. If you believe that our over bloated corrupt government can manage health care on such a huge scale especially when we are not able to defend our borders from being over run by poor nations taking advantage, than our discussion is over.

  9. John Rogar

    This dumb girlie will bring socialism to you as the “next best thing”. Good luck, you’ll need it.

    • Edwin Göbel

      +I KNOW NOTHING spoken like a true haver of a lot of braincells


      ​+Edwin Göbel
      Have you ever been among the USA federal agencies. hahaha I can tell you this. It is not a place of youth or happiness or excitement. Watch out for what you want, you may get it. From my experience which by the way is filled with multiple decades under federal law, of not having 1st class citizenship, of being prevented of revealing the many schemes of politicians by the law. She will obtain very little voice, the biggest thing will be can she bring in the dough, and set up jobs in the district she won in. Plus I believe COMMEE Alexandria Cortez didn’t win straight up, there was some other strings attached to the maneuvers of the election ballot. I will investigate within the next month the particulars of the ballot. Keep in mind Gobble, or Gobel, or Göbel
      the door of this position is one of many shoes that have entered and exited. In the schematic of US Politics and the US Constitution her windpipe will be drowned by the big fish. Göbel
      another night of wormwood for you.

    • Filip Rebro

      Will wait till it turns into Venezuela part 2

    • bruce sweatman III


    • hallow night

      This girl is playing with fire…
      It’s a shame , because the people that think she speaks for women must shake there heads..
      All the people that try this get shot.. or worse… A shame.

  10. Congratulations, world needs fresh people like you. Wish you the best -following from Down-under Australia

  11. camaro rider

    brace yourselves new york, you will fall just like california.

    • Filip Rebro

      +Victor Luna but you can go to prison for one year just for misgendering somebody. Colleges in California are the most biased schools in USA, and its an liberal hellhole

    • Filip Rebro

      +Victor Luna but if you like it? Good for you.

    • Victor Luna

      Filip Rebro the going to prison for misgendering someone is a myth we do not do that here. As for our schools being liberal maybe the Berkeley and Stanford but that is not the case everywhere else. Every school I been to no professor has ever tried to shove liberal point of views down my throat.

    • Filip Rebro

      +Victor Luna thank God but still colleges in California sucks

    • Matt Brown

      DJ Trevi Calif. is a hell hole

  12. Laurie Broome

    Congratulations Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez! Hope lives! Stay strong!

  13. House of the Rising Sun

    You’ve got to be kidding me! The 14th district must be where all the crack-heads live. Unreal.


      +House of the Rising Sun She is Rigth and you’re the one who is sick in your head. Pea Brain

    • george george

      +makosensei 999 sorry little imbecile but I do not see conspiracies hiding behind every bush. I do know who the illuminati and and their list for tyrannical control over everything. he main stream media controls and manipulates small minded people, such as yourself, into hatred. I know history and the p[layers. Your complete disregard for WHO the people were/are that are committing these horrible crimes tells me of your gross intellectual dishonesty. You are a worthless pile of canine excrement.

    • george george

      +I KNOW NOTHING ; Big deal if Soros is wanted Russia. Why is Soros a wanted man in the United States for manipulating elections and backing abortion mills? Soros toppled the bank of England—is he wanted there? I do know one thing and it gives me a measure of joy. There is a special place waiting in hell for people like Soros. You may go to hell now you worthless fool.

    • Suite Eleven

      Cadillac Kadafi lol and all the liberals are braiding their manbuns and lady armpit hair eating avocado toast and not bathing.

    • Melissa Adams

      Well New York is where most the crack heads live!!! But seriously New York has 50,000 + homeless people. This girl is calling for free everything and everyone should b equal. Well u know damn well all the crack heads came out the wood work to vote for her!!! What? Free? I dont care what it is its free!! Where it is? LoL

  14. NPC546758493030498309844333

    Notice not one American flag she hates America


      you know nothing

    • SternSupremacy


    • Will Reames

      Rachel Rust

      I’m a democrat and I love this country and it’s constitution. We started a revolution of government that is by the people for the people. I stand for the anthem and think of what makes this country great. And I don’t think of democrats or republicans, but of Americans. The Americans that fight for what they think is right for the best of others even when they disagree.

    • Miguel guerrero


    • Nightwalker973

      Ooooohhh. Your one of those edge lords.

  15. Rick 6900

    Woo hoo everything is free now,, it’s a brave new world

    • nancy fontenot

      Who’s going to pay the taxes to pay for all this promised crap?

  16. Karina Lisboa

    She sounds just like politicians in my country (Brazil). NY is in trouble. Good luck!

    • Karina Lisboa> This proves there are Fruit Cakes all over the world.

    • Jonathan Hubbard-Shaw

      +Era XD Lo que temos que ver e si ella es de izquierda feminista radical que se importa si una persona siente ofendida. ( en Eropa es illegal criticar islam= O si es una persona que se importa con oprotunitade de equaidade. ( Finlandia no Cuba) Claro ella puede ser entre los dos pero lo más lejos de feminista radical lo mejor. I honestly think that she is either close to left-wing authoritarian (Slightly left wing libertarian) or slightly left-wing authoritarian. She she starts saying thinks like white people cannot have an opinion on X or No one can make x joke then will know where she stands.

    • +Jonathan Hubbard-Shaw I honestly don’t care about white or not white, I care about functional societies, obviously, in a functional society whites will not become persecuted and, inclusively, I would say in will become whiter with the pass of the generations, are disfunctional societies that predates on the necessities of the people the ones that need to disappear, this type of politicians that tell the people that everything will be free should disappear because you will pay all those things with your taxes, there is nothing free

    • +Jonathan Hubbard-Shaw idk if you are from Spain, or you are from Brazil or you learned Spanish in your country, there is a country called Uruguay here, this country was the first one to openly accept the black African slaves in the country as citizens with all the rights of everyone, what happened? Uruguay is nowadays 90% white, and 8% mestizo, Uruguay has always been somewhat a functional society that judge people as individuals and not by being a minority or not, with the pass of the times blacks have been unable to take control of the country or to split the country in half like it is happening in the US and Europe because they are considered Uruguayans and nothing more, their identity as blacks does not exist because it is only a characteristic of them and not something to define them as persons, that is because Uruguay would not allow the formation of a ghetto, favela, or hood because it would go against their ideology of a functional societies, when blacks get mixed with the people around them they end up not becoming a problem, same with the Muslims, obligate them to mix and not to form hoods or no go zones, don’t allow them to create that

    • Victor Luna

      Karina Lisboa Brazil isn’t America good look fixing your political system though

  17. William Atkinson

    She already booked her flight to Seattle to get inaugurated in Washington.

  18. Npc 275390

    She wants change. All your change.

  19. Twoofer Derper

    “Unemployment is down because people are working 2 jobs”- Crazy Eyes Cortez.

    • Suite Eleven

      It’s counted person to job not job to person…so Tim can have 2 jobs but 2 jobs can’t have Tim, she is implying the latter 🤦🏾‍♂️


      @twoofer yep, same like: unemployment is down because people work 60-70 even more hours….

    • Dicerolledan8

      People are working 2 jobs because they are biracial and count as 2 people.

    • Filip Rebro

      Every time when she says something stupid, i hear venezuelan people running from Venezuela

    • Kristina

      If youre really going to talk about stupid things people say, Trump has said some downright tragic things. In the presidential debate he didn’t even understand the nuclear weapons question LOL!

      PS: she isn’t a socialist (its called reallocating funds to different divisions.) And if you wanna talk about cherry picking – plenty of democratic/capitalist nations have failed – Greece’s economy is perpetually contracting and people are starving, with protests occurring daily.

  20. Tom Joad

    I love seeing the rightwingers panicking in the comment section. This is what happens when intelligent and empathic people vote. A voice to benefit the people and not the billionaires that you lick the boots of.

    • manDirty milkDan the

      +Bogdan Sladojevic Shapiro said that bro not original

    • bruce sweatman III


    • Monkey Boy

      Lmao, yeah sure “intelligence”

    • Pingry55

      Tom Joad are you right in the head?

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