Tulsi Gabbard quits and endorses Bernie Sanders

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Rep. Tulsi Gabbard explains why she is endorsing Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer.

Tulsi Gabbard quits and endorses Bernie Sanders

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard explains why she is endorsing Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer.

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  1. Lamar Goodwin

    15 Years on the global war on terror and our greatest lead is a IPhone that Apple wont unlock… As a fellow veteran we need a leader who wont put troops in harms way when not needed. Clinton is not our leader for that job.

  2. SulforaphaneMeUp

    Sanders doesn’t have the same record because he wasn’t put in the same position that Hillary was. If Sanders was Secretary of State during Obama’s term, he would have a very similar record if not identical. The only vote you could argue was the Iraq war vote and that was made with bogus information during a critical time in our nation’s history.

    • Angel Light

      +elephant Bernie as Secretary of State would have rejected the idea of continuing wars.

    • SulforaphaneMeUp

      +Angel Light
      What wars did Hillary continue?

    • SulforaphaneMeUp

      +Ashish Patel
      So where is all the wars you are talking about? The Iraq war is still unfinished business and what would you propose in Syria? 

    • Джон гоночный

      +elephant Hillary Clinton is a hawkish republican masquerading as a progressive…their records would have been very different.

    • SulforaphaneMeUp

      No, their records would be the same because they would both do what Obama says to do. 

  3. Kevin Gunn


    • Quintin Preciado

      Nope, Rubio 2016!

    • Apple Pie

      +Quintin Preciado
      lmao thats literally the first pro rubio comment that i’ve ever seen on the internet. good luck buddy.

    • GreatSpiritAyraMaxwell

      +Donald Drumpf I’m glad I’m not registered Republican, because all that Trump says is so racist and dumb that I want to hurl, Ted Cruz, ugh, snob, and Rubio, eh, I haven’t heard too much dirt on him. If I was Republican, I’d vote Rubio. But, since I’m Democrat, I am NOT going Hillary. She’s the worst habitual liar I’ve ever seen in my life. Bernie Sanders, uh, well, he’s certainly not ‘ideal’ but, just about ANYONE, besides Donald Trump, would be better than her. All the Republicans I know say that, if the worst-case scenario happens and we’ve got Trump on one side and Hillary on the other, they’d go Hillary. Not because she’s right for the job, no way in HELL!!!!!! But she’s definitely got one thing that Trump doesn’t: social graces. He doesn’t think before he speaks, and that’s the WORST thing that someone in a position of negotiating with other countries could do. Hillary, at the VERY least, knows how to speak eloquently. In her case, it’s all lies, but it’s better than Trump who would insult other heads of countries if they even just looked at him funny.

    • GreatSpiritAyraMaxwell

      +Donald Drumpf  I’m turning 26 this year thank you.  In addition, I take pride in that I never make an opinion until I have all the facts of all sides.  But I’ve heard 5 year olds speak with more sense than Donald Trump does at times.

  4. I salute her decision. Hope she doesn’t join Scalia any time soon.

  5. Fabian Medina

    sanders has my vote all the way

  6. tulsi is hot

  7. Finally!

  8. jakepv1

    she’s hot

    • jakepv1

      +Barny Elbourn she’s hot and smart and looks kinda like Wonder Woman… I’m not apologizing 🙂

    • Alex James

      And she’s on point and it’s a disgrace she’s forced to leave her dnc post because she’s on the side of common sense

    • Danny OSRS

      +7734lg How is she not intelligent when she clearly speaks with such truth and you obviously dislike Sanders. You need to get checked out..

    • Danny OSRS

      +7734lg You hear the word socialist and get scared. stop being an idiot.. stop listening to so much media bullshit. you moron.

    • Mind Of Foolio - Comedy & Animation

      Jep. smart, beautiful and brave. What’s not to LOVE 😀

  9. EPSTomcat11

    Wow – From the top rope, elbow from the sky on Hillary. Good on Tulsi to have the courage to give Debbie and the DNC the middle finger and vote for Bernie, who is the only real deal in town, funded by the people, for the people. This is a huge endorsement for Bernie.

  10. Cervant Christian

    Hmmmm, I am gonna call it now. Hopefully this is the future first female president of the US and not Hillary .

    Also for someone who claims Obama’s policies Hillary is already planning on going the other way against Bernie and Obama as noted here with a no fly zone, she never learns.

  11. Luis Vazquez

    EVERYONE!!dont just expect Bernie Sanders to become president with your hands crossed. He needs your help!..spread the word by commenting in all videos(not just Bernie videos), spread the word to family and friends and also make them spread the word, DONATE!!, try to make the famous endorse Bernie by spamming them on social media so they can see who he is.. come on everyone we cant just expect Bernie to do everything we can do this and my bad for the long msg

  12. Doc B. M.D.

    I am a conservative AND I LOVE THIS REPRESENTATIVE ! I have agreed with EVERYTHING she has said in the last year. She has such amazing poise, and is so perceptive. I am a Trump Conservative and I CAN’T WAIT TO DONATE MONEY TO ANY ELECTED POSITION SHE RUNS FOR !

    • Джон гоночный

      +Doc B. M.D. I am not a conservative, can’t understand that mindset at all. It seems that progress is what is needed, not a return to some mythical past that never actually existed. I honestly think that the delusion of religion and that of the conservative mind are similar, they require an “authority” outside of themselves…I am well to the left of Bernie, but I can understand the anger conservatives feel in the GOP’s candidates…however as you cannot break your mind free of this need for a “magisterium” to look to Trump makes for an attractive alternative, he is a fascist and appeals to the worst parts of us. I hope you can let go of this need for authority and realise you are the ruler of your own life.

    • Doc B. M.D.

      Venezuela, Cuba, and the living hell called Detroit have learned that conservatism (a return to democratic principle) means progress.

    • Джон гоночный

      +Doc B. M.D. democratic principles have nothing to do with conservativism, in fact it leads to facism and nationalism..have you been to either Venezuela or cuba? I have been to cuba a few times and the people are great, they may not have much in material wealth but considering how the USA tried to totally destroy their economy I was surprised on how decent the standard of living is and how cheap it is to live for the islanders. Really neither of these are examples of democratic socialism as they are “planned” near communist economies. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Greenland, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, France, Germany…these are democracies that have embraced a certain amount of socialism to guarantee a certain standard of living for all it’s citizens. Sorry but as a humanist this is the right thing to do, I am grateful my taxes can help someone in need and I know the same system is there to catch me if I fall. 
      Detroit is a result of “the free markets” a certain amount of protectionism is needed to stop this offshoring of labor for bigger profits.

    • Doc B. M.D.

      I am glad that you like Cuba so much. If you look at the financial statistics prior to and after the conversion of the society to Communism you will see that prior to Communism Cubans had the highest per capita wealth in the Caribbean. Now of course they have one of the lowest. But the question comes down to what Chairman Mao taught us. The only people who are truly free are total slaves. Just like it says in the Chinese national anthem. Some people prefer to live as slaves. 25% of the citizens of the Soviet Union said they wanted to remain Communist slaves rather than live as free men and women. To each his own. If the chains fit, wear them to your heart’s content.

    • Джон гоночный

      +Doc B. M.D. I Cuba in the 1950’s that wealth was as it is now in the usa shared among a few elite, as for slaves..slaves to what, slaves to a god, slaves to our jobs and wealth accumulation or slaves to the well being of ourselves as a whole..i pick the latter. As I said, it’s the selfish me first mindset I could never understand…but we are all different.

  13. johncrab67


  14. this woman converted all my neighbors from hillary to bernie sanders. the more the support is given to bernie, the more they start questioning the record of hillary clinton. this is a blessing.

  15. Sidharth Satheesh

    Good job CNN, cutting the video mid speech, not even 2 mins long. Wonder if they do the same for a Hillary endorsement.

  16. Andrew Rai

    My god she should be Sanders VP or Secretary of State! She’s amazing.

    • Maddie Siegmund

      +The2012hungergames Warren as Treasury Secretary or Federal Prosecutor. Either way, there would be a great triumvirate of female power. I would support Warren or Gabbard in 2020.

    • GRiMHOLD

      +Aswin M
      Elizabeth warren shouldn’t be allowed to be part of Bernie Sanders administration as punishment for not endorsing him.
      Shes his conjoined twin politically in almost every shape and form and yet refuses to endorse him.
      This just shows shes not principled. Shes calculating just like every other career politician.
      The next generation of the democratic party are the current Bernie Sanders supporters…
      We will never forgive and never forget this.

    • Ajay Pasricha

      +GRiMHOLD Warren should endorse him, but who knows why she isn’t. But she definitely should not be in his administration because he’s going to need her help in the Senate.

  17. Johnsen1972

    Proves that the DNC chair is actually biased to Hillary.

  18. M T B'r

    what a beautiful intelligent woman. she should be the first woman president.

  19. Dan Gurney

    Bernie Sanders for President!
    Keith Ellison for Vice-President!
    Tulsi Gabbard for Secretary of State!
    Elizabeth Warren for Secretary of Treasury!

    Now that’s what I call a Dream Team!

  20. Franz1987

    She is spiritual and sensitive. What we need in power

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