Trump says he won’t bend on border wall funding as shutdown continues

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President Trump says he won't bend on border wall funding as Sunday marks day 16 of the government shutdown. Mark Landler, a White House correspondent for the New York Times, joins CBSN to discuss the week ahead including the looming funding fight.

Trump says he won't bend on border wall funding as shutdown continues

President Trump says he won't bend on border wall funding as Sunday marks day 16 of the government shutdown. Mark Landler, a White House correspondent for the New York Times, joins CBSN to discuss the week ahead including the looming funding fight.

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  1. Jose Ramos

    Want a wall? You pay for it, donate your own hard earned money at gofundme. My hard earned money will not be used for this political stunt, Trump doesn’t realize the after shocks this will bring for him. #shutdownstories

    • Jose Ramos

      +Rebecca I’m sure he will. 😂

    • BlueChild2022

      +Robert Franz 🤣👍

    • BlueChild2022

      +jennings mills just money…. I assume if you have nothing left you just went to the next bank. THEY have a storage of this stuff. 🤣

  2. But he bends for countries like Russia, North Korea, and Saudi Arabia

    • Christian Townsend

      +Adam because everybody in this cabinet is Crooks and he thinks the prime minister of North Korea is a good man and everybody in this world knows that he’s not and he needs to leave North Korea alone and stop antagonizing them. And it’s really astonishing to me on how he would say that a North Korean dictator is a good man a person who is a dictator is a horrible person.

  3. are the 800,000 government workers tired of winning yet?

    • Eric Martin

      less government the better. Democrats enjoyed their vacations over the holidays while Trump waited in Washington to make a deal.

    • +Eric Martin I agree! Less government is better, we would probably be a lot better without an executive branch. Just use a Magic 8 Ball to make decisions. Funny you point out how hard he worked during Christmas because he’s been at his golf resort nearly every weekend.

    • Eric Martin

      +Kato only if you watch fake news

    • Matt Jonson

      Kato I like the sound of less government too.👍

    • You dont need my name

      Pat Marcy to help with major emergencies without declaring it a national emergency

  4. Stoney Curtis

    Trump had control of both houses of congress for Two Years and he couldn’t get his vanity wall built..
    There is a new sheriff in town, and She ain’t gonna take no crap from Trump.

    • this is brak's pu don't touch it

      +old dave aging equipment? We have some of the best technology we’re not a third world country running around with hand me downs.
      I’m sorry our army doesn’t need as mean horse and bayonets as it once did.

    • old dave

      +this is brak’s pu don’t touch it technology is moving so fast, what was top of the line yesterday is obsolete today..

    • this is brak's pu don't touch it

      +old dave How are you complaining about a military thats constantly evolving? If technology lowers the numbers of soldiers on the field that’s a good thing. The technology in 2015 that we had is good for when Obama was president. Do you want to complain about Obama pulling troops out afganistan ir cutting military capacity? We don’t need an invading army when we’re only supporting our allies.

    • old dave

      +this is brak’s pu don’t touch it no ones complaining Lib, go get a life

  5. Andrea Jones

    He should wear melania’s jacket. His bills are paid. He and his family have health insurance. His check is good. He has food. He even reopened the post office next to his hotel. sarah and the cabinet or the senators are not hurting. They just don’t care.

    • keith parkhill

      @JJoe Perhaps that nasty illegal learn English.

    • keith parkhill

      @JJoe You should have taken a courses in common sense because it’s 80 percent of human intelligence.

    • keith parkhill

      @Susan Pepper Lincoln would have put a ax in Trump’s head.

  6. Lenox W

    Trump is a mad man holding America hostage for his wall

    • beautifully broken

      Lenox W
      he is a narcissist

    • TheCladi8or

      You are an idiot

    • Stopper Mark

      The Democrats are holding the country hostage….half the country voted Trump in to get the wall built…the Dems have no trouble sending billions over sea in aid and Wars..but won’t spend one dime keeping Americans safe?…every time someone gets deported and comes back in a kills an american is the Dem’s fault…they have blood on their hands

    • Andy Ramirez

      +TheCladi8or why for statting facts? You are the idiot here.

    • +Stopper MarkOf course Democrats will send Billions over seas.. most of them get kick backs in some way that’s why they don’t want the Military Missions over seas to stop. Money and Equipment sent over seas disappears without question and the American tax payers are none the wiser.. keep paying baby!

  7. B. Smith

    trump holding government hostage a 5 billion dollar ransom in form of border wall.
    All this wall business is a distraction tactic. Something else going on here.

  8. He is pure evil

    • Susan Pepper

      ron hillbilly
      No licking windows is for Democrats that will not get a job and pay for windex and a ragg.

    • Susan Pepper

      Robert Franz
      First the GOP and DNC are both corrupt… Trump is trying to bring to light the corruption and if your not bright enough to see the corruption in both parties then you are dooming yourselves and your children to a Communist dictatorship in the International Liberal World Order. Snap out of it. This is not a basketball game where you pick a team and supporr it no matter how crappy they are. Your childre and Americas future need intelligent adult answers not cult like worship..

    • Zero Ninety

      Susan Pepper If you think the Democrats are communists then you haven’t got the first clue what communism is.

    • Susan Pepper

      Zero Ninety
      Oh i know..Im from a very old political family. I’ve been watching them rise for decades…

  9. Dennis Manson

    Wait until Mueller gets done with him he will know what it’s like to BEND…. OVER !!!!!

    • Jonathan Taylor

      Trump’s National Security Adviser pleaded guilty to being a Russian agent.

    • trinitydraco1

      +Jonathan Taylor Just give it up. They can’t hear us. They don’t get that the reason the evidence hasn’t been released is because the investigation is still ongoing. For reasons I don’t understand they think that means there is nothing on Trump. Why they think evidence in an ongoing criminal investigation should be released to the public is beyond me. It’ll get released when the investigation is done and not before. Just…let them have their toy while they still can.

  10. Larry Sernyk

    Started as a campaign chant to get the crowd worked up. Was initially a big, big wall, so high, you can’t imagine how high. Now down a steel barrier. How about a garden fence that we can buy at Lowe’s? El Trumpo has boxed himself in on this one. He keeps digging himself deeper and won’t be able to save face. Absolutely terrible negotiator as many knew. He is a conman/promoter/swindler, an immature bully. 2019 will be incredibly difficult for Trump as he will get lots of checks and opposition from the House. Will he shut down the government every time he doesn’t get his way? We should shut the executive branch. Definitely a non-essential branch under this administration.

    • n52nimbus

      I guarantee your grown grandchildren will be worrying about much larger problems, like where to find clean water and sufficient food to eat.

  11. Douglas Lowe

    Agent Orange couldn’t pass a 5th grade Civics test. Putin couldn’t be happier. I hope all the Repugs whom are missing paychecks thanks to Fat Donny are enjoying their Drumpfster diving!

    • Rebecca

      name calling will not resolve any issue Dougie

    • Shelby Shoup Arrested For Crack

      Douglas Lowe Yet Trump is a patriot and you’re not… You have no idea how ignorant and dumb you really are…

  12. Randall Arthur

    He is only doing this because it is working to deflect prosecution of his criminal activities.

    • A Valentine

      ahaha smh the entitlement. hey, the fence is already up. if you’re there, i’m sure we’d all like pics of how much you’re enjoying it down there.

    • A Valentine

      +jennings mills actually ​@Randall Arthur does get both. you can be simple minded and participate with a network of crooks in criminal activity.

    • Rebecca

      +A Valentine What about all the garbage and trash that is illegally crossing our borders on a daily basis… i can live with alittle trash in the parks — the squirrels need something to nibble on… try to open your mind and realize this is about the future of this great country and President Trump will go down in history on the RIGHT side of this issue!! LOVE HIM!

    • Andy Ramirez

      +TheCladi8or lol

  13. Andrew Mitchell

    Its a national emergency – there’s a mentally unstable dotard in the WH.

    • david snider

      Its a national emergency. There’s a mentally unstable idiot writing posts acting like he cares about America!

  14. Robert Allen

    Mitch McConnell is a PUPPETS for Trump.

    • Kathy Wolf

      Just because I disagree with you does not make me an alien lifeform. Been a U.S. citizen for 70 years and I have lived at the border for most of that time.
      Your comment was ridiculous. If media was controlled by dems trump would not have won. But he did. It is everyone’s responsibility to obtain information hopefully from multiple soures and make informed decisions.
      Are you a U.S. citizen?

    • Kathy Wolf

      I suggest you search border videos and find some that include BP ride alongs. They are there…from ca to tx. See for yourself. Steel slats 20-25′ and barricades where CBP wanted them.

    • Kathy Wolf

      And then look up saltwater corrosion and steel. Yes….ca needs and is being repaired. Trump needs a strategy…finally this morning he submitted one. No more sky’s the limit. The deficit is too high. Its called accountability.

    • thomas omalley

      Robert Allen I hope so… You low life CNN puppet…

    • The Democrats are Puppets for Communism

  15. Adeola Bamisile

    “He blamed democrats for stalled negotiations” ..! In the first place, Why is he negotiating with the democrats when he said Mexico will pay for the wall ? He needs to start negotiating with Mexico, Trump need to leave the democrats out of this at least for a minute

    • Mary Davis

      +Rebecca Where are the “TRILLIONS”? Where did they go?

      “As of January 3, 2019, the national debt stands at $21.974 trillion”

      So, where is the money, Rebecca.

      Not the greatest president ever, not even close, just a salesman.
      And you bought.

    • +Rebecca If we are collecting TRILLIONS in tariffs from Mexico, why is 45 demanding 5 billion in taxpayer money for the wall? Why doesn’t he just divert from the TRILLIONS you say Mexico is paying? Know why? Because the revamped NAFTA HASN’T BEEN APPROVED BY CONGRESS, IDIOT!!!! It’s not in effect yet, so CLEARLY, no tariffs have been collected. Now, sit down and STFU.

    • De'Andre Ladell

      +Mary Davis She’s not including the tariffs Mexico and Canada put on the USA 😂😂 but she wants to paint a picture that Trumps winning big league

    • Adeola Bamisile

      Rebecca you don’t really sound smart…

  16. Millyonz 258

    This man has rejected 2 Repubican spending Bills….Nt Democrat…REPUBLICAN….The first even had confirmation from both Mitch & Pence that Trump wld sign it….Bt as soon as he gets hackled by Fox News he rejects it….You had 2 years to do whatever you wanted & nw this?…..It’s utterly insane!!!

    • Dan Reese

      Yes it is and shows the psych inside this man who rather put  the nation in chaos rather than sit at the table and compromise which any politician would do in this situation but Trump does the opposite of what a rational person would do because he is irrational and stubborn. He don’t want the wall but rather talk about it since after this wall he wont full power on anything since he must share it with Democrats .He is going impudent .

  17. Sherri Greeydelinarez

    No he Won’t bend for the Wall but he sure Bent down for Pretty Boy Putin!!! Traitor!!!!

  18. Jopri' Bashan

    Trump rhetoric went from ” Mexico will pay for the wall ” to “I will shut down the government” to ” I will declare state of emergency “.

    • Bacon Press

      Yes, indeed. How stupid must one be, to be fooled by Donald Trump?

    • Just wait until he loses in 2020 and refuses to leave office and declares a state of emergency because of voter fraud or foreign interference in elections

    • Deplorable

      The USMCA deal would provide additional revenue through that deal that would show that Mexico has paid for the wall.

  19. Brainstorming Plus

    He (Trump) invented the unnecessary wall. He also promised and even guaranteed, that Mexico will pay for it!. So, either Mexico pay for it, or ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Not even one single penny from the innocent American taxpayer!!!

    • fireblast133

      Brainstorming Plus this whole shutdown is a pr disaster for him. Either he breaks his promise of a wall or his promise of mexico paying for it. He’s so used to people saying yes to him he throws a tantrum when he’s told no.

    • david snider

      Smart Brainstormer losing is your specialty I bet your a democrat

    • david snider learn proper English

  20. Scorpio Life

    I will pay to build a wall around trump and his disgusting family!!

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