The Upside – Film Review

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Kevin Hart, Bryan Cranston and Nicole Kidman star in the American remake of the Les Intouchables except this time it's called 'The Upside'. Here is my review.

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    Hey buddy gonna have to give this a watch. Hope ur well?

    • Luke Hearfield

      CHRISEBETZ – yeah I’m grand thanks – yourself? 😁
      Nice that you wanna see this film- I was a bit meh towards it. X

  2. Glen Greer

    Nice to see Kevin Hart doing something different. Good review

    • Luke Hearfield

      Glen Greer i wouldn’t say he looses himself in this role but he is substantially better than his usual films x


    Not seen you since school man. I’m good just been struggling to keep up with my own utube been months since last vid..will keep watching for vids

  4. Mai Kou Lor

    Watch the French Version

    • Luke Hearfield

      Mai Kou Lor okie dokie 😁👍🏼 have you seen both versions? X

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