The moment 28-year-old socialist beats top-ranking Democrat in congressional primary

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Puerto-Rican American socialist, causes a major upset in New York after defeating Joe Crowley in the Democrats''congressional primary. Crowley, who was expected to be the party’s next House leader, took 42.5% of the vote while Ocasio-Cortez had 57.5% in the predominantly minority district that included parts of Queens and the Bronx

Democrats see major upset as socialist beats top-ranking US congressman

The moment 28-year-old socialist beats top-ranking Democrat in congressional primary

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Puerto-Rican American socialist, causes a major upset in New York after defeating Joe Crowley in the Democrats''congressional primary. Crowley, who was expected to be the party’s next House leader, took 42.5% of the vote while Ocasio-Cortez had 57.5% in the predominantly minority district that included parts of Queens and the Bronx

Democrats see major upset as socialist beats top-ranking US congressman

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  1. Adam Hunt

    Been following her for a while and she is an incredibly impressive person, what a win!

    Also she is a Democtatic Socialist, not a pure Socialist. Big difference.

    • LMFAO………….dimwits. dimwits everywhere.

    • Spehmaster G.

      She’s mentally ill and dumb as a box of rocks. Impressive? Not in the slightest. Embarassing for the US? Absolutely.

    • Spehmaster G.

      +obemiss That’s what your Government does perpetually.

    • Spehmaster G.

      +Steven Benson that’s not the definition of ‘ad hominem’. It literally means ‘to the man’. That should help.

  2. Awesome Avenger

    While others are fleeing the chaos of south American socialism, she’s busy trying to bring it to the north.

    • Awesome Avenger

      _Socialism is a social and economic system characterised by social ownership of the means of production and co-operative management of the economy, as well as a political theory and movement that aims at the establishment of such a system_

      If you’re a socialist, you believe in state ownership of the means of production. You believe the rights of the individual are subservient to the state, rather than the other way around. In other words, you’re an authoritarian. Having a few state run schools or hospitals, and a good wage, is not socialism.

    • SkinnyMetalhead

      Charles Howard But what socialist policies did Nazi Germany adopt? I can’t think of any.

    • Melissa Knox

      Yeah because people are fleeing South America to get away from all that free healthcare and education. What a horror.

    • arfived4

      +Charles Howard “What does “NAZI” stand for, Abram? Hint: National Socialists”

      National Socialism is Socialism in the same way that a Sea Cucumber is a Cucumber.

    • Qualia Music

      sea cucumbers are lying to real cucumbers as a matter of political expedience?

      fascinating. i never knew they had such a nuanced approach. Röhm Putsch when?

  3. VictoryOfThePeople

    Yes! We need to remove every corporate democrat one by one. Hey Crowley, enjoy retirement you corrupt pos.

    • Top Ranked

      VictoryOfThePeople he congratulated her and endorsed her.
      No need to deep end the wound s

    • VictoryOfThePeople

      Top Ranked
      I’m sure she wants endorsements from corrupt politicians. That’s what you call a meaningless endorsement. This is a man who left a meeting on wallstreet regulation to go raise money for wallstreet.

    • Covfefe IV

      VictoryOfThePeople yep. He’s only endorsing her because he knows his political career is over if he doesn’t. He’s a scumbag. He’s probably taking the same donor money as the Republican candidate. He might even be secretly funding the GOP.

    • Elin Winblad

      She has to fundraiser a minimum amount of money and if she doesn’t then she will have a hard time getting things passed. Fundraising is where they all no matter how good start to become desperate and get corrupt.

  4. SYNAPSE 2020

    OUTSTANDING ! Sun shining bright this morning.

  5. ping pong

    This young lady plans on demolishing ICE and have open boarders wow what is this country coming too. The crazy people guns and drugs that will enter freely. You Democrat have no idea how to protect America

    • Steven Benson

      CIA wouldn’t have it any other way.

    • AroundSun

      not only that, but a massive welfare state unseen in american history. add the open borders to that and get ready for the flood of BILLIONS from the third world coming for housing, healthcare, and paychecks!!

    • Elin Winblad

      obemiss the lady trump pardoned for her first drug offense/got life she was running a large drug smuggling business with cars outfitted with hidden compartments etc. but she was “innocent “ 😑

    • Elin Winblad lol the crazy people guns and drugs are already over the USA. Americans are so fricking stupid it hurts

    • Elin Winblad

      Dani H the lady I mentioned was American lol but no border made her job easy lol

  6. Imrân Shadowfax

    She is not a socialist. She is a Democratic Socialist.

    • Sexzessiv

      +Brandon S Oh really? Well, you need to read books from Sahra Wagenknecht then. You would be surprised. But i know, it’s from germany so it doesn’t matter to American folks because all of you think you are born heroes.

    • 123rockfan

      By definition, she’s a social democrat, not a democratic socialist

    • Imrân Shadowfax anti capitalist. The system that’s inspired let’s say 95 percent of invention and innovation.

    • Kill rightists

    • Anthony Mosco

      Imrân Shadowfax that’s not a thing!!!!

  7. BachRock The America Hater's Antagonist

    Socialism is not the American way.

    • Lilly Taggert

      Osivot, you know that every think tank on the planet has studied the new deal and found that it extended the depression for a decade and created another 20 years of inflation and increased taxation we are still paying for today.

    • John Valentine

      What about corporate welfare, which is rampant in the USA? Corporate socialism is what it should be called, then conservatives might actually see the light and vote for a political party which fights against this form of welfare and subsidization for the very rich few.

    • Buffalo Black

      You’re enjoying socialist programs right now. Get over it and read a book. America is as socialist as Apple pie

  8. wusscake

    The amount of xenophobia from the right is too damn high!

    • Filip Rebro

      +wusscake I was in Singapore and they have some of the worst immigration policies I know. if you try to get across the borders illegally they will shoot you doesn’t matter if you have a family or how old you are or how miserable is your country, they will shoot you anyway like a dirty animal

    • Brian Simontacchi

      so is the rent

    • Only good capitalist is a dead one

  9. Craig Johnson

    I’m so excited for her. I hope that she runs for President.

    • Matthew Swanson

      Me too. No way in hell she’s beating trump

    • Firsthgyhgyhuy Lastujhujhuj

      +Dilbert Doe No accounting for the stupidity of the human.

    • Donovan Graciano

      She can’t yet. She needs to be 35. She may have a shot in a couple years. Let’s see how she does. Congrats to her.

    • Black Sun Rising

      Same here. If she runs for President then Republicans are a shoo-in for another term.

  10. genius1107 !

    She promises free everything. Who’s going to pay for all the free stuff she promised? ??? She’s a communist.

    • the new dacia

      She did not

    • Obi Alfred

      You think you’re so smart making the same argument that’s been debunked time and time again. NPC shill.

    • Cleromanticon

      Oh ffs. EVERYONE knows that in this context “free” means “free at the point of delivery” not “government program magically has no cost to taxpayers”.

    • Daniel Benitez

      The money is there, we’re just spending it unwisely. Please do more research

    • Zorro II

      Like we do to give tax breaks to the rich and corporations! And the military.

  11. Kenneth Morris

    That is what we need more socialist, boy this country is going to hell in a hand basket!

    • Steve Reed

      Kenneth Morris I’m in Canada at least once a month, surrounded by very different groups of people each time. I can say that 98% of them are extremely happy with their Healthcare system. They are very proud of what their “socialist” government has done. They are incredibly empathetic toward the struggles of the US under capitalism.

      Socialism isn’t a dirty word anymore. It means Universal Healthcare, lowered tuition, better infrastructure. It means government allocated resources & making the taxpayers’ dollars work for them!

    • Pink Cave Woman

      +Melissa Knox The problem Europe is having now is, they realize they can’t keep their welfare states AND open borders.

      Their pathological altruism pits them against the welfare state.

      We whites can’t afford to take care of the entire world. Once we’re overrun welfare will have to stop.

      Then whites will be surrounded by millions of illiterate peasants with no money to give them.

      It will be ugly. Very, very ugly.

    • Melissa Knox

      +Pink Cave Woman Open borders isn’t a quality of socialism though, so if open borders are hurting a functioning welfare state then it just means the immigration laws are too loose. Which isn’t synonym with complete cutoff of immigration, of course, it just means better vetting of potential migrants.

      And by the way, you’re not taking care of the entire world. I’m Taiwanese and we take care of our country pretty damn well, without any Whites here.

    • Exo Planet

      Kenneth Morris socialism has never worked in any country, why do you think it’s going to work here? We will be like Venezuela, barely making it. Is that what you want?

  12. 冷月亮

    Vote republican

  13. Libertarian Capitalist

    Socialism will never work. Doesn’t matter what type. Libertarian Capitalism is the way.

    • Celtic-Texan

      entertain7us14 Not what she advocates, she hasn’t got a clue about what she actually speaks about and can’t grasp simple economics in the least bit. She is far Left, not some simple social democracy leaning advocate. And most social democratic ideas fail especially bad in very diverse non-homogeneous cultures. Maybe it’s you that that should “crack a book” because you’ve been fooled.

    • entertain7us14

      +Celtic-Texan well…. you’re wrong, but that’s cool. she’s not far left, she’s for free healthcare. that’s a standard first-world right.

    • Celtic-Texan

      entertain7us14 Nothing is free, and health care is not a “right.” Left wing professors may teach that it’s a right in college nowadays, but that doesn’t make it so. Cortez has yet to explain how we can magically cough up $35 trillion to pay for their “free” plan.

      What separates the U.S.A. From the rest of the world is our constitution & bill of rights, that’s where you’ll see what you are actually entitled to, if what you seek is not in there then nobody owes it to you “rights” wise.

    • Libertarian capitalism is so terrible it has never even been tried lmao

    • Alex Foster

      libertarian capitalism fails even worse than socialism.

  14. vote for no. 6

    Wow, just put the word “socialist” in the title and all the neolibs and RWNJ come out of the woodwork.

  15. dat boi

    This is how democracy dies. With thunderous applause

    • disorderindminor

      *Cadres intensifying*

    • entertain7us14

      i’m truly astounded by how easily triggered Americans are by the word ‘socialism’. do you not realise that the policies she fights for are actually social democracy, which is the system of every other country in the developed world???

    • +Lilly Taggert “over abundance of socialism” lmao

  16. Ron Azbill

    beautiful to see the democratic party falling apart to shreds

    • eshiveley

      Vote for draft dodgers who pay off porn stars! Just kidding. She wasn’t really a porn STAR. Just a D lister.

  17. Taylor Newell

    Free schooling isn’t free folks. Free healthcare isn’t free folks. It comes out of everyone’s pocket.

    • Anna Morales

      It isn’t free but it’s cheaper than what we have now.

    • bigollameo

      Right. It’ll come out of my wallet in a manner similar to the amount that’ll come out of your wallet in manner similar to the wallets of all healthcare-receiving, education-pursuing individuals. Which is exactly the way that public goods – which are themselves noncompetitive in nature and whose profitability is not well established within the market environment – should be financed and then distributed.

    • Daniel Benitez

      So does the military industrial complex

    • So I dont have to live with a bunch of stupid, sick people? Take my money please.

    • Geneva Irons

      We never say this in response to pouring more money into the military. We never question creating even more tax cuts for the wealthy billionaires of this country. Free college and free healthcare are possible. It’s about priorities and making choices that benefit the majority of this country, not the top 1%

  18. Christ Is God

    How is the socialism/communism thing working out for Venezuela?

    • Vanna Mae Art

      You cant compare apples to oranges

    • Salvatore Cusumano

      Democrats are not socialist. That is a right wing lie. They are capitalists, who dont believe all money should go to the top 1%. Keep voting right wing bs

  19. OutOfTheirSkulls

    She’s a Bartender that wants to abolish ICE. The irony.

    • HIIIPOWER 000

      OutOfTheirSkulls what’s that even mean probably some racist white boy lies

    • George X

      jramir2 if what you contend about Trump were true, then I would agree with your point about the irony. But since what you contend about Trump is a deliberate misstatement of fact; the only real point that you have made is your contempt for Trump.

    • jramir2

      ​+George X On top of the old stories of trumps illegal hirings, there is a whole new story about his illegal hirings. You are assuming I have contempt for Trump. In fact I think it’s great that he hired Illegal immigrants. I think most businesses should hire the people that want to work for the bare minimum pay regardless of citizenship. But my point is that is irony.

    • Runner legend

      LOL! You are crazy!

  20. Dino Spumoni

    The moment at 0:06 gives me chills. Her reaction is so intense and genuine, I can feel it.

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