Spring Practice 2016: Kliff Kingsbury Mic’D Up

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  1. Adam Moody

    Good stuff. Wreck ‘Em!

  2. Supreme Kodiene

    Jett Duffey lakeridge eagles

  3. Got to get that win against Texas!

  4. who wears “skinny pants” to practice, extra gel and a manicured 5 o’clock shadow? Kingsdoucheberry does. He’ll probably design his own cologne soon.

    • Joey Codoluto

      JBP 568 he’s not that bad

    • Vishal Sancheti

      you know, I’m not even a fan of Texas Tech or never even heard of this guy, but what’s wrong with bringing your own brand with you? He is young and its a new generation of coaches. Go home Bear Bryant, you’re drunk and put the houndstooth back in the closet forever.

    • SanFranFan30

      Bro he is wearing joggers wtf

  5. Mathcrafter

    I wish that I sill live in lubbock so I can go to a game but I live in Dallas

  6. Ana Maria Hernandez Lazaro


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