Shroud WINS FIRST GAME On Apex Legends ▪ With Wadu & Skadoodle – Trending Videos - Shroud WINS FIRST GAME On Apex Legends ▪ With Wadu & Skadoodle

Shroud WINS FIRST GAME On Apex Legends ▪ With Wadu & Skadoodle

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Shroud WINS FIRST GAME On Apex Legends ▪ With Wadu & Skadoodle


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  1. DJ McCall

    Wadu speaks?!

  2. David Trevizo

    This game looks like Black ops fortnite and a little bit of borderlands had a kid this would be the game

  3. Ramsey Ramos R6

    Lot of game knowledge for his first time

  4. Kebi Soup

    Is this made by respawn?

    • Red Baron


    • Red Baron

      +FuMu actually we are pilots just not in a titan the cinematic clears that up for you

    • TheFryMan2

      Carlos Madrigal so titanfall royale minus the best parts about titanfall

    • 林衽襲

      Imagine there are titans in this BR

    • Jaime Ruiz

      There are no pilots. These people aren’t pilots. Pilots are a different breed of monster. These guys are famous for being hunters or whatever. A pilot can take down a platoon by themselves and not break a sweat.

  5. Carlos Madrigal

    Game is dope as hell, don’t knock it till you try it. It’s free so there’s no excuse for being an uninformed hater people!

  6. matt culver

    Love how it says first game yet he says he has been testing the game for months lol

    • matt culver

      +fa Doo its clickbait.. may be his first win but that’s because the servers just went live but he has played this for months lol

    • Shroud was one of the testers for this game.

    • multiple lyrics

      he has tested the game but it’s his first game with the platform actually being out for everyone without all the bugs and everything

    • SSSushiNinja

      He has a competitive advantage right now because everyone is learning the weapons, map & items. Shroud is a great player but it’s not that impressive of a win… Clickbait! 👎🏽🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Yeah 😂

  7. suckmyass

    Titanfall battle royal*

    • Randy Marsh

      +Futurism Its made by the same people you soy boy.

    • Futurism

      +Randy Marsh I know that numbnuts, but it’s not titanfall! If it is, why isnt called titanfall 3 or titanfall battle royale?

    • Nathan Storring

      +Futurism my dude this is literally a Titanfall game!!! The name Apex comes from the Titanfall series which is made by THE SAME DEVS!!!!!!!

    • Esteban cruz

      +Futurism is correct on this one @nathan storring the game is called apex legends which stands just for the clan name and nothing more but it does take place in the same universe that we know as “titanfall” but you can’t say its a titanfall game just because its by the same devs thats like saying watch dogs is an assassins creed game because it takes place in the same universe

    • Futurism

      +Nathan Storring The main thing about titanfall is that theres titans that fall from the sky and you use them to fight others, capture points, fight AI, parkour, etc. Yes apex legends is in the same universe but its very different from a normal titanfall game. That’s my point

  8. southflo

    0:20 clearly not his FIRST game if he’s talking about strategy and characters already

  9. zach stevens

    I’m so tired of BR games. Can’t wait for this fad to go away.

  10. captain planet

    Way better than looting and running simulator

  11. 69Layerburito 69

    When did halo reach get a br mode?

    • Zoli Kat


    • @ 69Layerburito 69: bad joke… its nothing like Halo Reach, so no one will understand the joke, because the joke doesn’t make any sense. it doesn’t control like Halo Reach, doesn’t feel like Halo, its much faster than Halo… far more colorful than Halo. TTK is way lower than Halo. the art style is different from Halo. the only similarity is they’re both futuristic. you couldn’t have picked a more different game to compare it to than Halo lol – Saying Apex is like Halo is like saying a Chihuahua & a Hyena are the same thing… they’re both dogs, but thats about it with the similarities lol

    • Gaming legend

      +Zoli Kat when did bo3 got a br mode 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂jk i know titanfall came before

  12. Bo Davis

    Wadu doesn’t count as a third 😔 I cry

  13. pierrotmoon1

    I’m looking forward to the end of the BR era, it got old really fast

    • Zebtat 249

      pierrotmoon1 BR has a dedicated base that will be around for at least a little while longer. That doesn’t mean people shouldn’t get new games in that genre for the genre just because not everyone likes it. Plenty of did games in the world.

      just because some development studios follow the trend for the sake of the trend doesn’t mean everyone does. The genre’s is still young regarding its lifespan in video games go and there’s still loads of potential to make it different like this game kinda does.

    • sorry but i doubt it’s going to happen.

    • I don’t remember MOBAs being dead either

    • Shadow Lord

      pierrotmoon1 so don’t play br games. You whiny fucks act like someone is putting a gun to your head to play br games. I’m looking to the end of fucking crybabies

  14. The Golden One

    shroud likes to bully wadu he doesnt count him as a third team member

  15. KrissV Plays

    *We need a lifeline* . definitely not his first game

    • Nathan McKivitz

      He was a beta tester for this game so no it wasn’t his first time

  16. Cal Smith

    This game is amazing, trust me people! I personally hate any BR game… but this has me hooked!

  17. Struck_45

    Obviously first game when he knows everything about the game already

  18. Calob Parker-main

    It’s really fucked up shroud said that about wadu he’s not really a third. Then muted him and everyone talking smack. Internet is gonna be what it’s always been

    • +Geovonni Gutierrez like 20 other streamsnipers make it to shroud too 😂

    • fearj baller

      Don’t think he meant it to be mean. Wadu literally doesn’t say anything from my understanding other than his name. So from call outs and starts. He’s not really an addition to the team. Prolly muted him cuz he would be unfocused. Wadu is a comedy genius lol.

      Edit: wadu is extremely skilled. I’m not taking that away. Dude be dropping 20 bombs on PUBG.

    • BJ Ganzagan

      Wadu is a troll but with actual skills. I have a feeling that he can play serious if he wants to.

    • fearj baller

      BJ Ganzagan I agree. Wadu is the man. He is crazy good.

  19. Mythoillogical

    It’s already boring.

  20. Spudinske

    Finally a BR that doesn’t put me to sleep on twitch

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