[SHOCKED] Dolphins minority head expected to hire Patriots coach Brian Flores as head coach

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[SHOCKED] Dolphins minority head expected to hire Patriots coach Brian Flores as head coach

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  1. Enrique Campos

    What a bunch of racists. Who gives a f if a coach is white or black, just put the best coaches in the game.

    • Sean king

      America is the most racist country even though in Arabic countries they enslave black Muslims. Or in south Africa where they are seizing farm land from whites with no compensation to give to blacks when they don’t even know how to farm.

  2. OneHourShower

    I’m actually really excited about this hire. I’m a dolphins fan. I didn’t like the mike wallace signing. Didn’t like the Suh signing. Didn’t like the Tannehill pick. This is the first decision that I like for years now.

    • Kazlin143

      OneHourShower I don’t like this pick it should be kris Richard or Jim Harbaugh not this guy both of them are proven this guy is going to be a bust and waste 3 more years being bad .

    • Phinboy 4life

      +Kazlin143 At least if we are bad we can draft trevor lawrence

    • Kazlin143

      Phinboy 4life I don’t want that kid I’ll take lock or Murray this year and next year is the year of the franchise qbs coming out. If there not going to draft lock or Murray I think there both gone before Miami picks 3 teams need qbs before Miami picks unless we move up ahead of them

    • Phinboy 4life

      +Kazlin143 Yeah i would be fine with those two as well.Whoever can get us to the Superbowl

    • Saint Michael

      OneHourShower- You’re an idiot if you think Flores is anything but a SJW move to appease the lunatics who care more about the color of a person’s skin than they care about their coaching ability.

  3. Robert Smith

    Basically he’s saying, let’s hire minority coaches even if they aren’t the best man for the job……

    • Mark Jefferson

      +Saint Michael So you admit that there is racism going on,yet you don’t do anything about it or speak up unless its reversed? Or if its affecting you,or people who look like you its then a problem? The problem is minorities don’t get enough looks. Until people are willing to change; change won’t occur. You think its unfair to hire a minority just because! I agree! I also agree you shouldn’t hire anyone solely off of comfort. Wait that’s still happening. I hope you use the same energy towards me when you see a minority not get a job because he’s a minority.

    • Mark Jefferson

      +thespaceram2 Trevor Lawrence

    • Saint Michael

      Mark Jefferson-Schmuck!! I could care less about the color of a persons skin. I want to WIN and hiring someone with zero head coaching experience at any level or any experience building a team is a recipe for disaster!!! How many times do they have to do the same thing before they wake up? Let’s look at the Head Coaches under Stephen Ross:


      Every single one of those guys had zero head coaching experience prior to becoming our head coach. Each of them lasted three (3) years and were then fired. Do you see a pattern? The franchise has progressively gotten worse under Ross and his stupidity. We’ve officially surpassed the Cleveland Browns as the worst organization in the NFL. Three years or less from now Flores will be unemployed and we’ll still be “rebuilding.”

    • Mark Jefferson

      +Saint Michael and there it is. Let all the hatred out. Now this time really give it to me.

    • Saint Michael

      Mark Jefferson-Did you read my entire post?

  4. Michael Anon

    What about Asian coaches?? Or women coaches?? Or Lbqt whatever coaches??

    • Robert Green

      Not that many Asians, no women, and closeted LBQT players to have any affect. You make a Mute point.

  5. They hire the best qualified for the job…. Jezz this dude is an idiot..

  6. Sean king

    ESPN getting into identity politics is why their ratings are going down

    • Bradley Gray

      Oh no, better call Jordan Peterson

    • Jonathan Vega

      This is the Nfl network not ESPN know the facts before you speak I respect your opinion just don’t be biased

    • Sean king

      You mean Jewdan Peterstien? Espn or football network the point still applies.

  7. Google User

    This is insane. This isn’t about Black or White… If it was then they would hire Rizzi… But it’s not about color. The Dolphins are most likely going to hire a Black head coach and it’s not because he is Black it is because he is the best man for the job.

  8. Covfefe Hamberder

    That’s the only thing Joe Namath ever did. Otherwise, he mostly sucks. Worst QB to ever make the HoF. If he didn’t make that guarantee, which he had a 50/50 chance of being right, so it’s not THAT impressive, he’d be a forgot player. Just some alcoholic crappy QB.

  9. Robert Green

    I think that point he was trying to make was the league had no problem hiring defensive minded minorities, but rarely to none, offensive. The implications is the offensive side of the ball is more brain and defense is more Braun. Going back to the argument that minorities are not as smart as their white counterparts. We all know that’s what it true, but the trend implies that.

  10. Chris Masters

    I just seen a headline on ESPN saying Dolphins are doing a rebuild, eyeing Tua in 20, tanking 19 and rebuilding both o and D lines

  11. Tom Hesse

    its not a black/white thing. Its an offense/defense thing. The NFL is now an offense driven league. The Dolphins tried having an offensive “guru” at HC and it didnt go well so they are zagging when everyone is zigging. Love the Flores hire.

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