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Sheck Wes – Mo Bamba (Live)

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Sheck Wes performing "Mo Bamba" live from Astroworld Festival 2018 in Houston, TX at NRG Park.

Shot by
Blake Rabe @blakefilms
Danny Varela @lfdc.danny
Brew Houston @brewstafarian

Sheck Wes - Mo Bamba (Live)

Sheck Wes performing "Mo Bamba" live from Astroworld Festival 2018 in Houston, TX at NRG Park.

Shot by
Blake Rabe @blakefilms
Danny Varela @lfdc.danny
Brew Houston @brewstafarian

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  1. Versaucey

    The crowd was lit af.

  2. Ninja6670

    1:02 that guy in the green shirt

  3. Radio TV

    Holy crap this crowd is so lit

  4. we don’t even need to ask sicko mode or mo bamba anymore.

  5. Fortnite Kid

    With headphones on it feels like im there

  6. Harrison rice

    Just imagine if sheck wes performed the half time show at the super bowl

    • edvin97ful

      But…he’s got only one song. If he even tried to play some other song, no one would know about it, so it would be as boring as you are pretending Maroon 5 was.

    • KevinCrazy0825

      edvin97ful he doesn’t have 1 song wtf lol he has tons

    • the coaster corner

      +Hunter Campbell lol

    • CottonyAttic300

      KevinCrazy0825 he means he’s a one hit wonder basically. But he could’ve been with Travis Scott since he has the song *NO BYSTANDERS* with him

    • Yooooo

  7. Boombox 5328

    Editor: How much bass do you want?
    Sheck Wes: *Yë§*


    The audience got so many n-word passes gg

    Sad life

    1like=1000 n-word passes

  9. 1:35 when your dad gets the belt

  10. 1:03 there is literally a dude flying wtf 😂😂😂
    Edited: Honestly idk why so many ppl liked this comment, but thanks, you’re fire 🔥 !!!

  11. fslinnings

    This just shows how much the crowd can affect a performance

    • Corey Karamitos

      Imagine dropping your phone

    • OmegaFalcorn

      +daaze so you’re telling me you’ve never been to a show where the artist put on good show and the crowd was weak?

    • Tiger RBLX

      +Corey Karamitos yep bye to that phone

    • ​+OmegaFalcorn ​ OmegaFalcorn The artist can be flawlessly amazing, but if the crowd doesn’t cooperate the whole atmosphere flops and the ability to enjoy the show itself is limited severely. You don’t pay 40 dollars to just see the artist perform, you pay 40 dollars for the whole live experience. I’ve been to tonnes of shows where the artist is kinda weak but if the crowd is hyped it’s been fucking legendary. Also, it’s a 2 way exchange between the artist and the crowd. If the crowd isn’t feeding energy to the artist, it will just feel like a pressured rehearsal.

    • Ya_zmeen _

      Oh yeah yeah

  12. Linkmon99

    I guess u better get that lit if u go to a festival for one song 😂👀

  13. The RedBaron

    His song was so *lit* that even our planet earth came to his concert

  14. Cj Ichida

    Typical white groupie girls
    Going oh my God oh my God oh my God

  15. Most white people ive ever seen say the n word at the same time

  16. Jacob Martinez

    Why is most of the crowd white

    • Walt B Council

      You assuming it’s majority white, but it’s probably no majority race in that crowd. Houston is most diverse city in U.S….You seeing Hispanics, Blacks, Whites, Arabs, East Indians, and mixed people.

    • Harrison Tirado


    • shrediknight

      +Theswitchy1 bruhhh i had good laugh afterdays

    • #1P4P_Akq B

      Ngl niggas too violent to get litty in big crowds someone’s gettin hurt😂

  17. Nylon Python

    1:35 nobody was really trying to catch Sheck’s friends.

  18. Pupthatmayo Ooo

    1:42 that guys face on the left

  19. Raphael Villa

    1:30 when your dad gets the belt

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