Rep. Joe Crowley reflects on stunning loss to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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Rep. Joe Crowley, D-New York, joins Margaret Brennan to discuss his loss to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in his congressional primary, and what it says about where the Democratic Party is going.

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  1. Dann Marceau

    Pelosi has got to go.

  2. Roger Stoned

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the future of the party. #JusticeDemocrats

    • Firsthgyhgyhuy Lastujhujhuj

      She is mind numbingly stupid. Quite a reflection on you to think highly of someone who is very obviously virtually brain dead.

    • the Secondhand Child

      If she were Republican the media would eat her alive. She makes Sarah Palin look smart.

    • Caleb Browning

      Really? Have you hear her speak? She knows nothing about being a politician.

  3. Justin

    The left has turned to communism. Trump will win in 2020

    • James Seagle

      And Trump embracing Putin is what?

    • Dara Marc Sasmaz

      @Justin T. Was there any moment you have ever thought otherwise? By the way, is Trump just a team for you? Because at which point will you say “yeah okay he is a fraud”.

    • Richard Tuck

      +Daniel Harvey IV She is a member of the DSA who supports the eventual abolition of private property rights.

    • Daniel Harvey IV

      +Richard Tuck no she is not. Stop lying

    • md riverrdale

      +charles communism is all but dead
      Not in China or Russais

  4. Daniel Harvey IV

    No more career politicians !

    • Angela Greenkiwi

      Chocolate Kyle kulinski hmmmmm like potus you mean?
      Because there’s nothing wrong with experience.
      Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    • JoeDiego24

      Daniel Harvey IV what do you think Ocasio-Cortez is going to do for the rest of her life?

  5. Daniel Harvey IV

    Why are you running third party ?

    • ghost dawg

      Because he doesn’t care if a republican wins as long as an establishment wins left or right. He’s a POS


      Id run too when the turn out was 12% and the girl is clueless about Israel and socialism

  6. Daniel Harvey IV


  7. david eisenbud

    Couldn’t you say that one of the factors causing your loss was your failure to serve your constituents?

    • Bruce Bernstein

      he actually did a very good job in constituent services. i work for a large public hospital in the district, one of the largest employers (maybe the largest) and the health care provider to the poor and undocumented. When we needed help from Congressman Crowley,m we never had to ask twice.

    • Liliya Nosarev


    • David Rook

      david eisenbud. Maybe his constituents wanted more than he could give, or their wants were outlandish. This has happened a million times in politics, some new bright eyed politician shows up promising anything to everyone and once elected it is “Oops,” I can’t deliver.

    • Amanda S. Stevenson D/B/A SandyStevensCDE

      That is a lie. Name one thing SHE ever did for ANYONE!

    • Alpha Q Up

      Freaking awesome comment, THEY work for US!

  8. KimJong'sHung

    Nothing but excuses and softball questions, typical establishment MSM. Notice she didn’t even bring up the fact that Crowley’s staying in the race as a third party candidate despite his adamant promise to support her 100% if she won the nomination. The Democrats would rather lose to a Republican than win with a Progressive.

    • Hey There

      Maria Schick. So now you’re admitting that Socialism can work. But also you’re a white supremacist, which is sad. Your way of thinking enslaved the Africans and murdered millions of Jews and Vietnamese

    • border lands

      Maria Schick <--- foolish

    • Maria Schick

      Hey There At least the Africans worked back then

    • BlackBeWhite2k7

      Given that district, and the fact the republican has raised no money, nor is even campaigning very much, Crowley running as a third party candidate won’t be stirring up any upsets anyway.

    • “The Democrats would rather lose to a Republican than win with a Progressive.” No kidding.

  9. KimJong'sHung

    BTW, how do you even consider giving the speaker position to a guy that sounds like Porky Pig half the time, he sounds like the male version of Pelosi.

  10. Warpaint News TV

    Go away Crowley.

  11. 888strummer

    He said Nancy Pelosi is one of the smartest politicians we’ve had??? What an idiot. And like almost all democrats, he did not say a word about any actual issue or the policy differences between himself and the lady who beat him. The dems never talk about issues; they just trash Trump and republicans. Glad to see this idiot go

    • MIchael Rigby

      Pelosi is the dem version of any number of corporate sponsors of the GOP.She is finished,the DNC is finished,Hillary will hopefully not be able to pull the oak stake from her chest and pry off the lid of her coffin to run for public office any time soon.

    • Geraldine B

      +888strummer Its bittersweet though, because look at who beat him, and what that says…That people like that are who’s running for any American political party is sad.

    • 888strummer

      totally agree

    • I.R. Newquist

      There is a difference between corporate democrats and real ones, people like Bernie, Ocasio-Cortez, and Kaniela Ing have strong policy positions while Nancy Pelosi, Hilary, and Chuck Schumer, are slaves to there donors.

  12. antonio avvocato

    I heard that he won’t take his name off the ballot in November… Louse.

    • The Jock

      antonio avvocato if he had beat her, you’d be frothing at the mouth for her to run third party.. this is why no one takes your side serious.. She wins yet you all are still mad..

    • Kennet

      TheTechnocrat78 No, it’s the establishment Democrats like Crowley who claim they care about unity. He’s the one you should not take seriously!

  13. Mkl 01

    Puff piece. Why not ask him about his stated intention to run as a 3rd party spoiler against the Democratic choice and primary winner?


      Hello there demonization of Ukrainian farmers. Blamed for societal woes. Stalin ordered they be liquidated as a class leading to the starvation of several million. It all starts with group identity. Same tactics used today to cease land in south africa. Same demonization of the identity politics today. Read a book


      Hello there left wing governments in search of “equality” have led to the deaths of tens if not hundreds of millions. Thats a fact, jack

    • Hello there

      Capitalism has led to way more destruction and death than any left wing government.


      Hello there lol factually speaking, no. Just bc you want something to be true does not mean it is.

    • Hello there

      Iraq, afghanistan, vietnam, Korean war, etc.

  14. Ser Gro


  15. uncleanunicorn

    Then vacate the third-party seat , if he is so supportive.

  16. Toots RR1

    Just like Hillary Clinton didn’t bother to meet or address the needs & issues of the Voters in some Districts just took them for Granted then when she didn’t win she blamed it on Everyone besides herself in Life you have to earn things & never take Voters for a Fool

  17. hypnostream

    The left eating themselves it’s great keep electing these fools to the party makes beating you sooooooooo much easier!

  18. angels@19

    No Crowley you got it all wrong, the big factor is that people are sick and tired of politicians who are being bought off by big money

  19. Class Punk

    Lobbyists destroy economies. Socialists destroy economies. Democratic socialism destroys economies. Capitalism without socialism saves economies. A lobbyist is a self-serving socialist.

  20. James Hart

    Why should people be in debt coming trying to get education. Why should people not have good quality health care, Give people a good place to love. raising the minimum wage. If my taxes dollars got to go to something, I rather it goes into investing in the future. People should have Medicare or something. One thing you can’t stop is time. Eventually you going end up on it anyway. Why can’t we have a better system so our elderly can get the proper care they need.

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