Raw Video: Natalie Corona’s Father

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The father of fallen Davis Police Officer Natalie Corona talks to CBS13.

Raw Video: Natalie Corona's Father

The father of fallen Davis Police Officer Natalie Corona talks to CBS13.

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  1. Damn, that was hard to watch. God bless her and her family.

  2. Ang Dreal

    😢 💔

  3. vanessa hassett

    So sad all the photos of family in the wall. Rest easy.

  4. DJ Sapien

    Well being a pig yourself you should have steered your daughter away from porkery😏

    • DJ Sapien

      Jonathon Freeman My daughter wouldn’t be an agent of the white supremacist state 😏

    • Jordan Cares

      Go jump in acid you filthy human being. No decent American would say that – you’re clearly a Russian bot.

    • Jordan Cares

      Freakin troll.

    • DJ Sapien

      Jordan Cares Decent Americans would acknowledge their country is a white supremacist settler colonial state and that pigs are agents of that state.

    • +Jonathon Freeman Is that a threat? Why don’t you be a good citizen and go turn yourself in to the police for giving someone death threats?

  5. Jonathon Freeman

    This is so sad, and I know her family’s hearts are now broken. Rest in Peace Police Officer Natalie Corona.


    May Natalie rest in peace, such a young beautiful girl taken from earth prematurely.

  7. Insane One

    Who would send their daughter into that.

    • junior aroche

      no one does but she is hero coming to some ones
      aid it was a ambush even a trained military person is a easy target in this situations is a coward way to kill some one whos intent is only to help aid

  8. junior aroche

    thanks you for your sacrifice jesus comfort your souls evil will loose because of this police officers who are willing to pay the ultimate price

  9. Miriam Vivo

    Que vaya con dios . Que dezcanze en paz

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