Postgame Press Conference: Kliff Kingsbury

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Texas Tech Head Football Coach Kliff Kingsbury talks with the media after a 35-24 win over Arkansas in Fayetteville, AR.

Postgame Press Conference: Kliff Kingsbury

Texas Tech Head Football Coach Kliff Kingsbury talks with the media after a 35-24 win over Arkansas in Fayetteville, AR.

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  1. Charles Holden

    The game was a textbook case of how a high scoring pass offense can defeat a ball control running attack.

  2. Adam Moody

    I can’t believe he changed into a suit for this.

  3. Gig ’em Kliff. Big win, Raiders, enjoy the W. Get ready for TCU. I’ll be rooting for you.

  4. Neil Wani

    Wow. Every year is so different. Last year, they smashed Texas Tech. This year, Tech stopped them cold. I think it just depends on the specific teams involved if a ball control team wins or a pass happy team wins. It is better to just be humble because any given Saturday, a team you do not think stands a chance can get fumbles or you have key injuries and you can become minced meat. This time, he won and it was very impressive but some times it is better to just say good things.

    • John Papadopoulos

      +Neil Wani Texas Tech stopped shooting itself in the foot. They led the nation last year in turnovers, penalties, etc….this year, they are on the opposite spectrum. They are winning the turnover margin, not getting killed by penalties and mistakes, etc.

  5. CampingMIG

    The TCU game is going to be epic. SMU hung in with TCU for a bit this past weekend.

    • redraiders1991

      +CampingMIG Not to mention how banged up they are; no way in hell is it going to be a bloodbath like last year.


    • redraiders1991

      +Donald Duck
      I was a student, class of 2015; I spent 5 years at TTU. At the moment I live in Houston.

  6. Seth Eheart

    is this a football press conference or an awards show? i get you want to be trendy but come on. come on. someone on the staff has to tell em.

  7. bobby harvill

    I’m from Arkansas and I am a fan of Kingsburys type of offense. Arkansas offense can only be effective if the defense can at least slow the opposing offense down and keep them from scoring on every attempt. Arkansas defense killed the offense.

  8. bobby harvill

    I still believe that a defense controls a game. A great defense is very demoralizing to play against.

    • John Papadopoulos

      +bobby harvill Arkansas was top 10 defense last year overall, and this offense still shredded their secondary for 315 passing yards and then still ran 180 yards on their defense.

  9. bobby harvill

    Yes, but they lost that year. It was good enough to limit the amount of times that Tech had to score.

  10. bobby harvill

    The defense allowed Tech to score way too fast. This increases the amount of times/opportunities that they have to generate more points.

  11. bobby harvill

    I bet they wish they could have found the balls to keep Petrino now! Lol. I was done with Arkansas after that. If Clinton could stay President why couldn’t Petrino stay coach.

  12. Your Mama

    What a little punk. He’ll be fired in 3 years.

  13. Jeff Brown

    Coach Kliff had a prom date right after this interview.

  14. kingsburys hs mascot was a unicorn…nuff said

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