Piers & Susanna on the Liam Neeson Racism Story #1 + Interview Audio – Trending Videos - Piers & Susanna on the Liam Neeson Racism Story #1 + Interview Audio

Piers & Susanna on the Liam Neeson Racism Story #1 + Interview Audio

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Piers & Susanna on the Liam Neeson Racism Story #1 + Interview Audio


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  1. Never thought i’d agree with Piers Morgan

  2. Jachiavelli The Don

    Let’s crowd fund it in to an actual film.

  3. Sam Czarina Baron Sung-Marquess

    It could be another Covington situation? Sounds like an audition to me (I say this because I have seen a show of Mr. Neeson narrating before). Maybe a video would clear things up?

  4. Kevin Wellwrought

    Racism is not a problem that will go away by law enforcement means, government must educate the people about racism. Racism has its deepest roots in jealousy and self-hate

  5. King Kong

    Can you imagine if he said I wanted to kill a jew , the whole world would have finished him off all politicians black white pink would have come on tv condemning it, where are all the black politicians this is why blacks have been slaves for centuries there’s to many uncle toms

    Black people will still go and watch his movies

  6. Deborah Sutherland

    I don’t believe that at all. I think he’s reading from something maybe I’m wrong but don’t do it everyone!! Don’t fall for the it until we hear all the facts. It could be a hoax

  7. Billy Whizz

    This is NOT racism , it’s about revenge and nothing more than that!

  8. Rai Linly

    This woman always looks like she’s hiding her love beads. Just an observation., not at work eh love !

  9. Susana please fart in my mouth.

  10. I understand him, and won’t condemn him for the feelings he had. I think an awful lot of us who’ve experienced someone we love/care for being raped, have felt that way. He focused in on skin colour, because that was the detail he knew, but had he been told it was a particular religion he would have focused in on that instead. It wasn’t racist, it was a primal thing lots of us men carry in us. A need to strike back, to exact vengence. Thankfully it rarely leads anywhere, quite simply because all we have at the time is limited detail. In this case a skin colour, but in other cases a different very general characteristic. Which doesn’t allow us to identify an individual to actually harm.

    Like it or not we all have a bit of caveman still inside of us.

    • That makes no sense because if she would have said he was blonde and blue eyed, he wouldn’t have targeted that group. It’s like when some women say “all men are…”. It’s just stupid to create targeted groups based on appearence rather than actions.

  11. Progressive Demagogue

    Well done Liam, we all need to be honest about the black problem.

    • Jacob Storey

      it’s a side effect of the bigger problem…we all know what that is. Ask Mel Gibson

  12. He’s phoned Mel Gibson for advice.

  13. Andrew Corry

    You need to understand how this guy grew up. Northern Ireland was a very very violent place and this reaction is very much because of the way he had to grow up . The language he used is the same language he’d have heard time and time again and a product of his experiences having to grow up around the troubles and the extreme violence. Murder was a everyday thing and so was extream hatred. The way he talks about dealing with it is because of this and the issue of the mans colour is irrelevant he could have called the guy if known to be a white guy of a different religion etc something like that fenian bastard . It’s merely his way of identifying his enemy. He goes on to say how ashamed he is for thinking like that and how he learned a lesson from it. It clearly bothers him still to be so honest about it and so raw.

  14. George Greig

    Susanna sitting there like a paragon of virtue

  15. alan coppin

    We are all human and and at very weak times in our lives such as the rape of a loved one we are all capable of thinking and sometimes doing things that normally we would not. It’s not for you to sit there Susanna with your hollyier than thou sanctimonious grin on your face with obvious total distaste as acting like his judge and jewellery

    • Claudio Dio

      So you agreed with him to put every Black man in the same basket fucking idiot

  16. brexit britain

    This is simple animalistic behaviour!
    We humans have evolved and lived this way for millions of years.
    Protecting our family and friends from other tribes and dangers, and destroying anyone/thing that would threaten to do us harm.
    That’s who we are, that’s what we do, that’s who we are gonna be (I fear).
    Nothing has changed over the years, only we are evolving faster and easier ways to kill each other.
    Well done liam neeson for expressing his true human feelings.

  17. Tom Hulme

    So what. If denzel washington said the same thing about whites or asians id agree with him.

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