Marc Gasol Full Highlights 2019.01.09 Grizzlies vs Spurs – 26 Pts, 14 Rebs! | FreeDawkins

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January 9, 2019 | Marc Gasol Full Highlights 2019.01.09 Grizzlies vs Spurs – 26 Pts, 14 Rebs! FreeDawkins – NBA Video'

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  1. Tra Rags

    He wasted his career

  2. Water Bottle

    Of all teams to stop the red hot Spurs a defensive gritty team in a slump pulled it off

  3. Draymond Greens Kick

    Has about 2-3 years left in his prime till heavy decline, he better go play on a contender if he wants a ring

    • Jingo Starr Boiser

      I think he wont lose much of his prime in 5 years. His gamestyle and nutrition iq is off the chart, he can still play allstar level in 5 years. And yes im a fanboi 😀

    • Klamp iOS

      Jingo Starr Boiser he’s 34

    • Onair Odisho

      Klamp iOS now he is on a contending team

  4. Warlocks.R.Underrated888

    Welcome to toronto

  5. Please keep this up at Toronto!

  6. Louisiana Curious


  7. James Murgy

    who here after the trade

  8. arjun547655

    Welcome to the NORTH!

  9. Samir Khairi

    Welcome to the best city in the NBA you gonna love it here Gasol 🔥

  10. Vishal Valsadia

    Welcome to T-Dot…Raptors….

  11. Anton Bacaltos

    Welcome to the Raptors!!!

  12. Jalen Adolfp

    Wecome to toronto

  13. Areez Habib

    Welcome to the north Marc!


  15. Jose Banduyang Jr

    The Raptors fans welcome Marc Gasul to help certify Toronto’s NBA’s championship.

  16. Antony Yang

    We should be seeing lot of deep Gasol to Siakam TD bombs the rest of the season.

  17. Timothy JB

    Raptor fans just saw this and came.

  18. Eddie Entlebucher

    Welcome to Toronto Mark! We’ll show you all the love we showed JV!

  19. Vandouze

    Funny how Gasol is playing against two former Raptors players in this video 😂😂😂

  20. JoyBox Trickster

    THE ORIGINAL NIKOLA JOKIC! Welcome to Toronto let’s get this chip!

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