Liam Neeson reveals disturbing racially-charged revenge story

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In a shocking new interview, "Taken" star Liam Neeson says he once sought revenge for a loved one's rape by searching for a black person to kill.

During an interview with Britain's The Independent, the Irish Oscar nominee-turned-action star revealed that when he returned home from an overseas trip and learned a loved one had been raped, he went looking for revenge.

“There’s something primal – God forbid you’ve ever had a member of your family hurt under criminal conditions," he said before launching into the never-before-heard story.

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Liam Neeson reveals disturbing racially-charged revenge story

In a shocking new interview, "Taken" star Liam Neeson says he once sought revenge for a loved one's rape by searching for a black person to kill.

During an interview with Britain's The Independent, the Irish Oscar nominee-turned-action star revealed that when he returned home from an overseas trip and learned a loved one had been raped, he went looking for revenge.

“There’s something primal – God forbid you’ve ever had a member of your family hurt under criminal conditions," he said before launching into the never-before-heard story.

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  1. USA Today is alt-left. Shame on USA Today for race baiting.

    • Joe Bien

      +Justin Those ‘victims’ were SOFT. Nobody to blame but themselves. The fact that none of the antifa fags have been dispatched, or disappeared, suggests that, like I said, they are controlled opposition. Where I live, if those losers were to show up, there would be real trouble for them.

    • Music Love

      +Joe Bien ans you still didnt answer the question

    • +Joe Bien — Oh, its the victims fault 😂😐

    • Joe Bien

      +Music Love You are an idiot.

    • Joe Bien

      +Justin Anybody that succumbs to ANY transgression from the losers antifa, without cutting one or more of them down, is a loser as well.

  2. Jack Caven

    To be fair on Liam …. an awful lot of people have been in that position ! A ‘disproportionate’ amount of people !

    • Jack Caven

      +Almighty God George Soros #420 #GetRekd And what is the reason for them killing and raping each other ?

    • Jack Caven

      +talk straight How many Black people were killed last year in the US by whites and how many by blacks and how many whites were killed by blacks ? This problems with blacks isn’t just a US problem ,even the most liberal countries in the world have the same problems … look at what is happening in Sweden ! What are we supposed to do ? just ignore it ! pretend it’s not happening because you don’t want to face the truth . Don’t keep blaming everybody else … you do something about it because we have had enough !

    • Trevon Hardy

      +Relaxing Nature Squad hahaha look how witty you are if it was a white person who he describe then he would’ve been looking for a white person as a black male i belive people can change

    • ProBlack Queer

      +Khalil Salah only white males rape

  3. I think the guy was trying to be open and transparent about how much he has grown as a person. We shouldn’t be stigmatizing this, we should be encouraging. People can change. They can be better then they were.

    • Pike Roast

      +Onyeka Onyebuchukwu We are on the same end of facing racism in the State, for us is not only from white if u know what I mean.

      Come to think of it, it is quite interesting to see this three kindoms of race battles

    • Onyeka Onyebuchukwu

      +Pike Roast : *u dont need to be white to hold anti-black sentiments against blacks*
      Hope you can put that puzzle together to see what I implied and hopefully see why I maintain *we are not in the same boat* .

    • Pike Roast

      +Onyeka Onyebuchukwu Same goes here, you don’t need to be black to be the victim of any prejudice sentiment against certain race.

      Since we are willing to spend time to comment about this means we all want to be a better human, at least we are on the same boat of that right? There is no end to this kind of discussion, why not let us just be that way

    • Red Shift

      +Onyeka Onyebuchukwu – Are you denying racism from blacks towards whites exist as well?

    • Gole Zozol

      He’s still racist! I will boycott all his movie

  4. Relaxing Nature Squad

    Kinda begs the question, what would he have done if it was a white dude??

    • cough pillbox

      +Rastaman Miller especially considering that he was in 1970s Ireland, pretty much like 99% white people. If he went out looking for black people, there actually is a small chance he could run into that rapist.

    • Definitely not looked to kill the first white guy he saw.

    • Drink Water

      he would have been honoured to present harvey weinstein with an oscar

    • +Baldwin Wallace where did you get your stats from? i’ll wait

  5. Star Smoth

    He’s only human guys a loved one of his was raped that can change a man

    • use the spiritual eye ignore the physical

      +Justina Fields yep

    • Justina Fields

      +Worship REBECCA Change What! Blacks are NOT in Control Of This WICKED System in which we live…White Supremacy/ The Elite Families Are…If ANYBODY Need To Change Its them. Stop The Lies, Stop The Murders in every Arena on this Planet, then We can all live in Peace. Whatever happens in the PRISON is the Warden’s FAULT. YIW

    • Exactly, smoth

    • Star Smoth

      You guys are right maybe I am getting a little crazy over this I just feel bad because I can relate not in the sense where I went out looking for the man but just having someone close to me that was raped so it really kills me to see people act like it’s so easy to cope with that kind of thing I can understand that it is racist I guess I just have compassion for the man because it’s not an easy situation to be in sorry if I offended anyone

    • Star Smoth

      Hopefully one day we can cast our disagreements aside and learn to forgive and love one another instead of pointing the finger at which race is worse…at the end of the day we’re all Americans and we should be in the same fight without throwing each other under the bus to fit our agendas

  6. Richard Luciano

    Mickey Mouse wears a Liam Neeson wrist watch

  7. The Green Knight

    Some things are best kept to yourself Liam.

    • Drink Water

      not all whites are evil, its not their fault, its just their genetics because of inbreeding

    • Joe Gamble

      +Oliver Oliver The people that are most honest the realest people you can get. I’m just the real telling you I feel about black people. Hey but I’m the most honest😀

    • Oliver Oliver

      +Joe Gamble yeah no problem mate I’m just being real too when I said I wouldn’t want to friends with a scumbag like you…win win 😃👍

    • Oliver Oliver

      +Drink Water it’s ok to be friends with good white people brother….but never turn your back on them though!

    • CHIGGS 58TH


  8. So… Darkman went out looking to kill a dark man?

    That’s dark, man.

  9. Leroy Sinclair

    Hold on. People are pissed off because he judged an entire group of people( which he acknowledged that he was wrong)

    Meanwhile, everyone else is passing that same judgement on black men because of R Kelly’s actions. It goes further than that. He owned up to his past.

    This is all fake outrage. It’s bunch people who want to be internet famous because they have no identity.

    • David Smith

      Just watch, as the underlying narrative that all white people are Liam Neeson rears it’s ugly head.

    • Leroy Sinclair

      David Smith you see that’s what I’m saying. People will always find ways to judge an entire group of people based one person’s actions.

    • SLUG BOY

      +Leroy Sinclair just ignore the guy with the stats

  10. Colin Faust

    Lol here come the SJW’s to condemn someone who learned a valuable lesson to prove how woke they are.

    • LoneWolf2555

      Got to be angry about something, I guess.

    • Here come the racist apologists to look over the severity of what this man not only thought but attempted to put into action and refuse to acknowledge that there are white men today looking for black people to provoke and kill.

    • Joseph Bierline

      Here I come to say “dawgonnit da crawdads er een muh leftover brickfest biscuss n gravy ‘gain!”

  11. If anything, he’s being honest about a very painful episode in his life where he’s learned, grown, and changed for the better. I don’t understand where the backlash is coming from. None of us are perfect; we make mistakes and, hopefully, learn from them.

    • U sound like a racist

    • Don’t forget to add sexist, since he is a male and opened his mouth.

    • Jerome Love

      Good for him…no one knows how it would have turned out he could have gotten himself killed

    • Single Larity

      Taken 4. Coming soon. Random black guy rapes someone. Liam Neelson is: “I can tell you. I have particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you”

    • BIG APE You are a racist – for determining M Sammy to be a racist. How does that sound? Sounds right to me.

  12. Stephen Paul

    This use to be called a testimony to encourage people what road not to go down.

    • Wayne Jamel

      exactly. This is the equivalent of someone in church giving a testimony of having bad thoughts and intentions that they had, but they never acted on, and the church now judging him.

  13. Nunya Dibness

    Wow, he confesses without prompting, expresses regret and says he learned from the mistake and people still want to hold his feet to the fire? How about we learn from other’s mistakes and realize people grow and change instead of being instantly outraged?

    • Bruce Leroy

      But if we’re not angry at someone else, we have to examine our own faults. Forget that!


      Nunya Dibness yoo stooped. he is being blackmailed I bet. if he does not tell it, one of his former friends would out him and hurt him more. better that he tells it.

    • Meh, it’s how the majority feel. It just drives the knife a bit deeper when a great actor says it publicly.

    • Nunya Dibness

      +THE NINJACAT – he didn’t actually do anything to anyone. What’s to blackmail?

    • Gole Zozol

      I will boycott all his movies bcause I feel attacked as black man, I hated him now

  14. Trevor Philips

    Take away the whole racial bit and this is the most Liam Neeson thing ever

    • Mahasvin mate

      Imagine coming out that pub to see liam neeson holding a crowbar and saying “I told you I would find you”. lel.

  15. Hari o0kill3m

    Bunch of butthurt black folks incoming 😂

    • Chris Robertson

      White devil why would blacks be butt hurt? To us what he said it’s how all white ppl feel, it’s y’all nature to do evil

    • Bruce Leroy

      +Chris Robertson It’s their nature but when we do it, it’s a concious decision lol. Awesome!

    • Brad Thomas

      Butt hurt . Like white people when O.J. got off lol

    • Ayan D A

      +Chris Robertson true

  16. rockin robin

    Liam Neeson is a real man for sharing his personal emotional fault . Let’s not act like many black people don’t get blinded by anger after hearing stories of violence carried out by whites and law enforcement and then have a blind broad target against those groups . Even worse, commit violence on those while Unprovoked . It takes a real individual to share a serious fault like that (which was in context to explaining some character in his movie). and NO, it would not be justified for him to kill a black man unprovoked , even with his emotional and irrational reasoning at that time . You guys just don’t understand what is being shared.

    • CHIGGS 58TH

      No. When black people are victims of racist white violence we want the individuals concerned dealt with, not the race: and we seldom get even that satisfaction.

    • KharnTheUndying

      Typical sjw liberal response for a leftist celebrity lol his emotions his feeling had this been a right wing celebrity you sjw libs would have damned him.


      rockin robin oh please…

    • rockin robin

      The pubic outrage does not match the point of Liam Neesons interview bit. You want to see the reverse example of this? The 1992 LA Riots after the Rodney King verdict where black protesters/rioters targeted and followed through on beating up Reginald-Denny to a bloody pulp, a white truck driver. Neither Neeson or those black “protesters” are justified for thinking in those terms.. but the bigger picture is UNDERSTANDING whats driving people to become ignorant and racial during those moments. But keep slandering Liam Neesons entire being and life…….

    • +wingsandstrings get it because walking down the street or asking a cop why he/she is pulling you over is a crime right?!…. Right!!?

  17. Abz 3000

    Guys if you want to understand a man, walk a mile in his shoes. Rage makes us have irrational thoughts and when a loved one is hurt, we would do anything to end the suffering and take vengeance. Another thing is he’s talking about a darkness in his past he overcame.

    • Guywholikes goodmusic

      +Drink Water And who’s to say he wouldn’t have went out and did the same thing to a white person? Have you met Neeson? Do you know how he thinks? Did you watch an extra “secret” interview where he said that he wouldn’t have been so upset if his friend had been *raped* by a white person? I don’t see where these completely baseless assumptions come from other than a pathetic attempt to push your narrative. You can do better.

    • 90caliber Macher

      +Abz 3000 I see your point.

    • Drink Water

      +Guywholikes goodmusic he’s white, he’s racist, he told us what most whites dont, stop trying to overanalyze when a white is being honest

    • Alex Thompson

      +Drink Water … I’m white, and I think it’s wrong to murder people.

    • Drink Water

      +Alex Thompson ah i see what you did there, you think its wrong to murder “people”, but we know whites dont consider non whites “people”, clever but cant fool me

  18. He did nothing wrong. If it was a black guy saying he wanted to kill white cops(which they do, frequently) you wouldn’t care at all. Journalists have no integrity.

  19. David Smith

    “Woke” talking heads lining up to act like all white people are Liam Neeson, who was trying to express how it’s wrong to think one man’s crime applies to his whole race.

    • Khalid Muhammad

      Ah,the white man, forever an apologist for racist remarks and actions.
      How can you spin what he’s saying? He went out with a stick to kill any black person he can get his hands on. He was going to provoke them first then kill them and claim self-defence.
      This is literally impossible to defend!! If he wanted to kill the black man that raped his friend I’d be very happy for him. But just a random black man in a pub???????!!

    • Khalid Muhammad

      “How’s that racist?” – white proverb.
      I never said you should apologise nor did I mention slavery which ended 150 years ago. It’s your guilty conscience troubling you. Certain White people have always defended racism. They killed MLK – a preacher of love and tolerance.
      I’m not angry neither wil I die. I’m proud that everybody is seeing your racism.

  20. John Smith

    Liam, this was a poor decision on your part. You totally misunderstand the modern left. They don’t believe in forgiveness. This a foreign concept to them. They see themselves as virtue-signaling revolutionaries and body counts and destroyed lives matter little to them. Propaganda value is what matters most. And you stepped in the middle of it.

    • Wayne Jamel

      Its sad but true. I wonder what compelled to give this interview. Perhaps in the past this would have been herald a brave story to tell and encourage people to not learn from his mistake, but people just want to be outraged

    • Guywholikes goodmusic

      Eh, it’s beyond just the left. Social media in general gives people a sort of “high” on the idea of starting a virtual angry mob.

    • Exactly. Besides, he’s just saying what every other witless citizen thinks – he just said it publicly. Respectfully, but publicly.

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