Liam Neeson | “I was Looking for a Black Person to 🔫”

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Liam Neeson | "I was Looking for a Black Person to 🔫"
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Badu, Taraji and Da Brat live stream below

In a new documentary, journalist Leila Wills takes a close look at the shocking child sexual abuse allegations against hip-hop legend Afrika Bambaataa and his Zulu Nation. Once a hip-hop awareness group, the Zulu Nation morphed into a quasi-religious cult. Leila quickly learns how long victims may suffer in silence before coming forward and how prohibitive the statute of limitation is in the pursuit of justice. She wants to share this disturbing story and help create an impact on legislation.


Complex and VladTV Comes After Thought Crimez [Patreon]

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  1. Fallen Devonish

    I for one can definitely sympathise with Liam Neeson. When Steve Irwin was killed by that stingray I was distraught, in a dark place, I wanted revenge… I would swim for hours with a cosh in my trunks, just hoping one of those stingray bastards would have a go at me as I deep dived. So that I could… kill it. I never thought I’d admit this on a YouTube comment but here we are.

  2. Sandra Thomas

    Which one is best Sincere, Crowdcast or Patreon, to get on your private platforms.Also how much per month, because I need to factor in some of your Merch. Kiss Prince for me.

  3. So Liam Neeson can only imagine what Us Black Men want to do after 400 years of RAPE MURDER and ROBBING!!! 😡

  4. TheLeah2344

    When was this live stream ?

  5. Mooch Maza

    He is reading a script , you morons

  6. Stephanie Dews

    Wow… Damn Liam you got to explain yourself on this

  7. TR33 HOUS3 PARTY83


  8. Miguel De Zayas

    Liam, ignore these fools 😁 I’ve had the same feelings before. It’s OK and there’s nothing wrong with your thoughts. You would surprised how many black people wake up every day with intentions to hurt, rape or simply steal from whites, asians or Hispanics. I love your movies, you’re a great actor I would say perhaps one of the best. Keep the good work!

  9. Edward Dogan

    Strategy king I would love to hear you have a conversation with Prof BLK or TBA, man ol Man.

  10. i think he said it to promote the movie smh

  11. DameSmiff

    What’s worse? What he said or the fact that I’m not surprised?

  12. Lamont Gaines

    prince, but I was taught to believe, that being tall, was considered a good thing. never mind being ugly. I though women liked tall men, period.

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