LA Lakers vs Indiana Pacers – 1st Half Highlights | February 5, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season

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Indiana Pacers vs LA Lakers – Full Game Highlights | February 5, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season

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  1. I understand the trade rumors are going through their head, but if they really love the game they should defend at least someone.

    • Eddie Ross

      +Han여여 Lebron is not the decision maker, and if they played the way they where supposed to when James was injured, maybe there was a different story

    • Ronel Priela

      +Adam Frank I agree and the problem is the lakers office trust him more rather than the young core they forgot to remimd themselves that this is the old version of Lebron hes on a decline.

    • Ronel Priela

      +Adam Frank if this was the celtics they would’ve traded Lebron while hes on a decline just like what they did to kg and pierce but the lakers is doing the opposite smh sorry LAL fans. Lakers gonna have to rebuild with the new office/trust again I can see it happening.

  2. AceTrends PH

    *LBJ* could easily win this but instead executed playmaking mostly. Sign of aging.

  3. T Tardif

    LeBron should announce his retirement. He has no heart

  4. akene gaming

    Nothing new the lakers never play defense

    • Obito xshinobi

      Lakers lost to the Pacers tonight😂. what’s the point in playing Lonzo, Kuzma, Ingram, Rondo, Zubac, Lance if Le3-6 wants to trade for them to get AD😂
      This is revenge for trading them on Thursday 😂

      DeAngelo got his revenge 2 times
      1. Game winner
      2. Trade Lonzo

  5. Elijah Ward

    lebron done caused chos since joining this team

    • Carolyn Smith

      +Han여여 go suck him off fanboy

    • Michael Nguyen Dong

      +3.5.0. Deshaun they were 3rd seed before lebrons injury, ever since he was out, they are now 11th seed. lol it just shows that these players are trash and dont have chemistry together and are proving that yes, they should be traded

  6. Carolyn Smith

    They we’re better without Leleaving James/blames

  7. Angel Five

    Lebron is a coward.. Load management deez nuts

    • Rody in Japan

      i was there live smh whole Lakers bench was sitting away from Bron,it was painful to see,i posted a 20sec Videeeeeeoooo :'( LeGot,LeGm,LeNoplayoff,LeGone!!!

  8. Kira Killer333

    So why couldnt Lebron play in the Warriors game the other day??? He played before them and after them .

    • IceWalloCome

      Kira Killer333 because if you actually watched the games he showed signs that he still is injured,so eh sat out the next game just to make sure.

    • +IceWalloCome
      So he should have also sat this game out. More excuses?

    • delontey lebrick James daddy west

      Wheelchair for Grandpa lebrick please

    • CodyS777

      Gary Gorospe But Little did the Doc know Pacers came to play WITHOUT Olidipo. Hahahaha

  9. Budi Suping

    RIP Lakers..

  10. David Bonilla

    LePrincess aint going to the playoffs this year.

  11. Eddie Amaya

    Wait what happened to load management lmfao how you gonna just blatantly avoid the warriors

    • Lebron only worried about trying to score more points than kareem

    • Rody in Japan

      i was there live smh whole Lakers bench was sitting away from Bron,it was painful to see,i posted a 20sec Videeeeeeoooo :'( LeGot,LeGm,LeNoplayoff,LeGone!

  12. badboy13405

    I would feel the same way if I knew I was a pawn in the trade. LeBron the so called king that’s running from the warriors and they call him a king kings don’t run. This is why the players are not playing they know they are going to be shipped out like mail why play hard for a team like that noway. I feel there pain NEVER play with LeBron.

  13. Keyser Söze

    Lol lebron ducked the warriors

  14. Han여여

    Magic and Rob destroyed this team. Now the damage is done and they will never be the same. Chemistry is done for. Great or not LeBron is definitely not a “role model” for these players. Magic and Rob are now servants trying to keep LeBron in his best mood.

  15. KD is right all along. It is toxic around Lebron. How can u play well if you know that you are on a trading block because your best player doesnt think you are good enough?

    • were u good enough when he was out sick? aight then. stop asking redundant questions

  16. All you haters ride lebrons groin than his fans LMAO😂😂🐸

  17. 3.5.0. Deshaun

    This team doesn’t want to play with him

    • I don’t blame them it has been hinted bye everyone that Lebron has to have a second all-star.Then Magic all but offers the other starting four and bench players for AD. The only reason trade has not been made so far probably is the three or four years of first round picks and seconds pelicans also wanted.

  18. Chris Breezy

    Kuz BI Ball aren’t complete dummies. They know LeBron wants them gone, why would they wanna play hard to make that jackass wannabee goat look good?

  19. James I suck the refs off before games Harden

    Good. They should play like crap for every game for now on until they get traded. Why should they play all out if they’re just gonna get thrown away by a dude who just got there? They should sabotage Lebron’s season.

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