I’m not ashamed Lindsay Lohan Interview 2018 Dubai Accent

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I'm not ashamed Lindsay Lohan Interview 2018 Dubai Accent

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  1. Vanesa Brugger

    she looks so old !!

    • muriel villegas

      jajjajaaj, so funny, i think stupid women do this… i´m 31,looking good dating a 27 year old guy , i don´t understand why some women eat like pigs, don´t take care of their hair, skin, and at 30 some look like really old ..

    • Dark Rain

      Drugs and alcohol and living recklessly tend to age you faster

    • RonaldWeasleysWife

      Vanesa Brugger this comment is rude and unnecessary

    • jack bran

      A woman on the internet Yeah. Compare George Clooney to actresses his age. They all look like old hags for the most part compared to him.

  2. Mario Mirdita

    Because of drugs, this is the answers to both of your questions!

    • but at the end now she have a life and lots of money 😉

    • Shammy Cat

      She had even more money before when she was a mess, what does that have to do with happiness?

    • She took drugs not long. But she was an alcoholic. She admitted that in the many interviews she did but all that ws in the past. She looks fine as far as i can see. Our look changes as we age, is that so hard to understand.

  3. Karen Sanders

    Yikes she looks 45 not 31

    • Shadow Peas

      I always thought she would stay young and beautiful never expected this

    • as a 41-year-old, I don’t think she looks like someone in her 40s. she looks in her 30s. maybe it’s not the best hair color for her? I once went blonde and it just made me look older.

      but I think she looks in her 30s.

    • noemistephanie93

      more like 55

    • RonaldWeasleysWife

      Karen Sanders there’s no need to comment that!

  4. Adore Nicole Smith

    So many hateful people in the comments lol

  5. priscilla lopez

    Ay least she has turned her life around & is spending her time and resources helping those in need and not using it as publicity like a big chunk of celebrities tend to do. Good for her !

  6. FaDeNitroz

    She looks good for 50

  7. FaDeNitroz

    Blonde hair does not suit her, it makes her look older

    • Aidah Mohebzade

      Shut up, she is not you daughter.

    • M Marceau

      I think it’s her face that makes her look older.

    • Julie Fisher

      Yeah she looks 40

    • Let's Dil Merkezi 00905346967077

      What about me:)?

    • UselessShyte

      No…… constantly doing cocaine, drinking vodka and sucking every penis in her path for 15 years has made her look old. This is a pathetic piece of human debris who is completely irrelevant…… she would do an interview about anal beads ifnit got her some camera time. Simply nasty.

  8. Angela Moss

    Wow, she looks so incredibly used up and old. I thought she was doing better, but… her skin is an absolute mess–what’s up with those giant dark cysts on her cheeks? And that pulled-tight face? The overbleached dried-out hair? Her cigarettes-n-whiskey voice? Her inability to sound coherent? Sure seems like things will never get better for her. It’s too bad, because she was very talented.

  9. lovelyxskinny

    Lol she looks a lot older than her age

  10. Annette !!

    “You look fantastic.. now.” Um wut

    • Annette !!

      Kim Martin uhhh I wasn’t the interviewer said “You look fantastic now.” And I think she always looked good so it bothered me so you completely misread my comment.

    • Manal Cali

      Annette the Brunette lol

  11. ForHim

    Wow y’all are so judgmental. That’s God’s job not ours

    She probably experienced so much trauma from Hollywood and fame

    Step off

    • Keicam

      ForHim But no one forced her to take that drugs and drink that alcohol, she didn’t controlled herself

    • saskia pateman

      Keicam she was pushed into the spotlight from a young age, tonnes of pedos and sketchy ppl in Hollywood… trauma causes people to do things to numb that pain and you really need to stop being such a judgemental human being…

    • Judging her is way different than judging her behavior choices. Her behavior choices are what put her in this mess to begin with. She needs to crawl back under her rock and stay there. She isn’t going anywhere??!! Like, she seriously believes she still has any fans who want to see her act or model or inject silicone into her gigantic lips?! Her career is long over. She needs to grow up, and take ownership of her bad bad life choices. And do something with her life that will actually make a difference. Her “trauma” was all self-inflicted. We all have issues in life to deal with……but most of us don’t handle them like she did, thankfully. She needs to buck up…..and so do you!

    • +Keicam.. And so it’s none of your business why and how much drugs she take. Or you suffered because of her addiction?

    • Yulissa Reyes

      ForHim THANK YOU

  12. Heidi Thomas

    We all went through a rebellious stage and aren’t we lucky no one knows of the stupid things we did. It’s not fair to judge someone based on their mistakes. We should praise each other on our achievements. She has taken huge strides to change her life. God bless her.

  13. abdul wahab sharief

    When you are sobering up your face bloats you bloat for a while then it all settles down and you shine later.

  14. Charlesbjtown

    She sounds like she smokes unfiltered camel cigarettes.

  15. citrusfirefly

    I like Lindsay’s choice of moving to a place where she has more privacy. Good for her

    • Derp Ferguson

      I like some random obsessed fucking creed applauding her desire for privacy by being creepy and talking about her

    • Matthew Apostate

      +deschamps elysee she tried stealing a homeless women’s kids

    • Matthew Apostate

      +deschamps elysee aren’t the refugees escaping because of ISIS?!

    • Matt Hardy

      Yes and it’s much easier to kidnap children there.

  16. §paethon

    In other words, Dubai is a good place to hide certain habits from the public.

  17. Manol Momchilov

    Oh, come on. She doesn’t look 50. I’d say 46 max.

  18. She sounds like a pack of Newport’s

  19. Jessica Nicole

    Shakira looks like she’s in her 20s and she’s in her 40s 😭😭Lohan looks like she’s in her 50s and she’s only 31 😬😬

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