How ‘El Chapo’ went from Mexican drug lord to prisoner

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CNN's Jake Tapper looks back at how Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzmán Loera earned his reputation as reputation as a ruthless, violent kingpin. #CNN #News

How 'El Chapo' went from Mexican drug lord to prisoner

CNN's Jake Tapper looks back at how Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzmán Loera earned his reputation as reputation as a ruthless, violent kingpin. #CNN #News

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  1. Zhero Zhero

    He had enough money to pay for the wall himself lol

  2. ZIG ZAG Ground ZERO

    OPEN Borders Human Child Drug Trafficker & a *CNN HERO* El Chapo Strikes Out Again !

  3. Thumbnail is how the Orange degenerate will be taken in by Meuller, except with doll sized handcuffs.

    • ahmataevo

      +Doug M – Only thing worse than CNN fake news is HRC fake nudes

    • RoninRacingDesign

      brio funny last I checked I was 36 oh well
      I guess that’s your best comeback
      Sad truly sad

    • Friendly Giant

      John Lorton MS 13 is like KKK but way worse. I wouldn’t mind them cutting your head off

  4. Oi Do Not Consent

    Testimony from the hearrings is coming out. States the previous Mexican President got a bribe from Chapo of 100 million. DHS, Janet Napolitano, Nancy Pelosi and Beto was allegedly bribed to keep the borders open at any cost, explains alot of whats happening now and their fight for open borders.

  5. Hotcheetojuice

    This is so messed up. Stop putting all this negativity on this mans name CNN! He did nothing wrong! #FreeELChapo

    • Hotcheetojuice

      Squirty Splash Mexico let him do it for so long. It’s not his fault the system let him go on for that long without correcting his behavior. At this point it’s useless to lock him up. He should be freed and go about his business

    • Hotcheetojuice

      Eggs Bacon because it’s all a set up trying to pin him for things he didn’t do. Even if he did do it he should still be freed cuz it’s not his fault, imagine a country giving you such a title of being notorious for something just cuz u do what u gotta do to make some money.

  6. MarkinPuff

    According to the FBI Illegal aliens killed 4000+ Americans in 2018.
    Sounds like a National Crisis to me…

    • ahmataevo

      +Unsatisfactory Lamb – and 90% of those are shitskins offing each other. Let them do each other in. Make abortion mandatory for all non-whites, criminalize all non-white reproduction and perpetual pregnancy mandatory for all white women. Extermination to all shitskins!

    • ahmataevo

      +brio – 90% of them are shitskins, and the suboids hate America. Just being what they were genetically programmed to do, which is murder, steal, lie and rape.

    • +ahmataevo Wow that’s racist, why do you hate white people that much.

    • Unsatisfactory Lamb

      +brio he has no humanity.

    • +Unsatisfactory Lamb Nah it’s even worse. He’s a fucking weeb.

  7. Debbie Marquis

    So what about the ppl in the US that placed the orders???

  8. Friendly Giant

    Democrats are all about infanticide But they are totally against separating kids at the border 😂

    • Mike Hall

      Michael Kahr You need to get your nose out of cnn and see what the democrats are really doing.

    • +trainwreck told ya A late term abortion the doctor drains the fluid around the unborn baby and then with long clamps, rips the unborn out in pieces, arms, legs, body and head. The doctor checks to make sure that all of the body parts have been taken out..

    • Michael Kahr

      +Gavin laws on abortion and right to kill after childbirth are a contradiction. I missed it. You too.

    • +Mike Hall You mean anti-vaccination, a strong republican practice lmfao.

  9. Joseph Mingle

    CNN, _Enemy of the people._

  10. killyamomz

    Hey @CNN and its viewers. Guess what, no collusion. You have wasted so much tax payer money on an investigation based on a lie.

    WASHINGTON — After two years and 200 interviews, the Senate Intelligence Committee is approaching the end of its investigation into the 2016 election, having uncovered no direct evidence of a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia, according to both Democrats and Republicans on the committee.

    Now what you left fk’s. You are not going to hold the left wing media accountable for lying to you 24hrs a day? Same treatment you will give the racist gov. in virginia?! A pass?!!!

    • Noneshere

      Its funny to watch them toil & distract tho. Demonrats are pedo monsters but the US population is declining without immigration. 3 kid “contributor” ? : HELL No

    • +Noneshere Donald Trump himself is a pedo monster, he himself has bragged about walking around in the dressing room of Miss Teen USA. He is also a good friend of pedophile and registered sex offender Jeff Epstein.

    • The Cadaver

      You must be miserable if a video that has nothing to do with russian collusion makes you type an ill-informed comment like that. I bet liberals don’t think of you as much as you want them to

  11. We need more news stories that aren’t Trump related because I’m tired of hearing about his f-ups


      Nae West i also hate all the stuff I’ve herd they made up on the internet. Their denying the fact that they have SOME racist supporters and that the old conservatives supported racism. They also try to hide the fact that most of their supporters don’t really get along with minorities. I live in a Republican county and trust me some are just hateful and strongly stick to their party even if their wrong.

    • Texanboiii

      FBI OPEN UP “CNN isn’t as biased…” bahahaha!!! Gtfoh 😂😂😂

    • Mike Hall

      FBI OPEN UP CNN did not report the whole story with the kid with the MAGA hat. CNN reported it wrong. Other stations that reported it wrong also apologized to the kid. The kid and his group did nothing wrong. You didn’t see it because you watch fake news. Wake up and go to other sources dude. CNN sucks.

  12. Worlds most notorious drug lords are US government and their puppets CIA, FBI & DEA.

    Remember one of the screw ups by FBI, when FBI prison plane crashed in Mexico and FBI agents ran away while Mexican police found 4 tons of cocaine.

  13. Kevinhillcrest

    Can’t believe there was an impeach Trump ad on this video.. The left has become so dirty.

    Never have I ever seen the media so crazy about a President and I went to college and used to be liberal..

    • Yeah dude the left is so crazy, I just heard recently that one of them was bragging on a radio show about walking into the dressing room of Miss Teen USA where naked contestants were present.

      Oh wait that was pedophile in chief Donald Trump

    • ahmataevo

      +brio KYS fool

    • +ahmataevo I’ll pick you up and break you in half.

    • Breanne Dixon

      I’m an independent and watch videos on both sides so I get ads for both. I was home in Ohio (relevant) during the last election and got multiple ads from the right on the “evil liberal agenda”. But referred to gays being evil instead of like, insane SJWs. Did anyone else get those? It kinda creeped me out.

  14. davids11131113

    CNN not covering ‘no Trump Russia collusion’ conclusion by senate, but still senate democraps agree-
    ; ;
    orangeman bad

    • Mobley House Video

      You mean the Republican majority Senate? Yeah, let’s see what the INDEPENDENT prosecutor reveals from HIS findings. Ok?

    • Are you trying to meme programming or did you have a stroke gramps?

  15. MrKermit00

    They forgot to say who did he corrupted here in the US, what government agencies

    • The CIA for sure.

    • To all the drug users in the us . I want to thanks you all for your support. It’s been fun.
      El Chapo

    • Eric Gilbreath

      +Vada Ann wouldn’t have ever been in this trial or been convicted if he would have been able to corrupt United States intelligence. That’s not really the business that they are in.

    • Eric Gilbreath

      I think it is sad to see someone who is so well-respected and well-liked in the Latino community to go down like this and I didn’t think that shorty would go down like this

    • Eric Gilbreath lol. Wrong. That is exactly the business they’re in.

  16. Manny Sereno

    Are the feds going for after the pharmaceutical industry next ?

  17. [Insert Funny Joke Here]

    Now those 3 girls from Camp Camp are the drug lords in Mexico.

  18. When the government is done using you it’s time to go to prison.

  19. Now throw the whole CIA and Bill Clinton in prison because they are all guilty of the same thing.

  20. The Reality Channel

    Batshit crazy liberals probably love this sicko

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