[HOT] Brian Flores expected to be only minority head coach hired this offseason | Speak For Yourself

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#SpeakForYourself #Whitlock&Wiley #BrianFlores
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[HOT] Brian Flores expected to be only minority head coach hired this offseason | Speak For Yourself

#SpeakForYourself #Whitlock&Wiley #BrianFlores
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  1. Chris Rutledge

    How many people remember Byron Leftwich? Being a nerd right now; now that’s a name I have not heard in a long time.

    • dan cash

      He played for the Jags and went to Marshall for college without looking it up I believe that the college he went to .

    • Darren Gordon-Hill

      David Garrard took his job

    • Diran's House

      +Darren Gordon-Hill Marshall. Still remember him being carried from one play to the next by his O-linemen in college. Apparently he was playing with a torn knee. Loved his heart.

    • Rolls royce

      Chris Rutledge I remember him😆👍👍

    • Rolls royce

      Diran’s House true indeed… you probably won’t ever see heart like that again in life😆👍👍

  2. Mark Jefferson

    Being black,I can say I don’t want a coach because he is black. I also can say I don’t want a coach who got the job because he isn’t black or makes someone comfortable. I also want the same Leeway for a minority coach as white coach and the same opportunity. Black coaches are sought after. Just not as often. David Shaw has been sought after by the NFL for yrs. But he’s the only one. I know he’s not the only one qualified. Yes you should be qualified. Not hired because of a certain race. That goes both ways. It’s more then white guys that are qualified.

  3. jayc821505

    Who cares?????? Merit based not color based.

    • Daniel Peer

      +DJ JDB – No, you want to avoid the topic.

    • +Daniel Peer: No! I think you’re totally wrong! What part about that do you not understand? LOL. So, once again, I agree to disagree.

    • Daniel Peer

      +DJ JDB – The phrase you’re butchering is “Let’s agree to disagree.” That is a request that is made by the person saying that phrase, of the person they are speaking with. There is no agreement between us because I’ve never asked for us to agree upon anything, let alone to agree to disagree. So, I have no idea why you are agreeing to something I never asked of you.

      And, you think I’m wrong, but are unwilling to provide any evidence or reasoning. It’s not that we’ve come to an impasse, you just refuse to even state your case – ie you’re avoiding the topic. You just said “you’re wrong” and don’t even want to explain why. Why even say anything to begin with if you don’t want to explain yourself? That’s trollish behavior. SMH

    • +Daniel Peer: Damn! You have mental issues don’t you? You just keep flapping your DSL’s. lol. I’m being a troll? You’re the one that responded to me first, NO? lmfao! I already gave my opinion why I think Vick could still play. And you gave yours why he couldn’t. I’m not going to change your opinion, and you’re not going to change mine. Get it now? lol.

  4. Daniel Peer

    None of these dudes see any issue with how many black players there are.

    • Dontdoittoyoself

      Nobody wants to see a bunch of Chris Hogans line up as a number 1 wr.

    • Daniel Peer

      +ReturnoftheBrotha – Oh, so whites taking leadership roles is because of racism… but, if they weren’t such great leaders and occupying all thise roles, they would be better players? You must be one of those below 85 IQ types….

    • Daniel Peer

      +Dontdoittoyoself – agreed.

    • ReturnoftheBrotha

      Daniel Peer: Your stupidity is only trumped by your arrogance.

    • Daniel Peer

      +ReturnoftheBrotha – My stupidity is easily trumped by your ignorance.

  5. hopscotchbandit

    Boy, if McCarthy was black y’all would be screaming!!!! I guess he can’t find a job cuz he’s white huh? Super Bowl and a winning record while you’re boy in CLE got to keep his job after going 1-31 in 2 seasons. EVERYTHING ISNT RACE FOLKS!!!! The highest win percentage fired coaches were all white. What if they were black? It would have to be a conspiracy.

    • Jake Johnson

      +Darren Gordon-Hill How does Hue jackson get a job immediately after firing when Mike Mcarthy…A superbowl winning coach is jobless for months. OH YA…He’s friends with his black buddy Marvin….Isn’t that exactly what you’re bitching about bro?

    • Darren Gordon-Hill

      +Jake Johnson
      *Your numbers are not only wrong but also prove your point wrong*
      You’ve presented none… but sure, because you say so.

      *If they’re less black people in America…Wouldn’t it only makes sense most of the people coaching are white?Like most jobs*
      Yes, which is why I laugh at the bitching about the “lack of” black coaches.

      *Notice how no white people are mad the NFL’s players are majority black. Because for one simple reason. They’re better at football*
      Once again proving they’re not racist.

    • Jake Johnson

      Darren Gordon-Hill so isn’t your entire argument based on the fact your cowboys coach and many others are bias towards white people. You literally dropped your argument and agreed with me. Thanks

    • Almighty D

      +Darren Gordon-Hill Tony Dungy put that team together not Gruden.

  6. Covfefe Hamberder

    All you have to do is read the comments here to know where we are with racism. Still alive and well. I’ve argued with Dolphins fans that think the guy was hired just because he’s black. It’s crazy how many white people are bothered by it. It’s funny how defensive white people get about stuff like this. That says a lot about their feelings deep down. Racism is alive and well.

    • trav millie

      Justin James just got called out in the comments smh

    • Clarence Sanders

      Todd Bowles is his name ……why didn’t he get a shot at the Dolphin job they hired two white coaches which both sucked and if you look at Todd Bowles and Adam Gase both had similar records over their tenure but only one got another job so far.

    • Covfefe Hamberder

      Clarence Sanders I agree, but I don’t think Todd Bowles is that good of a coach. Also, I believe he actually got hired as the Bucs D coordinator now.

  7. Jalal stephens

    Bowles just trying to get another gig LMAO

    • NothingToPointOut24

      Only reason Bowles isnt coaching peewee is because he’s a good guy and Arians likes him.

      Guess these guys dont have a problem with him basically giving Bowles a job based on that though.

  8. I wish they can stop this white coach/black coach thing, I mean how did this topic even come up?

    • Cornel West

      It comes up because media wants to talk about race/racism narrative.

    • Mike Delaup

      Espcnn are just puppets of the lame stream media. It’s the agenda to divide the masses for easier control. It’s all in the manifesto.

    • Daniel Peer

      racist leftist people who think equality in outcome is morally good.

    • Clarence Sanders

      It started when white folks kept hindering black folks from doing certain jobs…….if there are still things that black are the first at doing that don’t have anything to do with blacks not doing or trying to do………in the year 2018 people are still saying he or she is the first black to do this or that and it shouldn’t be if you listen to white folks racism don’t exist but we both know that’s not true because if that was true racism would be little to none……so if you want to act blind and deaf you go right ahead but dayum it don’t expect me to do it because I see it daily in their actions.

    • Daniel Peer

      +Clarence Sanders – Those white people are called “Democrats.”

  9. Cornel West

    Why should fired Black coaches need to be replaced by Black coaches? Does the hiring need to be race-based? Even if you talk about this issue from the minority point of view, why only talk about Black coaches? There are other minorities who are barely even mentioned, why?

  10. Jaswinder Parmar

    Progress = more black coaches?

  11. Not enough white guys on this panel 🙄

  12. Michael Birmingham

    Yea know matter what whitlock the NFL is still prejudice

  13. ReturnoftheBrotha

    It’s OK to call Flores a black man! I also could care less about ‘minority’ coaches, I am only concerned with BLACK coaches, later for those ‘others,’ they did not put in work!

  14. Guitarslingin Zombiekiller

    Lot of great white players not even getting an invite to camps. Look at Adam Thielen, one of the best receivers in NFL, NO ONE EVEN THOUGHT OF DRAFTING HIM CUZ HE’S WHITE. He slipped through the cracks outplayed his competion, made the team, win the starting job, now one of the best cuz he got a chance to compete!

  15. aiden steinberg

    Bowels is smart asf

  16. Patrick Lemire

    How many Asian cornerbacks in the upcoming season, decade, century?

  17. Todd Bowles keeps it real no matter what. Wish him nothing but success

    • Surfer Bob

      Ham I could not care less if no blacks were hired or all jobs went to blacks. People who obsess about this stuff are the racists in this world.

  18. Chris Masters

    As a white Dolphins fan I like the hire and could care less about his color. They also hired Caldwell as his senior advisor and the Packers DC. All 3 are black and as long as they can win I don’t care if they are purple

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