Gladys Knight to Sing Super Bowl LIII National Anthem

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Gladys Knight will be performing the National Anthem at Super Bowl LIII on February 3rd in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Gladys Knight to Sing Super Bowl LIII National Anthem

Gladys Knight will be performing the National Anthem at Super Bowl LIII on February 3rd in Atlanta, Georgia.

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  1. xaawo maxamuud

    All respect and love to Mlk

  2. σμαράγδι αντοχή

    She should do the whole halftime show!!

    • Tina Burton

      Hell yes she should!!!! For obvious reasons!!

    • Michelle

      +Tina Burton It would definitely be a class act. I saw her perform live with my mom and it was truly magnificent. Mrs Gladys Knight still has that beautiful voice and she is such a classy, lovely woman.

    • Tina Burton

      +Michelle you’re lucky! When she had her residency out here in Vegas, I could just kick myself for never going to see her!!! I love her!!! That’s what friends are for!!!

    • PurpleRain500

      That would be so epic! Real Music by Real Musicians!

  3. Arnold Dalby

    Absolutely brilliant cannot wait to see this years Super Bowl and Gladys Knight performing who is an absolute legend of soul music and football players have a lot of soul and spirit and courage. Way to go.

  4. SPIRIT 13


  5. Natearl13

    What about Fergie? She’s obviously the best choice out there with her……. creativity…….

  6. The Jeneral J.U.-ICE

    😏The NFL think’s they’re slick…ain’t nobody black, white, Pacific Islander, or whatever taking a knee when Gladys start’s singing.

    • Ebony_Love_R_007

      +Anita Mooreland-Simms It’s never too late to take a stand. It just so happens that Kapernick was that one that stood up (or rather kneeled ) to take that stand. You Hateful people just wouldn’t understand .

    • Ebony_Love_R_007

      +The Legendary Seth And if they do, … what are you gonna do??? 🤔

    • Anita Mooreland-Simms


      I’m hateful just for wanting to watch a game without political gestures or protests. Come on first of all there’s a time and place for everything including protests and it doesn’t have to be a game. 2nd of all why didnt the NFL players wanna kneel when Obama was in. There was plenty of police brutality then. Trevon Martin Eric gardner just to name a few under Obamas watch. Now that Trump is in they wanna kneel. 3rd of all if they wanna take a kneel, why dont they take a kneel on the CONSTANT BLACK ON BLACK CRIME we’re killing each other more than cops are!! So before you judge me you, you think about that.

    • The Legendary Seth

      +Ebony_Love_R_007 be ashamed for them disrespecting Ms Gladys because Ms Gladys gas been knocking down doors before alot of these people commenting on her singing the National Anthem

    • The Jeneral J.U.-ICE

      Well…there goes our answer.😏

  7. David Connor

    My momma’s favorite singer! RIP, Ma! Hope you’re watching up there.

    • SaintSupreme

      David Connor Rip!

    • Silver Is The Name

      David Connor Rip!

    • James Jones

      Liberals will call your mom a racist.

    • Pamela Taylor

      David Connor Awh God Bless You I am Glad she is doing it I think she is a bit sick so she may need the MONEY also all those athletes could have already gotten together a long time ago and gotten off shore teams and when there NFL career was over they had something to bounce off of they could have made that a premier first class Consortium a Fortune 500

    • That Guy


  8. Deborah Thompson

    SO WHY AREN’T YOU STANDING WITH YOUR PEOPLE instead of singing against them question mark these are the people that have supported you all your life and been great fans… Including myself! I’ve lost all respect for you. Other black artists are not going to perform at the Super Bowl and you choose to do so against your people. I’m out girl!

    • I-AM Leighton

      what about the black NFL players are they sell outs?

    • Anita Mooreland-Simms

      Yeah well you go on being bitter and hateful. Gladys still lives in this country and has EARNED the right to sing ANYWHERE she wants. Kneeling or no kneeling life still goes on. She should not have to stop her show due to Colin Kaepernick who wasn’t even thought of when she was singing. Canceling her show is NOT gonna stop police brutality!! Her beautiful music will bring some healing for the soul!!

    • An Olivia production o

      Chelsea Bella Gallo f**k you!

    • An Olivia production o

      I-AM Leighton Yes they are.

  9. Deborah Thompson


  10. She must be broke. I’m not sure the old Gladys Knight would sing the national anthem especially with what’s been going on in the NFL lately.

    • Mona Smith

      Right!!! she saw a chance to grab the spotlight and she jumped at it

    • Patrice Dunmore

      The love of money

    • Michelle

      It is estimated that her networth is currently 28 million. Not sure how you define broke –but she seems pretty well off to me. 😉

      You however seem to be under the impression that every black person has to think alike. Gladys has paid her dues and has every right to do as she pleases. I just wish that half of you would focus on the black NFL players who have not boycotted the game and plan to play on super bowl night. –You want a black woman to forego her check, but there is no obligation for the black NFL players to forego theirs.. you guys are hilarious!!

    • Junior Mason

      +Patrice Dunmore there is no pay for that sorry. She is building a school its coming along very nicely BTW. Nothing broke about her check it out.

  11. Ainsley Brantley

    Gotta give this legend her credit but I’m highly disappointed.

  12. Castiel Light

    If NFL fans and players really want to take a kneel and get noticed they should not play a Sunday, shut the NFL down one day all of them, if they are serious but, I am confused, they complain, still play and take the money. I dont understand?🤔

    • William Elliott

      They take the money because that’s all they care about. Also some players are HOMOSEXUAL.

  13. Jonathon Collins

    😂They wasn’t expecting Ms Gladys!!! How can people continue to agree to kneel with such a civil rights and musical icon singing our national atgem!! This move will show a spotlight on the ignorance of heart!!! HATE AMERICA!! Sing Ms Gladys!!! Sing!!!! Let freedom ring!!! Best country on earth!! AMERICA!!!


      …..but then———

    • Michael Smith

      You special.. So so special

    • imhotep imhotep

      You think this will change how white people treat us? You and her are clearly two delusional folks.

    • Corey Haney

      Bullshit , the wickedest country on Earth !!!

  14. Lee Evans

    Do it Gladys, Cheers and Pride !!!!!!!!!!

  15. Trieva Brown

    So very disappointed in her choice.. But, a lot of our elders just do Not get it..

    • Van Milan

      You dont get it, they are more intelligent and expeirienced than your generation and they see through the bullshit

    • Charles Washington

      +Van Milan your telling the truth im so sick of this fake racism these millennials are throwing around gladys actually lived through it there ignorant and its finally being exposed

    • Mister Blue

      This is why people hate your generation. You “think” you know the “truth”.

    • Pamela Taylor

      Charles Washington and she did live through it

    • Itwaswritten804

      I-AM Leighton yes that exactly what Kapernick was doing thinking for his self but u big MADDD 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. Drummer C

    Attention to all of you folks who have a problem with Gladys Knight. You obviously don’t know that much about her. Take the time to read her biography on line. The go to YouTube and check out some videos. She is a black woman who is to be praised and not criticized. She and her her group were at the forefront of the R & B music error. She is a trailblazer, class act, civil rights activist, amazingly talented woman and I could go on and on. Instead of criticizing her, tune in and watch the legend do her thing and be glad that she is still around to do it!

    • Anita Mooreland-Simms

      Ya got that right. Grew up listening to Gladys Knight. I’m 56 years old. I was a little girl when I heard her back in the early 70s. But she was singing way before then. God bless her one of the most soulful legendary phenomenons in America! Deserves the upmost respect!

    • An Olivia production o

      Drummer C gladys knight-error,you got that right.

  17. Corey Haney

    Gladys the sad part is you know better !!!!!

  18. Israel Lindsay

    I love her but there’s one thing I just don’t understand about the national anthem why don’t someone sing all 4 verses of the national anthem and show the real meaning of the anthem and then things will come to light

    • Israel Lindsay

      +O’Keen wow you tried it your dumber than I thought you get a f for your thought process

    • +Israel Lindsay Well let’s hear your explanation then.. You can’t even spell, much less put together a rational argument.

    • Israel Lindsay

      +O’Keen why cause your better than people cause your scared man or because you do know the lazy history of America .blacks built this country people like you ruined it oh yeah key word lazy and you still want us to be dumb because of power and greed when we were the true Kings you just care about white people and that’s not the American way next time you trying to be smart bring facts not kindergarten responses your way of thinking is old

    • Israel Lindsay

      A standing ovation for me lol laughter hurts sometimes

  19. Thank you Miss Knight. I have been a fan of yours for decades. Don’t payattention to the haters and race bigots of all shades. Stay strong. America loves you

  20. Jefe Trump

    GOD BLESS Gladys Knight… America is one of a kind, too bad so many have been brainwashed into thinking America is not worth fighting for! GOD IS WITH US ALL THE WAY! THOSE who seek to divide us, only seek to destroy US!!!

    • Joshua Sharrock

      And may God be with you. This is coming from a fellow Soldier on your side with that fight

    • Anita Mooreland-Simms

      Hey remember that’s saying from the Wizard of Oz. “Theres No Place Like Home” So true. Try going to another country where the laws are different and more strict and less freedom you’ll find that statement is so true. Compared to some countries America is very well worth fighting for. Our country probably wouldn’t be appreciated until they go and try to live I another country. Anyway glad I live where I live in America Baby. 56 years.

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