Gladys Knight – “Midnight Train to Georgia” | LIVE at The Kennedy Center

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The Kennedy Center and Georgetown University celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with a musical tribute featuring Gladys Knight and the Let Freedom Ring Choir led by music director Rev. Nolan Williams Jr.

Filmed live in the Kennedy Center Concert Hall, January 16, 2017.

Watch the full concert:

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  1. D.A. Mellar

    Love you Gladys!

  2. Katrina Smith

    alright naw sing it Ms Glady’s. I missed the pips backing u up.😍😘

    • Lizzy NA

      Me too. I only discovered the video of Gladys and the pips not so long ago singing this track and I luved them as much as Gladys.😀😀😀

  3. Exoress Delivers

    I just saw her in Florida yesterday and what is impressive is that although she has sung these same songs hundreds of times she always sings them fresh. It doesn’t sound like she is just going through the motions, being tired of singing the same songs. She gives each audience her best knowing they want to hear those same songs.

  4. Claude Y Frenette

    Girl you’ve made me dream for so many years… Still love that beautyfull voice!

  5. Jane Millerick

    2018, March; so nice to go back and see this. such different times then.

  6. Robin Brown

    My goodness she sounds fantastic and looks even better! You go girl….now that’s how you do it

  7. Robin Brown

    Oh my goodness must be white audience…sorry not hating they just look so stiff and prim and proper …that’s a legacy where is your spirit….go girl

    • Rosilyn Smith

      Conor Moroney …
      Mr. Moroney, why so quiet???
      *crickets* TY

    • TheDavjo

      Black people cant afford the concert tickets.

    • SantaBarbaraDianne

      Why are you talking about skin color?

    • Eric Claeyborn

      I’d love to be there while everyone else is taking in the singing of Gladys Knight… then I can enjoy it, too. I think it’s rude when she’s doing such a great concert and putting it all into it… and then everyone is loud and not really listening to her because they’re partying.

    • If the audience was making noise and someone here commented that they must be black, everybody would have been offended and called that racist. Racism goes both ways.

  8. Carlos Vilaça

    Love her voice!

  9. vaughanbaker

    she just gets better and better!!

  10. TruthSerum101

    …and in the same key as 1973. #MasterVocalist

  11. Deidre Heffner

    I saw Ms Glayds lastnight in Atlantic City at Boardwalk Hall. AMAZING! I shouted ” I love you Gladys”. She replied ” I heard that, I love you too” That made my night! Her performance was the the best. I’m happy I got to witness her live show. Growing up, on Saturday our house was filled with Pine-Sol, and Gladys Knight. She was engaging, funny caring and GLADYS! A must see!

    • Rudolph Sherkliff

      Deidre Heffner she’s coming to Philly at the Mann Music Center August 12th

    • Deidre Heffner

      Rudolph Sherkliff Thank you. I will definitely be there!

  12. TimLIFE91

    Gladys ain’t playin’. That’s SCARY that she sounds JUST AS GOOD as she did over 40 FREAKIN’ YEARS AGO! What??….And that BAND is straight SMASHING! Man…I’m a fan all over again and I’m only 26! LOL

  13. Beyond The Veil With ABB a.k.a. AstralBooBaby

    I have never heard this legend sing out of tune or off key… She doesn’t seem to ever have an ‘off’ night… All of the singers out there will know what I am talking about 🙂 #QueenGladys

  14. Don Davenport

    Such beauty, style and grace… singing like yesterday was 40 something years ago… love this Lady and that heavenly voice…

  15. Darn Right

    The best of the best alto voice EVER Top shelf- High class performer and person. Sorry Aretha- Gladys Knight is the REAL Queen of Soul

  16. The most gifted voice I have ever heard. If the date is true she is 73 at this taping. God Bless her.

  17. Zack Parsons

    You can’t retain the quality of voice like she has done without good technique, healthy living habits, and valuing the voice like a precious gift. She can still do it at this incredible level because she has lived her life intelligently for that purpose. She knows what she
    has. Love her.

  18. Angelique Hogan

    Okay she might be the bumblebee on the masked singer

    • Jasmine Poulson

      I was thinking the same thing… I came here to compare the two

    • Tom Wilson

      I’m certain of it. Her nickname is “The Empress of Soul.” And The Bee said, “you can call me The Empress.”

      Also, listen to the “Somewhere” 2018 recording here on YouTube. I’d be surprised if it’s not her.

    • GLindsey

      Angelique Hogan Indeed she is!!! Blessed lady with an amazing gift 👍🏻

    • celes42017

      It’s her. No mistaking it. Gladys is a really sweet lady. Love her personality and her voice is amazing.

    • THIS IS EXACTLY WHY I’M HERE WATCHING THIS 🤣😂 She is DEFINITELY the bumblebee. No doubt. Lol!

  19. Hybrid Hildan

    Masked singer got me checking. Lol

  20. Truth Hurts

    The Masked Singer got me here. And hell yeah, its the Bee,.. Queen bee!

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