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Gladys Knight “Home” (2018)

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Gladys Knight "Home" (2018)

Gladys Knight "Home" (2018)

Gladys Knight "Home" (2018)

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  1. mixedgrill

    Love It !…. Thanks for posting Largo.

  2. T. Lucalake

    Living Legend, Ms. Gladys Knight.
    That voice is as strong today, as it was back in the day.

  3. Robert Kelvin

    That’s how you do it!! ☝👏👏👏👏👏, Thankfully the UK transmission had a better audio 👂..

  4. Robert Kelvin

    Look out for me boys and girls…. I’m coming home 🏡. Xxx


    The Bee!


    The Maked Singer has me obsessed with finding out who these singers are. 🐝 Bee, U gotta be Gladys Knight. That Voice is golden, awwww. It had me listening to all Gladys old songs, singing and dancing. I actually looked online to see if you were still touring and coming to my city this year and Whola!! Yess, u are. I am getting those tickets, just because of this. Mmmhmmm. She is called the Empress Of Soul. Woke up next day talking to my Fiance and family bout the show even more cause of the Buzzing 🐝. Why make us wait. Why, lol 😃🤔🧐🤫. Can’t stop playing this over n over n hollering. You should let SIA reveal who you are as y’all sing the song together. Yaass!!!

  7. hotrodindalou

    Gladys Knight, an American Treasure! Stephanie Mills is happy to hear her idol sing this Charlie Smalls classic! She is now the reigning queen

  8. Rajeev Sharma

    o/u 1:45 for Gladys Knight to sing national anthem at the Superbowl, what you got?

  9. Tevinn Tanner


  10. Real Queen Stand Up Bow Bishes

    Glady Knight is the bee 🐝

  11. Sherelle Lopez

    One emoji 🐝

  12. Wow. I liked Diana Ross version of this song in the movie, but that was 40 years ago, Gladys Knight is incredible and her talent utterly undiminished. Brave madam.

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