Fact-checking Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s media blitz | Fact Checker

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The self-described “democratic socialist” keeps making statements that are false, misleading or incorrect. Read more: . Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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Fact-checking Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s media blitz | Fact Checker

The self-described “democratic socialist” keeps making statements that are false, misleading or incorrect. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  1. Kevin Regalado

    Yet our current system costs $50 trillion over next 10 years, so we would be saving trillions of dollars. If you’re going to be disingenuous WP, at least don’t make it so obvious.

    • Jon Triebsch

      DAMN. YOUR BEYOND STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Marie Oakes

      Go to Canada, and experience our ‘great’ Canadian system….. while your at that, imagine it having to service 10x the amount of people…. (Canada’s population approx 30mil, US population approx 330mil).

    • Marie Oakes

      also, if you read carefully it actually said “Sanders’ Medicare for All plan would raise federal expenditures by $33-40 trillion over ten years”

      emphasis on the worse RAISE, so in addition to your quoted $50 trillion figure, tis $33-40 trillion would be added

    • Kevin Regalado thank you for calling them out on their bs

    • James Sanchez

      You seem to not know the difference between current cost and raised cost. For example yes it costs $50 trillion over the next 10 years in our current system, but if we went with the medicare for all system it would RAISE expenditures by $33-40 trillion! You know what that means? Well I’ll do some simple math for you, if we are spending $50 trillion now and this would raise it by $33-40 trillion then that means the medicare for all plan would cost…… 50+33=83 trillion dollars! Congrats you learned how to add, hopefully Ocasio Cortez can learn what I just taught you.

      Hopefully you learned how to listen, read, and check the bullshit that idiots like Ocasio tell you to believe.

  2. thelivingatlantic

    WTF, Washington Post? Weather SCOTUS (or you) believes monthly health care payments are a tax or not is irrelevant. The study showed when you compare the two, the results are Americans will pay less than they currently do.

    #2 you literally changed her fact from “upper middle class” to “upper middle class and rich”. Yeah….thats the point..

    This is incredibly disingenuous and dissappointing.

    • Sioux Zhann

      devinjem09 so its only ok for the media to attack politicians that you DON’T like?

    • Mark Zylstra

      The upper middle class has grown 16% since like the 70’s. The fact that she said it doesn’t exist anymore is incorrect.

    • Ramon Lovato

      thelivingatlantic damn Alexandria making fake burner accounts to defend your pathetic self ?😂

  3. Charlie Cat

    She actually said the unemployment rate is low because of people taking two jobs.

    • Ruy Brb0sa

      As if that needs to be “debunked” anyone who ever listened to an economic or political discution knows that unemployment is measured by the number of unemplyed individuals and not tha number of jobs , besides only less than 5% of the workforce has more than 2 jobs

    • Derrick Koehn

      People with one job are just as employed as people with two as far as collecting unemployment goes lol

    • Zakia Chowdhury

      We see crazy people with crazy “make up your own facts as you go along” from all sides and the more you realise people are falling for your nonsense, the more “facts” appear as your confidence grows. This isn’t just in America unfortunately, I spent nearly 40yrs of my life living in England and witnessed this, and now I am living in Bangladesh witnessing the same. The world has officially gone doolally.

    • Amal Edward

      She did lol

  4. Omar Pacho

    Well, what could you expect from a person that compares debating with catcalling

    • Rick McGrath

      +Jess Highland
      Bullshit. She’s dumb as a box of rocks

    • Robert Black

      FFS OMAR🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤔…


    • Robert Black

      +Arman S. Also probably her Soros lined pockets have more than $135k already🤔

    • Jordan barrand

      Muuro one that purposely lies about the economy? She is a servant to the USSA party She isn’t even going to get re elected in her district..

    • Bike_Patrol _Jim_

      Oh lord, please continue to give her as much media exposure as possible,
      She’s being called the future of the Democratic Party?
      She needs to go spend some time in Venezuela and see what the reality of her ideas actually look like.
      If I were told I had to pay 70% of my paycheck to pay other people’s healthcare, I’d stop working.
      Her ideas are a complete crash of the entire American economy

  5. patricia boivin

    So. Rich owner of the Wapo is afraid of her

    • Stephen

      patricia boivin her can’t make any money if people are so poor they have to knife fight just to eat

    • Memphis Stef

      @FU, you said “if I earned money” hahahhaha, like you would ever make money 🤣🤣🤣

    • BlueBell22

      no, not everyone is so stupid to believe her.

  6. Stephen

    So Jeff doesn’t like Cortez? huh interesting.

    • ScootMagoot46

      Actually, Single Payer did too show it would save money. Washington Post is basically a corporate Neoliberal propaganda-machine for the DNC. And shocker that the elites think the “upper middle class” is the people making $400k a year. LOL that’s upper class, period.

    • noemi barrios

      no she is a coward and brainless twit making a fool of herself and the democrats

    • GulDukat479

      Stephen Maybe he just likes the truth better.

    • there is no eye in preposterous

      that should be the name of this video

  7. Ridzky Anwar

    WP propaganda

    • ScootMagoot46

      Washington Post should be lit up on a cross. They’re such garbage.

    • FTN Iceberg

      Thinker 105 WP is a libtard rag…’s propoganda when they don’t agree with a demorat? Lol you libtards are fucking clueless! They aren’t your echo chamber for this commie scumbag and now your crying….get mental help!

    • patriotic conservative

      The one time they actually try to be fair and balanced you lefties call them propaganda. Really.

    • “Thinker” 105. That’s comical.

  8. Naveen Boggarapu

    Can you provide the source for your facts WaPo?

    • FTN Iceberg

      Artie VanDelayo no one voted! Go check the numbers….They put them out and how she barely won even though barely anyone wasted time voting on either candidate. You clowns are so deluded!

    • MM Chelle

      My Name is Gladiator clearly she knows more than you do. Name calling? How old are you

  9. Throws the gender card at Ben Shapiro lol
    It’s always gender or race with liberals. Never the ignorance card or stupidity card. This trainwreck should go back to bartending.

    • FTN Iceberg

      Kat Siegel in what? Gender studies lol. And obviously you haven’t been watching the total morons coming out of colleges lately have you? All brainwashed socialist and communists…..she’s a prime example!

  10. Iznaga1420

    The left-wing Sarah Palin, presented by the Democrat party.

    • disruptIT

      She can see a socialist utopia from her psychiatric ward bed. It’s true!

    • Yup. I’ve been saying this too. They both got wildly popular at breakneck speed and neither one of them can articulate or defend their political worldview worth a damn.

    • First Last

      As much as I don’t like Sarah Palin, Sarah is a lot smarter than this girl.

    • If Palin said things as dumb as her, she wouldn’t even have got the chance to run for vice president. Don’t get me wrong. Palin said lots of really stupid things that made her look like a gift to Obama, but that is on a whole new level.

  11. Isn’t the Washington Post owned by the establishment. Lol

    • TheRogueStatesman

      liberal newspaper?! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!

    • John Aldridge

      Jeff Bezos=Establishment

    • Justin Miles

      It is baffling to hear Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) speak. Every time she opens her mouth, I think everyone around her gets dumber. Anyways, you are right. The WP is a liberal media establishment, but they too do not want an extreme ‘democratic’ socialist, such as herself, running. AOC has talked about lowering campaign finance and has said that she will bring no money to the Democratic party for elections, campaigns, and lobbying. I mean, this kinda goes against the Democratic party’s wishes and I think this is why they are trying to call her out. What I think is truly happening is that the WP and the Democratic party elites want people like Joe Crowley—who have raised millions of dollars for the party—to stay in power. To prove this point, Joe Crowley’s name is still going to be on the ballot for the elections in November in NY District 14. Even though AOC did beat Crowley in the primaries, it’s kinda corrupt and shady how Crowley’s name will still on the ballot. Anyways, portraying her as a ‘know-nothing’ staunch democratic socialist may still play to her favor, because who does not want to hear the promises of “free education and health care for all!”

    • ZaiPenser

      I think that when people see bias in the media it’s partially because they are biased themselves. I have heard the mainstream media being described as:

      Both corporatist and socialist/far left at the same time
      Both Zionist/Jewish-controlled and Pro-Hamas/antisemitic at the same time
      Both overly jingoistic/war hawkish and unpatriotic at the same time

      Note that people always say that the media is biased against them, both due to unconscious biases and political rhetoric to gain sympathy for their own side by making themselves seem like the underdog in the situation. For example, a far-right antisemite might describe the media as “Jewish controlled”, while a person from Israel might call the media “antisemitic”. In truth, it’s likely somewhere in between, and individual pieces by individual journalists may vary in their bias.

      So when people claim that the media is biased toward any side it has to be taken with a grain of salt.

  12. Solex Kilmeister

    Socialism Kills.

    • Jason Engelbrecht

      Jordan Martirossian … wow the ignorance

    • DatCoolMolecule

      I’d love for you to explain how free healthcare killed people. XD

    • Jordan barrand

      Jordan Martirossian no there really isn’t.

    • Mike Bruns

      +Jordan Martirossian, most seem to be too ignorant to get it or see the difference. That would mean looking at new information and changing your opinion. Something that has become very rare in today’s lovely hate-filled society

  13. Kim Andrew

    Thank you for the unbiased reporting

  14. Douglas Henry

    I want to know where you are getting your facts from. I feel as though this is just another attack campaign funded by the establishment and the corporations that pay you. Do better.

    • FTN Iceberg

      Douglas Henry yea the koch brothers….I thought you commie libtards hated rich people and companies so much you want to tax them poor. But they magically support your agenda and they are ok? Hypocritical flip flopping lol

    • Douglas Henry

      no one said they are ok… we are saying that corporations and the right try so hard to shut us down that even their own research proves us right.

    • First Last

      I’ve seen many different news channels prove Ocasio-Cortez wrong on all these different things she has said. Is everybody part of the establishment now?

    • Eric Holdsworth

      no corps fund me i am just a working stiff who thinks this woman is a moron

  15. She is so uniformed, it’s sad how she is even popular among some people.

    • TheJinashura

      Rick Jones you are very accurate. I’m hoping she wins just so I can enjoy the memes that will come

    • TheJinashura

      Georg Hieronymus he said while enjoying many things minorities gave him. All white huh? Like the KKK and how antifa started? A smart man once said a house divided cannot stand. How’s all white England looking? Maybe you’re not start enough to understand it’s actually the culture that makes the person, not skin color. Since you’re interested in facts, I’d elate in proving you epicly wrong. Remember, you promote stereotypes and I’m from Asia (means I’m smarter than you)


      Free stuff…

    • Dovahkin Dothraki

      She is a populist who represents what the majority of the US wants, hence populist

    • Klee Klee

      PaulH she’s uninformed? I’m not the biggest fan of hers either but boy I hope you’re not a trump supporter while calling someone else uninformed.

  16. Washington post fact checking? 😂 so ironic.

  17. hello internet

    Trump 2020 💪🐸👌🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  18. TheProphetPepe

    I’m just laughing at the leftist in the comments trying to defend this.

    • Alexander

      Alex Jacobs – Incapable of having a political discussion so resorting to name-calling? Classy.

    • Alexander

      Adam Jacobs – Please do cite your sources, as I’d love to take a look at them. If you are so inclined, have a look at data from “The Congressional Budget Office” as well as “Department of Veterans Affairs” to corroborate my claim. You may also want to take note of the drawbacks of nationalized single-payer healthcare programs from across the pond, as it is often that the democratic socialists use Nordic countries as their prototype, though they shouldn’t be. And I’ll ignore the petty insults.

    • Jeremy Jones

      Adam Jacobs Anybody who advocates for socialized healthcare is a complete and utter moron.

    • Jordan barrand

      Alex Jour no he wasn’t he raised corporate taxes highest in the world if he was even close to right wing he would have not done that.

  19. Ash Doodge

    Socialist have to lie to get votes anyway.

    • Douglas Henry

      so basically every politician in congress…

    • Quintin Wright

      ScootMagoot46 if college is free for everyone that would derail competition leading to lower achieving schools and students resulting in a dumber society

    • Mike Bruns

      they all lie. We knew that once, Now we stand by them like kings. We have become fools supporting these politicians. America before politics

  20. Gulf-City Umbreon

    She doesn’t want to debate Shapiro because she knows she’ll be destroyed.

    • Conservative Hamster

      she won’t even debate a conservative woman who’s up for the challenge

    • thegooseman

      Still waiting on Shapiro to take up Kyle Kulinskis challenge.

    • John Martin

      No because hes a angry pervert

    • Jack Francis

      +thegooseman What was the challenge? I don’t really follow either of them that much but I recall seeing a video of kyle saying it would be a waste of his own time debating shapiro.

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