Cory Booker on How He Will Convince Opposing Sides to Work Together | The View

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Cory Booker on How He Will Convince Opposing Sides to Work Together | The View

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  1. Ezequiel H

    Theres nothing that distinguishes him to much from other corporate democrats so sorry not getting my vote. Bernie Warren 2020!

    • Ceasar carcus

      +matt brown she didn’t lie. she’s actually part native American… even if she is less than 5%. a family rumor was passed down from generation to generation. she proved rumor true.

    • matt brown

      +Ceasar carcus she actually less than .00001% native. 1/1024 native as the actual report reads. Her alleged ancestor lived more than 9 generations ago. And she took advantage of the system to get a good position at Harvard. So it is a negligible stat that she lied about

    • Ceasar carcus

      +matt brown you know what? there’s this white lady on a television in 2018 commercial claiming that 1st U.S. president, George Washington is a distant cousin of hers…..are you gonna research how much actual DNA this lady has from Washington or how many generations ago or are you going to accept that said lady is related to G.W.? Warren is native American… end of story.

  2. BlackBird

    Hope you aren’t counting on the Black vote Booker. We don’t trust you or Kamala the Cop.

    • ryan alex

      +Geo Cyo both her parents aint even american

    • +ryan alex But she is. And she is who is running. What is the meaning of what you are saying?

    • ryan alex

      +Geo Cyo she has no ancestral connection to the United States. She has a foreigners mindset.

    • +ryan alex the America that we know was built by foreigners. That foreigner’s mindset is the American mindset. I’m sorry that you need so many false qualifiers in order to consider someone a real American.

    • ryan alex

      +Josh Redeau I love Tulsa Gabbard she seems like a real person. I said two years ago she’s gonna run and win the nomination. I’ll bet a $100 on it. Send the funds through paypal

  3. Dionysos


  4. Electron Creations

    Booker talks a good game, but he’s in bed with Big Pharma. He doesn’t fool me for a second.

  5. teebone 21

    Big pharma backed politician

  6. Jessica Johnson

    Just because you throw in a motivational quote or phrase every sentence doesn’t make you convincing

    • Be1smaht


    • GrayGhostification


    • Push riskier older people on government insurance and let younger healthier people pay the fraudster insurance industry. Push difficult riskier kids to public schools and high achieving kids to charter schools. Typical cory booker style scamming of government services to make life easier for his billionaire sugardaddies. Socialise losses privatise profits. Its disgusting!

    • FitTallGayBlond

      +Stone yeah because that worked out so well for Hillary

    • FitTallGayBlond

      +Unapologetically Sassy To me he seems like Hillary 2.0 when asked a question he talks and talks but is not really answering the question asked.

  7. It’s not about “convincing the other side”. Democrats don’t need (and won’t be able to get even if they tried) Trump voters. We need to sway non-voters!

    • The republicans can say the same thing too


      Agreed! We need to amp up our own base without compromising our values.

    • First Last

      Democrats amped them up with Obama the first time. The difference since then is that your party has gone way too far left. Tulsi Gabbard is a fantastic candidate, probably my second choice after Trump. But her own party ruined her chances. LOL.

  8. Edivic Perez

    Why does this guy sound like he memorized lines from his next book?? There’s no genuineness when he speak too. He’s a another corporate hack vetted by Wall Street.

    Bernie 2020

  9. Azoo Cola

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many dems running, they gonna tear eachother appart and Trump is gonna get re-elected

    • How? There will be only TWO nominees in the Presidential election.

    • VivalaFrida _

      You know only one moves onto the nomination right?

    • musicworm101

      But they might throw so much dirt on each other before then that whoever is nominated is DOA

    • Emily Kezer

      Yeah. Everyone keeps saying we need to come together, but I’m wondering who will be willing to take a knee.

    • I’m sure President Obama is running this behind the scenes to make sure it stays a clean election cycle. All of the democratic candidates that have announced so far has been to the President’s office

  10. ladled lio

    I’m just waiting for Biden…

  11. ReticulatingSplines

    He recited a lot of soundbytes

  12. There’s lots of vegan options everywhere people act like being vegan is so hard it’s really not

  13. Angel Barrios

    He lost already. He cannot answer simple question with bring up common values on all his answers and still not answering the question. Smh

    • FitTallGayBlond

      To me he seems like Hillary 2.0 when asked a question he talks and talks but is not really answering the question asked.

  14. LadyPeace89

    He says a lot of inspirational things in an uninspiring way. Everything he said was about generalized idealistic ideas but nothing about actual policies on the ground. Plus He is too boring to follow.

  15. Delia D.

    Senator Cory Booker sounds really scripted & disingenuous with his answers. Like he’s trying too hard. Maybe it’s just me? 🤔🤷🏼‍♀

    • Jenny Misidjan

      Delia D. Nope it’s not just you. I live in the Netherlands. I am not an American, but I follow American politics more than our own politics. I’ve been following these senators for years. He is a lot of talk but no substance. I agree with you 💯

    • I feel the same way!

    • Beatrice Pierre

      Delia D. do some more research he is just like obama talks nice and legislate NOTHING for the ppl. He voted against a Bernie sanders bill which wud lower prescription drug prices. He did this cuz he received over $200k from big pharmaceutical companies

    • Chudy Ilozue

      He’s gonna flop. He ain’t the next Obama.

    • Hammerhead 23

      Delia D. Yup

  16. Danny Foglesong

    Cory Booker is such a hack. He is deeply corrupt.

  17. Person McPerson


  18. Farmer John

    Here is the reason Trump won in 2016, and will win again in 2020, he doesn’t talk scripted and just saying the right things. He tells it like it is, and then does something about it. Trump 2020!!!!

    • FitTallGayBlond

      To me he seems like Hillary 2.0 when asked a question he talks and talks but is not really answering the question asked.

    • 020ctmarie

      Lmfao you’re on another planet. Clearly

  19. Ceasar carcus

    he’s very intelligent. his message is not resonating tho. ii really don’t care about the kumbaya story of America he’s trying to sell. he’s outta touch. ii wanna hear about affordable college, universal healthcare, police brutality, criminal justice reform, taxes and wall street criminals…not a stinking American narrative about morality. he’s a brilliant man …but a loser with a losing argument.

  20. Ugh…..Meghan. I am vegan, not sure how this was a real question. Super ignorant to even ask this question. Why not get to some real issues on the table.

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