Cleveland browns finally get it right hiring Freddie kitchens

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Cleveland browns finally get it right hiring Freddie kitchens

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  1. IAmVenom

    Mentally ill Man is in love with a man named Freddie Kitchens

    • Neil Craig

      IAmVenom Congratulations on such a meaningless, pathetic and Unoriginal comment. Loser.

    • Victor K

      +Neil Craig Why do people call him mentally ill?

    • gman2015

      +Victor K cause El pres himself made a few Vids titled that.

    • Ricky Plotner

      Mentally ill man wants to visit freddie q.w. after he takes a poop in his subway bathroom…

  2. Ben Mclain

    Gunga ginga

  3. Mase Alexander

    Mentally ill man also said in the past that Hue Jackson would be a savior

  4. Guy Gamer

    I’m just happy we didn’t hire Mike Malarkey right now. I like Kitchens, I think after the turn around we had you had to take the shot. Our defense kinda sucked but just got turnovers.

  5. GoldenGoodieGoomba

    Mentally ill man discusses the future Browns coach in his newspaper filled basement while Hue Jackson remains starving along with the rest of his victims

  6. JaniSWFC

    Mentally ill Browns fan thinks his favorite team can succeed with Freddie QW Kitchens

  7. Era of Freddie QW Kitchens begins

  8. DemarkableP

    Every Browns fan get on your knees and open wide for John Dorsey!

  9. Kiss The Rings

    Browns hired Kitchens because he’s a fat slob knowing Elpresador would eventually turn on him calling him a fat slob.

    • Brown’s just hired him, they can’t help what being around Alabama and all the cousin’s down there making love to each other did to him.

  10. DemarkableP

    This channel should be called biblical rants!

  11. lilvince321

    Freddie QX Kitchens will lead the browns to a 16-0 season

  12. mike mikovich

    El pressador I agree brother kitchens and baker look out

  13. mike mikovich

    You noticed when chuck said better not hire mike McCarthy- McCarthy didn’t even visit Cleveland hmmm

    • CharlieConwayFTW

      mike mikovich Humpty Dumpty doesn’t want any part of this brick shithouse egorgian

  14. Neil Craig

    Hookers are rejoicing knowing Egorgian Slob will not stalk and pray on them tonight


    Greg Williams wasn’t a cancer. He steadied the ship through rough waters.

  16. This guy is a legend! Get him on national media lol and thank god the browns got it right.

  17. Revolver Ocelot

    Maybe the Bungles will hire Hue Jackson, in which Baker GX and Freddie QX will easily rape the Bungles twice a year.


    Deranged sociopath will have Freddie GW Kitchens in a noose by week 4 2019

  19. DungeonFamilyThirdGeneration TwoWonSix

    Sashi Brown left the Browns in GREAT SALARY CAP and Draft picking!!

  20. GH05TM0V3R

    Narcissistic mentally ill man speaks in many tongues!

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