[BREAKING NEWS] Browns hiring Freddie Kitchens, Broncos hiring Vic Fangio | THE HERD

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[BREAKING NEWS] Browns hiring Freddie Kitchens, Broncos hiring Vic Fangio | THE HERD 01/09/2019

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  1. Nat Kempimook

    This host is an idiot. You just can’t stop stepping down on Baker directly or indirectly.

    • KingKongGodzilla

      Colin’s wife must have moaned “Baker” while she was giving him his monthly piece of arse.

  2. Top Streams

    4:31 thats not true lol

  3. David Hamilton

    Just because Freddie kitchens got the job doesn’t mean the “experienced” coaches didn’t want it. Mike McCarthy and Bruce arians spoke publicly about wanting the job

  4. DanTheMan 1026

    Oh my god Colin is a complete idiot

    1. Browns fans deserve to have some fun and brag, haven’t had anything to be excited about for a long time. We literally have more wins this season than our last 3 seasons COMBINED.
    2. Yes we finished 3rd but it’s in a aging division and 80% of the browns roster are 26 and under. Steelers and Bengles most likely won’t be good next year and I’m sorry but I’m taking Baker over Lamar so…
    3. FREDDIE WAS CALLING ALL THE PLAYS ON OFFENSE YOU IDIOT. I agree William’s should have stayed on staff but come on. And William’s was never a head coach for that long either

    • Thomas Johnson

      You just completely proved his point, call people idiots, you take Baker over Lamar , even though Lamar actually won the division by not only beating Cleveland but some extremely difficult teams, and Cleveland has had one barely winning season(by virtue of a tie) and fans are ready to hold a super bowl parade. I guess enjoy it while it lasts.

    • DanTheMan 1026

      +Thomas Johnson LAMAR STARTED LIKE 6 GAMES oh my god dude you are an absolute idiot. How about come to me when your QB actually throws for more yards than he runs and when he can learn how to put together and speak a cohesive sentence then we’ll talk

    • DanTheMan 1026

      +Austin Pierce We had so many games we should have won this year. Oakland, Baltimore, even New Orleans. Your right though, if we had a decent kicker things may have turned out differently

    • Thomas Johnson

      ​+DanTheMan 1026 Um, yeah you know all Baltimore does is win consistently. You know 3 losing seasons in 20 years. But I guess it’s about stats, Lamar started 7 games and only loss in OT in KC in the regular season. But I am in idiot, enjoy your 8 win season, crotch grabbing Mayfield is sure to throw many more interceptions with the game on the line, but at least he will have 30 touchdowns and pass 35 times a game and get to head up his own reality show. When is third place parade?

    • DanTheMan 1026

      +Thomas Johnson your just mad we have the better team and QB

  5. Jorge Palomeque

    So Jason Garrett isn’t a in house hire?

  6. momoni90

    Colin is just a Jackass at his best

  7. Jacob Boss

    Im Happy to see as a community in the comment section no matter who team you root for, we can all agree that Colin is an Over Bloated, Air Headed idiot for a host as I grow tired of listening to this mans lazy media.

  8. Rupert Tyrer

    Hmm, I wonder how Mike Holmgren did when he took his first head coaching job with the packers…….

    • FlshingFools

      Freddie Kitchens
      Played QB…Check
      Molding QB….Check
      Never head coach at any level before Pros….Check
      It appears that these similarities confirm…..Freddie Kitchens is the next Mike Holmgren….
      Seriously if this coach has the locker room and it smart enough to have good assistants, who cares about experience.
      Coaches don’t play the players do. As long as Dorsey pumps out good draft picks and the coaches scheme the players success = Browns Super BOWL!!!

  9. Mark Green

    How is this clown still working?

    • Casey Harger

      Mark Green I was thinking the same thing lol. But then again we are here watching it. 😂

    • Doran Sutphin

      I give him a year at the most and it’s inevitable that he will be unemployed….too many contradictions!!!!!!!!!

  10. JimiIsTits

    i loved Gregg Williams but his defense was pretty shitty, if it wasnt for turnovers we wouldnt have won what we did. specifically his run defense

    • Chris Reynolds

      JimiIsTits part of Greg Williams Defense is turnovers look at the Saints D that won the Super bowl

  11. LIL TY G

    U can have the best coach ever but if the players dont follow him or want too the results wont be that good ,but it seems Cleveland loves Kitchens and will play hard for him SO GO CLEVELAND

  12. Brian Martinko

    I’ve lost all respect for this dude over the course of the season. Colin, you have replaced Skip Bayless as the most idiotic sports commentator in the world. congratulations.

  13. Colin for once in your life you are right. These coaches are old and it really doesn’t matter who the Browns would have hired, you would have been against it because of your hate for Baker Mayfield. Let’s take a look at every prediction you’ve made and you get something right, one out of ten times so I feel good you saying kitchens is a bust. You don’t need to have such a terrible opinion on everything. You are good at talking, not predicting sports. By the way, Kitchens has been under Bruce Arians and other great coaches for over 30 years.

  14. SteelCity MusicMan

    I’ve been saying this all along that the Browns need a new owner. Jimmy Haslam is a Tennessee guy. Although I’m a Steelers fan, I’m from Ohio and love the state and the Browns need an owner that’s passionate about Ohio and the Browns. It’s hard to believe in a Browns owner that’s always talking about Tennessee football which has nothing to do with Cleveland.

  15. Free Thinker

    why is it suddenly cool to hate on a team that hasnt done anything yet?

  16. TheFeezy777

    Denver will be back next season!!

  17. John Bailey

    I actually agree with him about kitchens, they really should have kept Williams and kitchens as OC, let em grow together,, why rush kitchens, couldn’t people see the leadership, competence, intelligence and personality that Gregg Williams has?. Williams definetly deserved a chance

    • Doran Sutphin

      What would happen if they left it the same with Williams as hc and they have a good year and make the playoffs then we will lose Kitchens to another team as a hc… that’s the only logical reason I can come up with…..

    • Doran Sutphin

      With everything that John Dorsey has accomplished in a year I can’t see doubting his decision now.

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