Bills vs. Patriots Week 16 Highlights | NFL 2018

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The Buffalo Bills take on the New England Patriots during Week 16 of the 2018 NFL season.

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#NFL #Bills #Patriots

Bills vs. Patriots Week 16 Highlights | NFL 2018

The Buffalo Bills take on the New England Patriots during Week 16 of the 2018 NFL season.

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#NFL #Bills #Patriots

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  1. Patriots 4life

    Where are the people who said the Patriots would lose.
    Yall went silent.
    That’s good

  2. Josue Tejada

    We all knew the Pats would win this and clinch the AFC East

  3. Pulpfiction

    According to the Patriots haters logic if the Patriots win that means they cheated or paid the refs but if they lose then the dynasty is over what irony lol.

  4. Why so serious ?

    Ain’t God good all the Patriots hate fueled a Pat’s win….. And St Nick beat the Texan’s.

    • Liftedbari

      Liberals Suck haha out of the playoffs Steelers are have fun in the offseason

    • Theodore Julien

      Pats vs eagles sb rematch remember this comment

    • Heichou Cleanmaster

      +Liftedbari that’s funny, the steelers Got Pounded from behind, the saints were the Helm.

    • What the hell would religion have to do with this….smh.

    • chris dube

      +Liberals Suck one win in God-knows-how-long.

      Let’s see them beat them when it MATTERS!

  5. SirBokChoySr

    Here before the haters try to discredit the AFC East champs (for the past 10 straight years).

    • Angel Valle

      You are a fool games aren’t guaranteed wins you earn wins and the pats beat whos on the schedule like every one else no excuses ! look up there win percentages vs other divisions if you think they only beat the afc east.

    • Sultru213 schmitt

      chris dube the bills were given a miracle to make the playoffs and the dolphins had one of the easiest schedules ever in a bad afc

    • Sultru213 schmitt

      Angel Valle they lost to the lions they’re a garbage team

  6. Ben Drescher

    Thoughts on the game:
    I am really starting to think Brady has some sort of injury that he’s keeping secret. He has not looked sharp at all.
    I’m really glad the first round bye is in our hands now.

    • chris dube

      +washburn11000 if the pats take care of business and the Chargers and Chiefs both lose (not likely admittedly) they get the #1 seed.

    • Mandalorian Legion

      he isn’t injured its called age and his time is running out.

    • Judy Noonan

      I’m a pats fan too, but you need to shut up about the Brady injury. Just like everyone else.

    • the Johnson's

      It’s called old age

  7. Shortest SB Champion QB

    Will there ever be another NFL dynasty like the Patriots? No
    Tom Brady = GOAT

    • Michael Jenkins

      +david gonzalez I know how you tom brady fan boys like to act like he won those super bowls by himself

    • david gonzalez

      +Michael Jenkins know I know that a quarter back can’t win with out team work only thin is that brady to me is the best clutch quarter back he play better under pressure

    • Michael Jenkins

      @UCisJBNxMR1bxCn3F6VjT6pg sounds like you don’t want to accept the fact that Brady is not good.if he played for a different team,he wouldn’t have 5 rings

    • Michael Jenkins

      +david gonzalez a clutch quarterback who lost to a backup quarterback in the super bowl.a clutch quarterback who has a losing record in denver

  8. Raid Pirate

    Laughing at those who picked the Bills in the preview video. XD

    Patriots for a league record 10th consecutive AFC EAST title. Before anyone says the Patriots are in an easy division, you the same people saying the Dolphins were winning the division after starting 3-0.

    Merry Christmas fellow Pats fans!

    • Karo French

      +Raid Pirate Nobody thought the Dolphins would win the division so shut up. I hope the Pats get pounded by the Chiefs or Ravens in the playoffs.

    • FreelanceXD

      Lmao what? People who picked the Bills where probably Bills fans for the most part who said that Miami would LOSE their next three games after starting 0-3, not win the division lmao.

    • Dhruv Raina

      Veniamin Timofey are you blind?

    • Dhruv Raina

      FreelanceXD ikr! Idk what they’re talking about

    • Nope. Yall ARE in the weakest division. And i never gave the dolphins any credit. Its miami come on now.

  9. Jose Salazar

    Pat’s fans couldn’t be more happy with the Eagles today

  10. SeahawksneedaSecondary rip

    Congrats to the Patriots for clinching their division for the tenth year in a row. Sony Michel looking better by the week.

  11. BeastMode 21

    Can’t believe I’m saying this but THANK YOU Nick Foles and the Eagles!!!

    -Sincerely A Happy Pats Fan

    • Tentative Russell

      +LS Chowdz Xx Oh you play on the Eagles?

    • Tom Brady Is The G.O.A.T

      BeastMode 21 defense will be playing bend but don’t break but pats offense is just not gonna cut it in the passing game. It feels like gronk and hogan don’t even play cuz they don’t get open. Brady’s best receiver is Edelman who is a 32 year old SLOT guy coming off an ACL injury lol.

    • LS Chowdz Xx

      Tentative Russell I’m a fan idiot

    • Tentative Russell

      +LS Chowdz Xx obviously, but you had nothing to do with it, idiot.

  12. blooneyful

    Been a Patriots fan for years, But I really do think that Tom’s time is about up. Look at the offensive play calling, they don’t want him passing the ball hardly ever. I really do hope that he goes out with his dignity intact and doesn’t think he can go another five years.

    • Alejandro Carter

      +The weekend Saturday Sunday don’t be a simpleton they don’t have a number one. They don’t have a deep threat

    • Sergio Velasco

      +Alejandro Carter Dorsett can but he’s got Butterfingers and Gronk’s acceleration is done so every time he goes deep he’s in triple coverage.

      We’re absolutely screwed which is why they’re primarily running the ball and dinking and dunking.

    • Marcos Papi

      Well…but if he got a knee injury doesnt matter how old he is…

    • illuminati

      he need better wr thats why

    • Sasha Tamara Keegan

      Tom Brady time isn’t up he is suffering with a knee injury how do you expect a injured person to play he’s taking it easy on himself a Patriots fan wouldn’t say that about Tom at all.

  13. Bacon CheeseBurger

    Lmfao where are the “when patriots lose America wins” people 😂😂😂😂…oh i know on suicide watch😂😂😂😂

    • charlie pastrami

      😁🤳 tell me a about it later I’m packing my bags for the superbowl 👍😂😂😂🤗🤗🤗

    • Killa Pat

      2k God23 HAHAHAHHA L

    • Killa Pat

      2k God23 can you hold that for me

    • Killa Pat

      2k God23 please understand you are the dumbest person I’ve seen comment even after saying the pats not making it bahaha

  14. John kesil

    I’m a Bill’s fan, but some fans are just ridiculous, Allen for one is a rookie that has not seen BB at home at all, BB is one of the best brains in the NFL, people need to be realistic, a rookie going to play the Patriots at home for the first time, not too smart to talk yet, maybe after the draft and free agency, Brady is old as hell but still Brady, maybe his body is failing him but not his mind, can still exploit teams, oh BB too, knew we would lose, did Netflix

    • chris dube

      The kids going to be a good one. The Bills made the playoffs last year and have come excruciatingly close on many other occasions. I’d love to see you guys win another game or two a year… just not against us.

    • chris dube

      +Ryan Heard Mahomes is not a rookie. He sat a year behind Alex Smith and had time to learn the Chiefs offense, study film on opposing defenses, and the pro defense schemes in general. It’s a huge leg up.

    • Mandalorian Legion

      +Ryan Heard the rookie struggles because of his support around him. Look at mahomes. He has the best offensive weapons in the league… Jackson hasn’t done amazing just average at best. Allen has the worst o line and one of the worst receiving cores in the league. Not to mention he has no run game to speak of. Its not the coaching its more of the help on the field then anything else. Mahomes would struggle if he was on the bills with the andy reid as his coach I guarantee it. Coaching has a huge factor on success but this is a coach that just put the bills into the playoffs last year. Cant say the coach sucks with the type of roster he has.

    • Mandalorian Legion

      +Ryan Heard don’t call people idiots for speaking an opinion.

  15. mickser101

    16 AFC East titles for Brady and Belichick, simply incredible.

    • Jam The GEM-collector

      ​+Charlotte Haggerty like no. look at the replies on how the east was good and if you mean the conference, since 2000 the AFC have won 11/18 world titles

    • Charlotte Haggerty

      +Jam The GEM-collector I did… 11/18 is only 2 more than the NFC and 5 of those went to the Pats. The east wasn’t good. Even this year with Josh Allen and Darnold (future franchise QB’s). The pats needed to beat the Bills AND Jets to get a bye/ win the division. Brady through for a 40.5 passer rating and the pats STILL BEAT THE BILLS. Brady played the Jets where they only put up 3 POINTS and had WIDE OPEN players the whole game (believe me, I watched and it was painful). This is just another example of how easy he has had it.

    • Jam The GEM-collector

      +Charlotte Haggerty Maybe this year but the east has produced good non pats teams. Like the jets in 09′ and 10′. the division is not trash and the afc has had consistent good teams like the steelers, colts (manning era), broncos (manning era) and other teams like the ravens, it ain’t easy staying good enough to win 16 conference titles in this league in this era. And hell this season they beat teams like the colts, Texans, bears and chiefs. 16 titles is unbelievable in 18 years AND they are still goin strong.

    • Charlotte Haggerty

      +Jam The GEM-collector it is incredible but don’t overstimate how good the east was… exactly the Jets were decent 2 years and look what happened! The patriots did not have nearly the success! Other than that, literally every team every other year was not good. If they were in any other division, they would not be nearly as successful

    • Jam The GEM-collector

      +Charlotte Haggerty But keep in mind the 2009-2010 pats were probably when we were weakest in the dynasty. Moss was on his way out, no gronk. It was also the weird mid section when we didn’t have veterans like bruschi or law but also to young to have guys like mccorty or hightower. And Tommy was just of the ACL tear. and the reason they beat us was that for the time rex was real good at dealing with Tom and beating bill’s defence.

  16. Pancak3s12

    This win is for Josh Gordon get well soon 🙏🏼

  17. These Tom Brady interceptions are making me mad. 6 of the 11 this year have actually been Tom’s fault, the rest have been well thrown balls that BOUNCE OFF THE RECEIVERS HANDS!!😡 Then the haters (looking at you max and Shannon) say he’s in sharp decline this year because of his TD/INT ratio smh

    • Eli The L Giver

      But it’s somewhat true, he is not what he was before. He was terrible today

    • Shawn Sanders

      That one to Gronk today is in fact a perfect example. Is he playing at a MVP level like normal? no. Is he still a very good QB? Yes. I think he might be injured as well. I can promise you this though. He will take a ugly win all day vs a statistically good game but a loss. That’s what separates the G.O.A.T. from the Aaron Rodgers’ of the world.

    • hotchowder

      I hope he proves them and all of the doubters wrong.

    • Julian PEDelman

      Theres talk that he might be playing on an injured MCL. Brady has denied it so far.

    • John Adams

      mcruz, not to mention that one of his INT the guy caught the ball, took 1-2 steps , had it stripped out, and they still called it an interception. that was stupid as hell

  18. We need to draft a new TE this year. I love Gronk but he’s just a shell of himself this year

    • steve clapper

      his foot speed just isn’t there.

    • Leo Sheetz

      Uh what game were you watching? Brady was a shell of himself in this game. He couldn’t get a single long pass going. Relied on hand offs and field goal kicks. Got picked off as well. Threw wide waaaaaay too many times on this. That is not how you play to get to the super bowl.

    • +Leo Sheetz He’s playing with a MCL INJURY,Gronk dropped the ball, and Rex ran the wrong route 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Zachary Madden

      +Leo Sheetz Finally, someone who actually watched the game….Brady was way off, but to be fair the Bills have one of the best Secondary’s in football. They are 2nd in total defense, and 1st (by alot) in Passing Defense. Many QB’s have struggled against Buffalo this year. With that said, Brady deff looked old to me along with Gronk. Didn’t matter cause they cremated us with the run game….but it could matter in the Playoffs.

    • kennycunha

      Players that play that smash mouth style don’t last long. He needs to retire because the guy isn’t going to be able to walk or simply just get out of bed. Dudes going to be on pain medication the rest of his life.

  19. Gold Pyramid

    FEB 2018 – Eagles, i hate you.
    DEC 2018 – Eagles, thank you.

    • Connor The Star Wars fan

      Lol ikr 😂😂😂😂😂. But we still have to beat the jets next week and the way we been playing don’t be shocked if an upset occurs

    • project awesome

      Connor Whitaker do you really think the jets are gonna win really?! that’s so stupid

    • project awesome
      Why are people thanking eagles… I haven’t been watching NFL so idk

    • Connor The Star Wars fan

      Because the Texans were the 2 seed and the eagles beat them meaning the patriots and Texans have the same record but bc the pats beat the Texans earlier this season the pats get the tie breaker

  20. Joey Scott

    Even though the Patriots lost to the Steelers last week, they’re still getting the last laugh on them because the Patriots are in the playoffs and the Steelers are out.

    • The Machine

      Titan Master Race don’t be so sure about that

    • If the Steelers beat the Bengals next week, they still have a chance via 1 of 2 paths:
      1) Ravens lose to the Browns = Steelers win the AFC North.
      2) Ravens beat the Browns, but the Colts and Titans tie = Steelers clinch the #6 seed on tiebreakers.

    • Joey Scott

      It would be nice but I think the Steelers season is over.
      It’s a shame after having high hopes for it to end this way.

    • Kendall Snell

      +Titan Master Race Com’on ravens

    • Mark Symbala


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