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Billie Eilish – bury a friend (Lyrics)

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Billie Eilish – bury a friend (Lyrics)

Listen to “bury a friend":

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Lyric video for "bury a friend" by Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish - bury a friend (Lyrics)

Billie Eilish - bury a friend (Lyrics)

Listen to “bury a friend":

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Lyric video for "bury a friend" by Billie Eilish

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  1. Central Vibes


    • BTS Army

      Mom I am not scared of Billie Eilllish so don’t worry
      Also me:911 I need u someone under my bed I dunno who is singing

    • Jesus Pabon

      The video on spotify scared me cuz it was just this creepy girl with black eyes for this song.

    • Jane Doe

      They were sloppy. Easy to get out.

    • Princess Washington

      Central Vibes you write lyrics too

  2. Cutie Mushroom

    DAMN bro fr Billie is the dopest teenager i’ve seen

    • Cricii Pyro

      +Anaa I I get where you’re coming from, but its important to understand why these people are going against you (in some ways, rather “aggressive”)
      They look up to Billie and your opinion makes it look like she’s isn’t what she says she is, which can make some people a bit angry.
      BUT were all allowed to have opinions, so voice your opinion all you want. Just dont be suprised when people get mad

    • Zex Sin he is 18 🤦‍♂️

    • AestheticAverie

      Kira Nya they didn’t say anything about her being deep actually

    • Cricii Pyro thank you thank you finally someone🙏🏻❤️

    • Sophia Saeger

      +Zex Sin lil pump is NOTHING compared to BILLIE👑

  3. Cutie Mushroom

    ŴĦ¥ Δ؀ҒŦ ¥ØỮ ŞĆΔ؀РØ₣ Μ€?

    ŴĦ¥ ĐØ ¥ØỮ ĆΔŘ€ ₣ØŘ Μ€?


  4. leilaaa.

    ´when the partys over´ and ´bellyache´ had a baby i guess

  5. ariania Voorhees

    When we all fall asleep Puerto Rico

  6. deadflowerz

    friend’s? buried
    wig? snatch
    Billie? Eilish
    Ance? Cleared
    Depression? Gone
    Cancer? Cured
    I wanna? End Me
    Hotel? Trivago

  7. Shay Liváno

    i doubt anyone will take the time to read this but I’m hoping at least one person will…

    my name is Shay Liváno, i’m an 18 year old upcoming singer chasing a dream, i want to sing more than anything in this world and it’s so hard to get some recognition on here, but i post covers of my favourite songs on my channel🔥🎙☁️

    i know i have a long way to go but i’m planning to release some lit songs and albums in the near future but i need your support to get me there and get me noticed, please give me a chance and just 3 minutes of your time to listen to my videos and let me know what you think, every single view, like and comment means so much, we’re nearly at 21,000 fans!🥳

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  8. Angel ASMR

    Her songs are getting super dark

  9. Dario D'aversa

    This song is lovely and it sounds great on piano 🎹

    • ØmgUrØnFire

      Siti Aminah I really hope you are trolling 😂

    • Reagan c

      I feel like this is pun but siti is going along and the others arent gettin it or they are actually just slightly dumb

    • Kryptic Guy

      “Step on the glass
      Staple your tongue
      Bury a friend
      Cannibal class
      Killing the sun
      Bury a friend”
      Indeed is very lovely

    • Wig Snatched

      I really like “when we all fall asleep , where do go”

    • Gaunjee Major

      yall dont understand sarcasm , Billie has a song called “lovely”.
      Siti was making a joke, duh

  10. Karlei_ frog

    “Billie come here, listen careful” is the exact order and the only words the guy says😱😂🔪

    • Feather Fox

      angellovesBTS can you just leave me alone

    • Karlei_ frog

      angellovesBTS well I really truly hope that you get better, and I agree ✌🏽🧐🤔

    • Karlei_ frog

      angellovesBTS and even how she says “I wanna end me.” I’m scared😪🤔

    • Olivia Arends

      I don’t know I listen to this every night and since this song as out and I have been listening to the t I wake up crying or screaming

    • Bubble-ish Tea

      Dani Tapia im concerned for Billie because “I wanna end me”

  11. Jono Nguyen

    BILLE EILISH- Bury a friend

  12. My playlist on shuffle
    kill all your friends
    Bury a friend
    Dead to me
    Me: *what*

  13. Srap Trap

    Can someone explain the deeper meaning of this song?

  14. ᗰIᗪᑎIGᕼT ᗯᗩᒪK •x•

    Ok actually though… “When we all fall asleep, where do we go?”

    I’ve been screwing all day, answer this, someone?

    • You go to Spongebob land

    • Luna Sanchez

      You either go to hell or heaven idk

    • ThatOneRandomFlyingPig :/

      Inside our own minds. Our dreams are either what we think about right before we go to sleep or something that we have experienced that has shaken us to the core or made us question our beliefs. Except it does not show these things directly most time, it reinterprets them. For example, my biggest fear is my loved ones will betray me, I’ve gotten the same dream multiple times that my friends and family stab me repeatedly and I back up until I fall off a cliff.

    • himasikta

      +ThatOneRandomFlyingPig :/ whoa whoa! 👏

    • froopyland

  15. Nathan Birdman

    this song makes me panic and calm at the same time

  16. The Groovy Guitar Dude

    For anyone who wants to play this on guitar, here’s how 🙂

    – Standard Tuning – Capo 3rd Fret –

    – Structure Of The Song –
    Chorus, Verse 1, Bridge, Chorus, Verse 2, Verse 3*, Bridge, Chorus

    – Strum Pattern Used Through ENTIRE SONG –
    ↓↓ (x4 quickly) Palm Muted for each chord!

    – Chorus and Verse 3 Chords –
    Em, Am, Bm7, Em

    – What To Play For Everything Else –
    During all of the Verses (besides the 3rd) and the Bridges, there is no guitar, only drums and a little bass. If you want to play something on guitar in those places, you can hang out on Em and use the same strum pattern as above!

    Hope this helps you out! If you get stuck or need a little extra help, I just posted a video lesson for this on my channel!

  17. Don’t press read more

    Thanks 😂 your 2019 will be the best year ever. Lïkê this comment and śubsçribe to accept.

  18. Derpy_llama Exe

    This isn’t a song. It’s a damn horror speech. Literally.

  19. Shadow Music

    *Where are you from?*

  20. mia rodriguez

    i thought that bird was a spec of dirt on my screen HISYGDGJXAGHHAHHAHHAHA

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