Ariana Grande – thank u, next (Lyrics)

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  1. SyrebralVibes

    *Who else cried a little when she talked about Mac?* 😭

  2. Floortje van Marrewijk


    It’s herself right?

  3. Yugvijay

    She is so open with the names and everything. I appreciate this song so much. And we love you Ariana. You’re inspirational and beautiful.

    • Febrian PM

      +Faizeh Javed because Taylor songs is full of anger and so much drama, bashing to all of her ex and haters, like a teengirl who just broke from 2 months relationship. But Ariana song is more positive, is a song about greatfull and said that all of her pain is not to make anger but to learn and make her being a great mature woman

    • Haechon's mAshmelous

      10 likes, I will tell my crush I love him..

    • Kenken83 OCAMPO

      Yugvijay jutay

    • Paula U.T. Nkomo

      She, s my role model, she, s a strong inspirational darling

    • Paula U.T. Nkomo

      Ohhhh she, s so strong l mean like after breaking up with all her exs she goes to write a song dedicated to , em ncaaw it hurts though .Ariana l heart you so much bunny , you are my role model

  4. Vivian Lawrence

    The worst thing is that Malcom died thinking ari was gonna marry pete😭

  5. Gamer Taylor playz msp

    2018 = thank you next

    2019 = now lets wait till we say thank you next to you but for now

  6. summa4940

    I can tell that she wrote this song from her heart 🙂

  7. French Chic

    Bacon eggs
    Bacon eggs
    Bacon eggs
    I’m so thankful for my eggs
    Bacon eggs
    Bacon eggs
    Bacon eggs

  8. Cashier: Thank you, next.

  9. Jennifer MakesEdits

    “Cause he was a angel” 😭😭

  10. marcus nelson

    I have a challenge for y’all. When you go to a store when the cashier says thank you next START SINGING THE REST OF THE LYRICS 😂

  11. Corbyns Gt

    Phone battery
    100%=One taught me love
    20%=One taught me patience
    1%=One taught me pain

  12. Millie Moo

    everybody looks at Ariana grande and thinks “OMG IT’S ARIANA GRANDE” so am I the only one who looks at her and thinks “OMG IT’S CAT VALENTINE” ?????????????

  13. Shay Liváno

    i doubt anyone will take the time to read this but I’m hoping at least one person will…

    my name is Shay Liváno, i’m an 18 year old upcoming singer chasing a dream, i want to sing more than anything in this world and it’s so hard to get some recognition on here, but i post covers of my favourite songs on my channel🔥🎙☁️

    i know i have a long way to go but i’m planning to release some lit songs and albums in the near future but i need your support to get me there and get me noticed, please give me a chance and just 3 minutes of your time to listen to my videos and let me know what you think, every single view, like and comment means so much, we’re nearly at 21,000 fans!🥳

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    thanks so much, i look forward to reading your comments♡🔥🎙

  14. Anindo Bagchi

    “Wish i could say thank u to Malcolm”
    I coudn’t stop the tears from falling

  15. SyrebralVibes

    *Which country y’all listening from?* 💖

    ⚡ Instagram:

  16. Heidi Williamson [Cimarron-Memorial HS]

    i know no one will read this but
    have a great day !!!!!!!!

  17. Pablito Mosquito

    I dont care if its girly ima bump this if i wanna bump it

  18. AriPotter

    (Hermione’s version)
    Thought I’d end up with Krum but he wasn’t my match.
    Wrote some songs about Harry now I listen and laugh
    Even almost got married oh for Ron I’m so thankful
    Wish I could say thank you to Draco cause he was a great angle (to punch from)
    One taught me to dance
    One taught me friendship
    One taught me pain
    Now I have better hair

    Loved and I’ve lost.
    But that’s not what I see
    Look what I got
    Look what I taught you
    And for that I say

    Thank you next book
    Thank you next book
    Thank you next book
    I’m so bloody thankful for my book
    Thank you book
    Thank you book
    I’m so bloody—

    Spend my time with my books
    I know everything
    Plus I got a new book!
    I’m having better knowledge

    I know they say I read to fast
    Yeah this one last
    Cause it’s title is Romeo and Juliet
    It taught me love?
    It taught me some words
    It handles pain (me throwing it)
    That’s so amazing
    Said turned the pages
    But that’s not what I see
    Look what I got
    Look it’s a paper cut

    And for all that I say
    Screw you page
    Screw you page
    Screw You page
    I wish they would dull the page
    Screw you page
    Screw you page
    I wish they would—

    One day I’ll walk down the library
    Holding hands with my book
    I’ll be think bout pages
    Cause I grew from the drama

    I only read books real fast
    Won’t make it last
    God forbid something happens
    Least the book is proof.

    Got so much grammar
    Got so much intelligence
    Learned from the book
    Knew it was amazing

    I’ve loved and I’ve lost?
    But that’s not what I see
    Look it’s a book!
    Look I am reading and for that I say

    Thank you book
    Thank you book
    Thank you book
    I’m so bloody thankful for my book
    Thank you book
    Thank you book
    Thank you book
    *and so on*

    (Oh and no disrespect to Hermione. Just thought this was so dang funny!)

  19. Maria Prangate

    Love? Ariana Grande
    Pain? Ariana Grande
    Amazing? Ariana Grande
    Hotel? Trivago

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