Ariana Grande – 7 Rings – Miranda Sings Cover

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  1. I Am Jeffrey

    I see the thumbnail
    I like it , I press it

  2. cmodplays

    Anyone else notice the babies feet in the right corner of the screen in this video?

  3. Hollie Evans

    Who saw the baby feet?? 😂

  4. *put this on iTunes pls*

  5. Saira 1234

    Who saw Flynn in the backround. Uuggghh i cant get over his cute feet!!!😍😍😍

  6. Gracie Official

    I wonder what Flynn thinks…

    Flynn’s mind: What _IS_ my mother doing..?

  7. Adrianna Ochang

    1:02 “ *wearing a ring but I don’t need a mrs. Find myself matching 6 of my DOGGS* “

  8. The baby was wearing her red pants

  9. Katelin Fisher

    Flynn in ten years
    Flynn: mom, what is this
    Colleen: Haha ummmmm

  10. I wonder if her son will remember this in the future.

    • Zil. The Weirdo!

      He won’t. A kid can not remember from 0 to the age of 4 or they can between those ages but after 4, it will only be bits of it

  11. Alloy Sammy

    Ariana has left the chat…

    This is much better than Ariana Grande 7 rings

  12. Pigmallow Corner

    🌈99% of people won’t hit read more

    for the 1% of people who see this, I hope you’ve had an amazing day and year so far, and good luck in the rest of 2019. I know fame doesn’t happen overnight, but i’m trying my hardest to become a successful youtuber😭😞, wish me luck.

    • Sokunpanha Sen

      Pigmallow Corner good luck💖

    • Little Sunny

      I subbed cuz I really like your cute squishies content! Maybe you could try adding music (like royalty-free) to your videos and maybe have squishie reviews or something! I feel like people (such as myself) would like being able to know more about what the products are like and what kinds of squishies would be best for them!

    • Unicorn Vlogers

      I am one of the 99% of people who didn’t press read more….

      Jk jk jk jk 😂 lol

    • Mohammad Abu Safieh

      Pigmallow Corner thanks ur amazing

    • Abbie Cleary

      Thank you

  13. Balletgirl101lol Harper

    She about to kick that baby in the face 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  14. [] Addie YT []

    I wonder how many times she had to redo this because Flynn Cried

  15. I was actually scared she was gonna kick the baby

  16. Karla Rios

    True talent over here.

  17. Candy Gamer

    Her *gloss* really is *popping* though

  18. Gacha Poatao

    0:37 that’s the dance I do when it’s Friday

  19. Rese Lenhard

    She didn‘t even learn the lyrics😂

  20. King & Queen Chapter

    Her babies feet
    He’s like Mommy wth are you doing??

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