Apex Legends hands-on preview: Shot while restoring shield

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Dean Takahashi of GamesBeat plays a round of Apex Legends, the new battle royale game from Titanfall maker Respawn and Electronic Arts. More Gibraltar gameplay. Dean gets shot while restoring his shield. Oops.

Apex Legends hands-on preview: Shot while restoring shield

Dean Takahashi of GamesBeat plays a round of Apex Legends, the new battle royale game from Titanfall maker Respawn and Electronic Arts. More Gibraltar gameplay. Dean gets shot while restoring his shield. Oops.

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  1. mrdannkyy

    Is it free?

  2. Ken Kirwin

    No Jumpkits, bunnyhops, OR Titans? This is not Titanfall.

    • Tony Lawliet

      It’s set in the same universe as Titanfall but no Titans according to Vince Zampella

    • Ingenium

      Weird it’s not called titanfall… you act like they tricked you

    • Afro Shinobi

      +Ken Kirwin you just contradicted yourself. You acknowledge that it’s a spinoff yet still complain about it not being Titanfall (which it isn’t) either you’re trolling or just an idiot.

    • Ken Kirwin

      +Afro Shinobi I know it’s a spinoff, I’m upset that it means that Titanfall 3 is no longer in development. The Titanfall community was looking forward to the next game, but it was scrapped for this garbage, which isn’t even Titanfall.

    • In fact, it’s Apex.

  3. TobyPriceHD

    No titans. No wall running. No double jump. No white males. Final destination

    • Daniel Hall

      that’s why its not called Titanfall 3. because this is not Titanfall, it is just in the same universe

    • VanityManatee

      ​+Computer Curry “diversity is our strength” only on the exterior, diverse skin and hair colors, on the inside you’re all the same shallow white knights.

    • Taelan Baylor

      “No white males” omg you win.

    • Computer Curry so less white people is what you actually mean.

    • Lost Race

      You guys cant be in everything damn lol


    Ok….so this is set in the Titan Fall universe ?

    It’s gotta be . I recognize these weapons from
    Titan Fall 2.

    • Austin Tuck

      +Ken Kirwin well im sorry for you man but thats EA for ya they like cancelling so many games. And i haven’t play any battle royale in a while i got bored of those as well all I’ve play in the past couple of months has been rdr2 and a couple of other singleplayer games.

    • Ken Kirwin

      +Austin Tuck Agreed. ‘Tis the way of the industry nowadays. Titanfall was the last multiplayer franchise I had hope in. I feel you, I’ve been sticking to single player games lately, there’s just more honesty and less greed there (with some exceptions, obviously)

    • Austin Tuck

      +Ken Kirwin yea and I’ve always been a singleplayer guy cause i just prefer to play a game without people screaming in my ear but i have a couple of multiplayer games that i like to play.

    • Ken Kirwin

      +Austin Tuck yepp same, single player is better. When I do play multiplayer, step one is mute everyone in the lobby.

    • Austin Tuck

      +Ken Kirwin yea thats what i do in a public lobby and when im in a group of friends its hard to hear the game.

  5. Austin Griffith

    Who is this playing? Jesus. Shoot something please.

  6. Edgar Allan Poon

    So it is supposed to be a Titanfall game, but it includes literally none of the staples of the Titanfall franchise? This is literally just another EA cash grab, and pretty much a Blackout knock off. Such a Shame, this could have been something new, unique, and refreshing.

    • +Monk Man well I just play with my friends and we mess around we don’t really take anything serious so

    • llamabird

      His particular game adopts many features that for example Titanfall 2 had. For example the crosshairs, smoothness, weapons, graphics. It not supposed to be a “Titanfall” game in the first place anyways.

    • Edgar Allan Poon

      +Emmanuel Caraballo Because that is irrelevant. PUBG and Blackout are both BR’s but they are pretty different in terms of polish and feel. This game is more in the high polished style of Blackout and less in the shitty style of PUBG.

    • Jackie Thomas

      +llamabird exactly it’s a decent game from the looks. Awesome graphics and finally a free br game in first person. I hated fortnites shitty camera angles.

    • llamabird

      Jackie Thomas my only worry is that they make the loot crates purchasable through micro transactions because you unlock different heroes through them. It’ll make the game pay to win, unfortunately since it EA it might happen

  7. Levi Combs

    Game looks trash

  8. Mark Dellinger

    This preview is god awful. Guy acts like he’s never played a game before.

    • Vince Mussurici

      Looks at the ground everywhere he runs.

    • Spaceman24

      Vince Mussurici Don’t wanna trip do ya

    • LucasMakade

      +Spaceman24 LMFAO

    • Jay Braun

      He basically got carried the whole time and ran away when he got shot at, and didnt know the guys were right in front of him, maybe fired like 5 shots the whole game….my 10 year old nephew would school this guy in any fps

  9. 42crazyguy

    I have never actually been mad at a game reveal before, but literally everything about this has my blood boiling.

    • I played it today it’s fun but everyone has their own opinion so just ignore me

  10. Yogi Destruct

    Oh this is the guy that couldn’t figure out the cuphead tutorial… why do you let him play games for videos like this? Impossibly boring.

  11. Spencer Weith

    This has to be some of the most garbage game-play I’ve ever seen. Have you played a video game before?

  12. Lonely Owl

    This gameplay is god awful…

  13. GiUsTiNo WaH

    So… just pubg? You can’t double jump, do things…

    • Brandon Lirio

      last i checked pubg doesnt have weapon modifiers aside from sights or abilites.

    • GiUsTiNo WaH

      Brandon Lirio ok… but I wanted a game similar to titanfall 🙁

  14. MisterMastadon

    Jesus has this guy ever played on PC? I can’t watch this, it’s triggering me.

  15. Joe Steinmetz

    Is this dude using a CB radio as a mic?

  16. More proof that game journos arent gamers. This guy needs to go back to playing Candy Crush.

  17. Jeremy Reynolds

    Maybe I’ll go read a good book instead

  18. ProctusOfSeven

    Whoever played this like this is boring as hell

  19. Why is this trending in the ‘news’ section? Lol

  20. Thomas Brady

    HOW is this news?

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