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Apex Legends – Gameplay Overview Trailer

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Check out the brand new characters and their unique abilities in the just-released battle royale game from the creators of Titanfall.

7 Best Apex Legends Tips Every Player Should Know:

How Apex Legends Monetization Works:

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Apex Legends - Gameplay Overview Trailer

Check out the brand new characters and their unique abilities in the just-released battle royale game from the creators of Titanfall.

7 Best Apex Legends Tips Every Player Should Know:

How Apex Legends Monetization Works:

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  1. Lawbreakers/titanfall.

  2. Wacky Ditto

    Oooo this is sexy. respawn you fiends keep it up!

  3. atomicbrain9401

    I won’t play unless all of these characters are confirmed LGBTQ+ in their lore and it’s canon.

  4. Tituss Lopes

    Its EA its not going to kill fortnite

    • stunclips

      epic games is a flop they had luck with fortnite

    • ItsJustMeJohn !!!

      Can’t kill what’s already dead

    • Resident Villain

      +ItsJustMeJohn !!! fortnite isnt even close to being dead

    • +Resident Villain Do you know despite having millions of users registered, EPIC throw in every match a bunch of bots? Registered players doesn’t = actual players playing the game.

    • Epic Games makes the unreal engine, hardly a flop…

  5. Duy Nguyen

    How is a character already a fan favorite if the first trailer just came out?

  6. JC Denton

    it’s time for fornite to kick the bucket because there’s a new battle royal king in town


    • JC Denton

      +Ryukenn but sense I’ve already realized that before you made your comment i didn’t have to be reminded of that

    • +JC Denton Since*, and just because its made by EA doesn’t mean its doomed to fail. There is a demographic that will eat up whatever is battle royale. It will die the same month it peaks in popularity.

    • Aliquid Gaming

      +JC Denton you’re the type of kid that just rides gate trains and influenced by outrage culture. You don’t help the industry at all

    • JC Denton

      Aliquid Gaming
      says you

  7. whaddup_goose

    I can already smell the micro transactions

  8. Teen Sonic

    This looks solid

    • ANIME x RICE

      It does but a lot of this is recycled, like the weapons, animations, ability’s and even sound effects, hopefully the game isn’t riddled with micro transactions but for not it seems like a quick cash grab for me

  9. Marcel Gehrmann

    i hope they not cancelt titanfall III for this !

    • PinkPandamanz

      It’s not gonna happen

    • Marcel Gehrmann

      PinkPandamanz so no titanfall |||?

    • Buckaroo Banzai

      Marcel Gehrmann this a third respawn team that made this. TF 3 is still confirmed to be in development

    • Buckaroo Banzai kotaku just did an article saying TF3 is no longer in the works? I’ll take it with a grain of salt till I get more info.

    • Brad Neece

      They were never making it. This is the Titanfall game they’ve been working on these last 2 years. Currently Titanfall 3 is not in development. This info is taken directly from a quote spoken by a respawn developer I’m still holding out hope, though

  10. JocularSolid

    Those guns are actual titanfall guns

    • Crystalkeeper10

      I’d be so happy if mastiffs are in it too

    • Michael Young

      Lexyfamous Gaming i think it does take place somewhat during titan fall, it’s like a bit of a mix between borderlands/Titan Fall, Either That…I Think Their A Tad Creative Tbh

    • Lexyfamous Gaming

      +Michael Young Yeah, i agree, but still it looks fun at least and interesting. I’m just a little tired of fortnite.

    • Aliquid Gaming

      It takes place In the Titanfall universe

  11. Grade E quality

    Lol they scrapped titanfall 3 for this crap?

    • Michael Young

      David Haggart
      Could be obviously true, but don’t forget…it could still happen!

    • Michael Young

      David Haggart which one? The fallen order or?

    • Apex gaming

      +Jeebus23 i dont trust kotaku so I think you shouldn’t trust them either

    • Woody Dragonest

      Kotaku are a bunch of attention seekers, I wouldn’t believe it until there are actual confirmation

  12. Jake Roberts

    Probably the best use of old assets in a game.

  13. SnipeCrew Games

    I want titanfall 3 sorry

  14. Mr Cupcake

    I actually hope this becomes a success.

    • piergiorgio caroli

      Well if it’s successful Titanfall 3 will get closer i guess. Or better.

    • CrypticVibezzz

      +Anthony Morima jr it’s not that genius. It’s just that it’s everywhere and getting shoved down our throats.

    • Anthony Morima jr

      +CrypticVibezzz I feal like it’s easy to avoid

    • dont end fortnite, it is the best game I don’t play, all the children play that game and keep them away from the games I Actually enjoy!

  15. Black Buu

    Seems like everybody likes punching everybody in the face lol

    • isimi kehinde

      I thought I was they only one that noticed that 😂

    • Melee hits takes 25% off the target’s health bar. You pick up shields that can be used while you are “bleeding out” to buy time for your team mates to come and rescue. These shields eats a lot of bullets, but you can either, punch through the shield or use a Finisher to defeat your target. Finishers are done via a “mini cinematic animations” and you can get cucked while performing it so the way to go is to finish your target off with melee strikes.

  16. PandaVengeance

    Still rather have Titanfall 3 but I guess this will have to do for now sadly. 😭

    • Nejc titanfall 2 servers are still full. Still playing every night

    • Michael Young

      Eloy R that’s because it’s still has its originality left.

    • blueph03n1Xx

      +Nejc I really just think it was slept on. I still play titan fall 2 multiplayer today. It’s really really fun compared to these other fps out rn. And I like it better than black ops 3 tbh. Really think the movement and cool guns really made titan fall 2 fun. Not many games pull off a well futuristic fps.

    • blueph03n1Xx

      +Ariyan Samad that’s my name. Lol

  17. Spiral Power

    5:01 Naruto😂

  18. AllThingsInfamous

    I want Titanfall 3 instead

    • Jake Hodgson

      They announced that titanfall 3 is cancelled today at the same time this game launched.

    • RPGhost 1776

      +Jake Hodgson why did they cancelled it ? Or did they mean they’re putting it on hold ?

    • Biggle Boy Fleming

      You guys thought about it if we didn’t have fortnite we’d be having Titanfall 3

  19. 417 Digital Studios

    Interviewer: so EA what inspired to make APEX LEGENDS right next to PUBG, FORTNITE AND BLACKOUT?

    EA: MONEY!

  20. I love how everyone is saying omg this will kill fortnite this is ea we are talking about you know the guys who made battlefront 2!

    • Nerdy Fox

      Uh ea didnt “Make Battlefront 2” (Facepalm)

    • 100 videos no subs

      +Nerdy Fox no, but ea owns the company who made it. An ea company

    • Klark Griswold

      Battlefront 2 is the best looking Star Wars game ever made I don’t get the hate for it. It has free dlc as well. The internet is weird.

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