Apex Legends Battle Royal First Look /w DrDisrespect

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#SponsoredByApex #ApexPartner
Download for free on PC, Xbox, and PS4 here:

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► Andersson – Custom Track

♦ Producer/Director/Lighting: Alex
♦ Co-Assistant Producer:
♦ Co-Assistant Editor:

Apex Legends Battle Royal First Look /w DrDisrespect

#SponsoredByApex #ApexPartner
Download for free on PC, Xbox, and PS4 here:

♦ Instagram:
♦ Twitch:
♦ Twitter:

► Andersson - Custom Track

♦ Producer/Director/Lighting: Alex
♦ Co-Assistant Producer:
♦ Co-Assistant Editor:

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  1. Ryan Flesher

    I hope Titanfall 3 goes with a more militaristic look like Titanfall 2

    Apex Legends is set in the Titanfall universe but not as militaristic. Understandable because the characters in this game are civilians

    • Hatchy HD

      And its Free!!!

    • ShionShinigami

      Yes. We need more military shooters, because we are getting only about 50 per year. 😲😲😲

    • Theyre making a star wars game lmao get over it. why would they make a third installment for a series that didn’t sell well? I know it was scheduled suicide but still didn’t sell well. Not getting a titanfall 3 ANY time in the next 6 year lol

    • Ryan Flesher

      0Tyson0 Soylo A Soy Wars Story lost around 80 million dollars and yet tons of Star Wars content is still getting made. Plus if they didn’t wanna make another installment in a series that didn’t sell well, then why does Apex Legends even exist?

  2. Edward Dem Powa

    I was there. The stream. The action. The VIOLENCE! THIS IS AAA

  3. Big Poppa

    You were in a game with Nick Eh 30 and Sancho West and they died right before you became the champion


    It’s pretty fun, too bad there is no solo mode

  5. TheWeeblenator

    Needs a solo mode.

  6. Khalil Atoui

    Yo i just heard about this,dowloaded it and it already looks 10 times better than fortnite

  7. Voodooprince

    The art style reminds me of Borderlands mixed with Halo.

  8. Comander555666

    The Doc could make you want everything haha

  9. 38 inch vertical leap…. 6’8 beast made of pure titanium, SPEED. MOMENTUM. VIOLENCE.

  10. Kristina Zottoli

    If you wondering how is the summit of Mt Everest… just look the DOC STREAM AND ENJOY THE VIEW! Hey Champions Club! 😆😆😆

    • Alan Garcia

      Crazy thing about the summit of Everest is that it’s only halfway up to where the Doc’s going.

    • Begone thot

    • Adventurous Athleticism

      If you’re real you’re beautiful..

    • Ninja Sasquatch

      +Adventurous Athleticism What’s your goal here? You think by commenting that, it will make her panties wet and she’ll PM you her address? Just curious…?

  11. Saferi 44

    The intro trailer reminded me of Overwatch and CODBO4 .

  12. 2buckChuck

    Give it a week and he’ll be uninstalling claiming it to be the worst battle royal.

    • lol he won’t even play it anymore cause his sponsorship runs out.

    • Edwin Diaz

      He’ll play it for 2 months then say “this game is terrible, poorly programmed, poorly executed” than uninstall and reinstall the next day. It’s the standard Doc process.

    • RUNdone DIDit

      More like tomorrow

    • Ghostyface Pillow

      It actually seems like a really balanced game.

    • ZeDominion

      This game actually listened to pro players inputs. The recoil on weapons had a random spray pattern while in testing but they changed it to fixed.

  13. 10:47 Viss killing Nick Eh 30 in the feed.

  14. Keyallumas

    Game is pretty decent to be honest. I like it it.

  15. “Multiply, laugh about it, celebrate”

  16. WarlordRising

    EA should’ve promoted this instead of Anthem.

    • +JARED V. hmmm I see… Well then now that it is out, we’ll see how EA assists them in advertising it.

    • JARED V.

      Serkan Let’s just hope that EA doesn’t mess anything up with this game. Also TF1 wasn’t owned by EA, it was a Microsoft owned title that launched as an exclusive for Xbox One and Xbox 360. EA bought Respawn after the release of TF1 and EA would later publish TF2. Also for TF2, EA chose to release it between Battlefield 1 and CoD: IW as a buffer so that more people would be playing their games instead of Activision’s.

    • SpaceCadetLaC

      They intentionally didnt market for the game for the shock factor and word of mouth in the battle royal community especially by sponsoring streamers

    • It was a surprise launch tho

    • ShionShinigami

      EA should die in flames!!!

  17. Logic990

    Can’t wait to watch him uninstall this!!

  18. C.J. Alderson

    HAHAHAHA. Why did “the worlds longest leather couch” make me laugh so hard?!?

  19. DEADMEATx39

    Man I just commented not long ago, that I wish titanfall would enter the battle royale genre. I knew the Dr would be playing it if they did! 👍🏻

  20. Acc0rd79

    it’s made by the original COD crew from WAY back through MW2 (Respawn) You know it’s gonna be good!

    • Stepperot

      Gunplay is worse than titanfall tho. Makes no sense. Aiming feels floaty and imprecise

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