Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Dances, People Lose Their Minds | All In | MSNBC

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An old video of newly sworn-in Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dancing as a college student emerged – but didn't quite land as the attack it was intended to be.
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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Dances, People Lose Their Minds | All In | MSNBC

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  1. Wendle Beaton

    shes WONDERFUL….. The kind of woman I want my daughter to be able to look up to….. DANCE AWAY ya WORLD CHANGER you!!! <3

    • janeen harris

      +retipser j, you do realise that in the higher taxing nations that higher level only kicks in above a certain level of income. It’s not on every dollar. Nowhere has 80% by the way. You’re the one who’s dreaming.

    • +retipser j I know exactly what I’m talking about ~ You need something to relieve your constipated ideologies pal.

  2. Dean Leslie Hawea

    Can this girl get any cooler??

    • Brother Celestin

      So funny to read Dean Leslie , pretty sure that you are a good Leftist Socialist Democrat in love with Cortez !!!!

    • Maya Frazier

      +kayak347 or you could get one

    • Maya Frazier

      +MediaMatters IsMyCockHolster but- but water isn’t wet. Being wet is the byproduct of water ( or some other liquid touching it ) it’s water being left behind. Water cannot be left behind ON water, it just becomes part of the bigger mass. Duh

    • John Patrick

      She’s really cool. Too bad she’s an airhead.

    • Starwars Fan360

      Dean Leslie Hawea are you autistic



    • 陈北宗

      Maria Rodriguez More like the new Norway. She, and Bernie Sanders for that matter, prefers the Nordic model much more than Venezuela.

    • Mirian Gonzalez

      You must be high. She is the dumbest person ever. Then again, so are you

    • Mirian Gonzalez

      +Angelus Tenebris you are so stupid. One day you will grow up

  4. The Blackcollar

    Much better than Kavanah’s college days.

  5. Grabacr 8492

    Russian trolls going to every Cortez video leaving dislikes

  6. John Carr

    Bet’cha Pence had an aneurysm when he saw the video.

  7. Just XxXFELIXxX

    Never really paid attention to ms. Cortez until today; I must say that she is absolutely adorable!

    • The Last Rebel Show

      Simon Cow I’m sure the gate swings both ways, she thinks she’s “adorable “ because she reminds her of herself. The egos run high on this one. And adorable is a trendy thing to say.

    • The Last Rebel Show

      RoachTV 6 Shes the devil so don’t be fooled, it lies, it tries to gain your trust so it can control you and then it stabs you in the back for its own gain. It is evil. Be warned. 👹

    • The Last Rebel Show

      Just XxXFELIXxX I forgot 🤢🤢🤢🤮

    • RoachTV 6

      The Last Rebel Show Don’t worry, I’m prepared! 😉

  8. Querube Kelso

    GO ALEXANDRIA, you rock. Bright young woman, a lady, a patriot. Envy surrounds us…what a pity.

  9. Freeda Peeple

    I have no problem understanding the GOP reaction. She’s young, she’s hot, she’s intelligent, and worst of all she’s female. By old conservative standards, that’s about 255 strikes against her. The technological and societal changes of the last 50 years dictate a younger political service.

  10. myrbl30 Akan

    Congresswoman Cortez is refreshing.

    • noah walters

      +Falcon Z lol 40 million is nothing to congress XD, also if Trump was incharge of setting the budget, then the govornment wouldn’t be shut down, it is congress who decides the budget, and because the president doesnt agree with them they are shutdown.

    • SakurabloodomeN

      +Maya Frazier to continue the sentence… Only to find that their water supply ran so low that families had to wait in lines to get their minimal share which eventually ran out because socialism has always FAILED.

  11. india rose

    When Republicans go after a woman, trying to discredit her, it’s because they feel threatened by Her! Look at what they did to Hillary. Lying to us about her involvement in Bengazi! The Republicans knew she was gonna be powerful and they did everything they could to make her look bad. They will try to do the same with Alexandria! All the Republicans care about is money! They do not care about this country!!!! Only the party!!

    • Turd Ferguson

      +Ollie B The guy who is buying this completely fabricated, LITERAL fake news story is calling Fox News fake. Hahaha. You mush-brained simpletards make it so easy for the MSM. I dare you to watch this vid: and then tell us who is watching FAKE NEWS. I’ll wait…

    • jerry metcalf

      Your assessment of the situation is WRONG

  12. Fane Manelistu

    Oh no! A young woman dancing. Oh, the horror!
    When did the GOP become the Taliban? Oh, wait, their VP is dancing only with his mommy. Nvm.

    • There was no GOP outrage or even a conservative outrage at all. This story is quite literally manufactured from nothing by the fake mainstream news media. Their only source is one random tweet by some nobody on Twitter. Thanks for letting everyone know that you’re a mindless NPC who will believe anything they hear so long as it is negative towards republicans.

    • J Batson

      +Fane Manelistu Are you the spelling police? If your so worried about pddroper english than you should be on board with building the wall and changing the law!!!

  13. angelmushahf

    She stands out. Her all white suit, her attitude, she really stands out

  14. Mark Alexander-Warne

    AOC is 29 and already has thicker skin than Trump at 72 and boy is she going to get under his thin skin in the next two years.

  15. Some in the moldy GOP are terrified of life, liberty and the persuit of happiness; it goes against everything they stand for. Love you Cortez! 💜

  16. CozmicSaber's Opinions

    All this managed to do is make me like her more.

  17. ElectroLyte

    Melania Trump posed in a nude photo-shoot, but people lose their minds over this?

  18. Kevin Hughes

    game is over old white man.

  19. Alfredo Spath

    Bullying people for dancing is horrible, AOC is an example of diversity in race, generation, gender, ideas and economic thinking.

  20. wise eyes

    Those old men better watch who they boo,many have booed them long and hard for being self serving instead of people serving

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