Acting AG Matthew Whitaker discusses Roger Stone arrest

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Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker appears in front of the House Judiciary Committee to discuss the arrest of Roger Stone.

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  1. omnia resipsaloquitor

    boys and girls,,,,,,no need to get excited about these nobodies,,,,,,,get happy when one of trump’s worthless let them eat cake family gets charged and faces serious jail time…..and of course trump will go totally insane,,,,


      only people with severe Trump Derangement Syndrome are insane.
      move along, nothing to see here

    • omnia resipsaloquitor

      +IMA RUSSIAN hey shyidovka, b’lad,,,,,,your stupidity won’t shut up,,,,,,,you have no understanding of anything,,,and it shows on every posting,,,,go back to deposit accounts and ken tumin. you are too ignorant to breathe.

    • Brandon Joseph

      omnia resipsaloquitor #BDS

  2. CNN was camped out at Stone’s house for weeks. Because they can. Because they had reason to. Because they are good at what they do.

    • Will Parry

      J R They were camped out for one hour. And, they apparently needed more agents than it took to arrest him than it took to kill Bin Laden. Something’s suspicious about this alright.

    • joseph jasen

      J R CNN is fake news

  3. Miss Pramila Jayapal pretending she’s all upset from immigrant children being separated from their folks. Don’t get me wrong very sad, but what are they suppose to do? Let them all in because they have children? Anyway point being cry for them at the borders but not cry about the many of thousands being seperated when parents are brought to prison? Even worse than that,they light up the New york sky because late term abortion is approved. Yes cheer when you can murder kids, but cry when these criminals break the law bring their children trying to get into the country illegally? Its these parents who are risking to be seperated.Blame them. Just another example of hypocrisy

  4. CNN was only parked outside Stone’s house, on the day of his arrest. They were tipped off.

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