A Message for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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Late night writer Jenny Hagel has a message for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the 28-year-old Latina woman who beat a 10-term incumbent in New York's Democratic congressional primary.
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A Message for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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  1. Campy Camp

    YESSSS! No more $MONEY$ in politics!

    • trf12567

      No more money in your pocket either, if you work.

    • d87fresh1

      Just vote socialist so there will be no more money… period…

    • Shukin Andjivin

      It’ll NEVER HAPPEN, YOU MORONIC TURD! Why do you think most of them WANT to get to Washington, D.C. in the FIRST PLACE?! Idiot.

    • The.Inferno

      Campy Camp keep dreaming kid

    • uber goober

      Are any you going to take up arms and do it? Are any of you willing to kill and die to secure this? Because angry comments, blogs, petitions, and protests are not going to change a damn thing. You’re brainwashed.

  2. Phil DH

    Alexandria is fantastic and it has nothing to do with her being Latina or a woman. Please stop with the identity politics.

    • +Jestermon1 “Miss Cortez, what platform will you be running for on this campaign?”

      Cortez: “im a women of colour”….”Im not white”…..”Orange man bad”.

      WOw..fantastic policies..fantastic

    • Shes fucking dumb

    • shes uber fucking dumb if se thinks “socialism will work THIS time”


      There is nothing wrong with her being Latina or a woman, it’s her lack of all common sense.

  3. Jim's videos

    1:05 If Amber doesn’t get it first!

  4. Alternative Spicer

    Seth Meyers,
    See you in the farm soon

    Jon Stewart

    • White Male

      All of these leftist late night Bolshevik Jewish shabbos goyim belong in prison for treason.

    • Lord Dice X

      White Male 😂😂😂 Russian communist revolutionary, Jewish, Sabbath, non-Jews? What does that even mean? 😁😄😁

    • White Male

      Lord Dice X Atheist Jews still work in Jewish tribal interests, just via different means. A “shabbos goyim” is a non-Jew who does the bidding of Jews; one example being Stephen Colbert, who is (((Jon Stewart)))’s gimp.

    • Lord Dice X

      White Male gotcha🖒

    • Anthony The Invincible Iron Man Stark

      Alternative Spicer no no Stephen Colbert is the lowlife on CBS, Stephen Colbert is the one in the cabin in the woods

  5. Jimmy Swenson

    Get wrecked Corrupt Joe Crowley. Congrats Alexandria, do us well.

    • Joshua Salinas

      Skyprince27 how? Please provide facts proving your opinion.

    • VlAlexx

      “occupation of palestine” lmao

    • not you

      Your a complete idiot.you should have died long ago.

    • georgecanto

      Skyprince27 wow. Destroying America. For what I see, America is doing really well. Cheers. From Canada.

    • ohsevenone

      I don’t know who is the bigger moron, Alexandria or Jimmy (the cuck) Swenson?

  6. The Glorious Champion of all that is Good and Just

    Jokes on you, i’m already unemployed

  7. Austin Zappas

    AOC won because of policy, not identity. Weird not one mention of what she stands for, not one word.

    • Sanji Kun

      Her policy. Free evrything.. lol whats not to like? I too like unicorns

    • Sanji Kun

      +Hey There snowflake wimp..

    • ZR1Terror

      Austin Zappas AOC won because there is a lot of stupid people like her voting for her.


      If I didn’t have a brain I would agree with you. But what can I say….”here comes the little bus for you….have a nice day!”

    • MultiBunnyhunter

      She’s stands for socialism – that means stealing, squandering the wealth of a nation

  8. Michael Hanson

    Shes right about the revolution….the progressive revolution!!!

    • wow..under what regimes has “revolution” been called for?

    • David Dorante

      In my home country Venezuela there was a revolution… it did’t go well, but I’m sure this one would work

    • Satoshi Bitcoinsaki

      Mike if you were to live in a communist country as a regular citizen you would change your mind fast. You maybe too proud to accept what I’m saying.


      There nothing sadder than men who have no balls or brains.

    • Ethan Kunz

      Good luck with all your confused identity, beta humans. Your opponents have all the guns..literally and figuratively in the form of facts and reason.

  9. Ben Wasserman

    As a white man, I welcome our new female, Latino and African-American overlords. Though I’d still prefer to be ruled by Canada

  10. TheJFGB93

    The somewhat broken Spanish makes this even funnier

    • Sofía Ramírez Otero

      Jerry VanNuys You’re deaf. Coming from a mexican, her spanish is very flawed. Any native spanish speaker will cringe watching this

    • Lucy C

      As an Argentinean studying to be an English Translator I can clearly tell that some phrases are translated word for word from English to Spanish. Also, some pronunciation and grammar mistakes would suggest that she immigrated to the USA when she was really young and grew up listening to the language but not so much speaking it.

    • Raskol Erfahrung

      Yeah, because all of us use “estoy seria” instead of “hablo (lo digo) en serio.” Google translate it is.

    • Miguel Sánchez

      Jerry VanNuys her spanish was far from flawless. Both her grammar and pronunciation were terrible for someone who claims to be a native speaker. It was even somewhat insulting because it is quite perceiveable that she was just pandering to latinos in order to get them to vote for Cortez. The identity politics in this content is certainly disgusting.

    • Lewis Rivers

      i speak spanish.. im what you would call a ‘mexican’ .. her spanish sounds dumb.. too much pride… anything to divide the country.. spanish is annoying as fuhhhhk… spanish is the white mans language.. we are mestizos.. mixed with white spanish blood…. so it doesnt make sense when latinos talk down on whites.. smfh.. idiots that never studied latin/spanish/mestizo culture.. my people are such idiots.. anybody speaking division as their purpose is not for me.. unity cant be found in politics.. u cant beat politics wit politics.. the same way you cant beat hate wit hate.. callate la boca y aprende primero a lavarse el culoooooo lol

  11. Eustakyo Khyo

    Wtf that’s the worst Spanish I’ve listened to. It was painful to watch.

    • BLT4LIFE

      I think you mean painful to hear.

    • Eustakyo Khyo

      Checked Out I meant the video. But you’re right …painful to listen.

    • Eustakyo Khyo

      theAppleWizz haha it was like listening to google translate. I’m Mexican so it was kinda uncomfortable to listen but I get that it is just a joke and I liked the video overall.

    • curoseba

      Okaay… 😏 gives her a break. Maybe she wasn’t born there…

    • Mickey Valois

      It was

  12. Angel Samael

    “watch your backs”? Wouldn’t that mean suspecting every woman or person of color?

  13. Angel Samael

    True socialists don’t see race, they just see class.

    • no..the socialists are just “evolving”..but its the same toxic doctrine.

      This time the “white male” is the new bourgeoisie (and must be dragged down in the name of “equality”)

      and the people of colour(and gays and women) are the new oppressed under class.

      All the SJWs, feminists, lefties ..etc are all just a bunch of fucking evil motherfucking Marxists.

    • This might be late, but I just realized how smooth your comment was. Nice!!!!


    • ur right just like the national socialist german workers party saw class

    • uber goober

      +Echo Post modernist delusions are where it’s at, apparently.

  14. Luz Castro

    This was hilarious, but she needs to improve her Spanish. It totally shows that she doesn’t use it often.

  15. tenacious645

    Race and gender shouldn’t matter when considering someone for a position. She won because of what she had to say, not because she’s a non-white woman.

  16. directfunebru

    yeah, sure, the end of white men who run everything, sure

    • Khristopher MGTOW

      White people just have higher IQs than blacks. Blacks are kind of slow.

    • Lady Elohim

      Not True, the consumers and workers are the ones running everything don’t get it twisted

    • Daniel Melon

      +S Mutib well if white men start abandoning their children like blacks do that day will come.


    • Sanji Kun

      I have a dream that all whites will be killed! AOC 2020 final solution for the whites!!!

    • Troy Vincent

      S Mutib yeah right now white men are killed more than black! Can’t wait to hear how much crying there will be then!

  17. Richard Atkinson

    These establishment-approved comedy sketches try to downplay the fact that she ran as a progressive with no corporate money. All they can emphasize is the silly identity politics angle, since their corporate overlords are afraid of people like Ocasio-Cortez.

    • JP Toutant

      corporations are servants of banks tho banks make more money from socialism

    • Afraid of their brain exploding from her stupidity?

    • ZR1Terror

      Richard Atkinson Conservative women, including Candance Owen, have challenged AOC to debates and she has rejected them all. Looks like AOC is the one that is afraid here.


      Yeah and isn’t it funny she used the same platform as Bernie Sanders and George Soros. And you believe she got no money from them. She is a cute little worthless puppet and you think you got it figured out. How nice. Of course if I didn’t have a brain I would agree with you. But what can I say….”you’re so special….and here comes the little bus for you….have a nice day!”

    • Gary Morris

      Let us not forget one other important fact. She is remarkably stupid.

  18. The Stuport

    Be ever mindful of that age old adage….”Careful what you Wish For”

    • Tracy Burnquist

      I think that we should give the Democrats what they want and let them see what happens. Let’s invest in people who will never produce a return on the investment, let’s make college free for everybody, let’s make a social saftery net that costs a fortune to maintain, and let’s make sure that the liberals have plenty of spotlight to bask in while they make their utopia. I want to put the productive members of the middle class up against the wall so they will finally have to fight back.

    • Tracy Burnquist

      Richard Smart Given that one in four of the words you used in your response is an “ableist” slur that many of your fellow liberals would demand that you lose your job for using, I can see why you would have no concern that one day you could be classified as an oppressor if this country embraces socialism.

    • Richard Smart

      Also, what’s “saftery net”? Didn’t your computer underline that, um, “word” in free? Mine did!

    • Tracy Burnquist

      Richard Smart you noticed my spelling error! That is quite an accomplishment. Now that you have demonstrated how smart you are, can we get back to talking about the actual subject?

  19. She did not even run on Identity politics and people are making it out like that’s what this is about

    • uber goober

      That’s literally why she was elected though. More than half of her district was Hispanic. To deny that correlation is delusional.

    • Sanji Kun

      Uhhhhhhh wut.. yeh she did lol

    • +Sanji Kun No she didn’t. She ran on Medicare for all, tuition free college, a living wage, abolishing ice, and ending the wars. If she ran on identity politics, she would have said she should be elected because she’s a woman of color.

  20. Superfluffyfish

    This was insulting, both to the voters and to cortez. They are pretending like instead of campaigning on policies, all she had to do was go to all the places she went and point at her vagina whilest yelling “I am a latina woman!!!” Cortez worked her but off! She is extremely inteligent and well spoken. She convinced her voters with policy debate.
    Let’s say the roles were reversed and Crowley was a latina. With Cortez being the white guy. Cortez would have still won. Because policy matters, and Crowley is a horrible person. He once left a wallstreet regulation debate to go get campaign funds from wallstreet bankers after wich he came back to the debate and voted for what the bankers wanted. Had he been a latina instead of a white guy people wouldn’t have thought he was any less of an a**hole. Here was a guy whos only thought was of his own power, his own gains. He wasn’t a public servant, he wanted to make a carreer. He did not care about the people in his district.
    That is what you guys should be talking about, instead of making this about identity politics. Because it wasn’t. It was about one person doing wrong, selfish things consistantly for years and one fighting to make peoples lives better. Their gender and ethnic identities did not matter all that much. And that is as it should be. Because that is true equality.
    You guys are undervaluing the people of this district by saying it was about identity. As if the people in this district couldn’t possibly consider policy in their vote. No instead they need to have their candidates nicely colorcoded and properly gender identified. It makes me angry to see this.

    • Superfluffyfish

      The indirect conclusion here bothers me, “she won in a 70% non-white area and couldn’t have won otherwise”. So are all the non-white people to dumb to evaluate policy proposals to the point where they need a colorcoded candidate, or are american whites all secret neonazis who are to dumb to evaluate policy proposals to the point where they need color-coded candidates? I understand that this is a gross oversimplification of this argument you are making. I just honestly want to know. Do you feel that policy has any impact at all? Or is there some other reason that you feel race is this important? Am I missing something here?

    • Real Human Bean

      European Americans tend to vote for meritocracy, it’s kind of why everyone on the planet is trying to move to European countries and not the other way around. These people are moving here and voting the same as they would in the communist shitholes they escape. Yes it’s racial, it’s genetic. You calling meritocracy “Nazi” shows how anti-White you are and reveals your hand; you just want free stuff from working people, if it destroys this country, it doesn’t matter, because it’s not yours…you can just always move back home to Israel, Mexico, Somalia.

    • Real Human Bean

      The US is a European country, since 1965 the vast majority of immigrants are non European. Since then there has been a shift towards socialist policies.
      There is plenty of data supporting that Europeans vote for meritocracy while non Europeans vote for free stuff. Then we get called racist and shamed until we open our wallets and our borders.
      You want socialism, you’ll find that you will have it increasingly as Europeans become minorities in their own countries. This is why socialists/communists/Democrats want to abolish European borders.
      Europeans (Whites) don’t want open borders, we don’t want to give out free stuff, we don’t want to become minorities in our own homelands to hostile people who hate us. This isn’t crazy and it’s not racist, anyone who thinks this is racist is anti-White and want to destroy the people of Europe.

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