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  • Ali Wong wants you to know what “leaning in” is like for a working stand-up comic who also happens to be a new mother. Marc talks with Ali about her new life as a mom and her continuing life as a road comic who is bucking conventions on the stage and in the writers’ room on the show Fresh off the Boat. Their conversation features something that has never happened on WTF. Tip jar through PayPal.com email = maximzubov55@gmail.com


    Erika says:

    I fucking love her

    Gertrude Wallace says:

    HAHAHA I just went to the Er not too long ago which was unpleasant alas I met a hilarious radiologist. When I asked her what the weirdest thing she's seen, she was like "ah honey lets just say we have a gentleman in his late 30s that comes in on the regular with barbie doll heads up is ass. Sometimes its Ken but most times its Barbie." She went on to say if she's on shift and the weird shit comes in she is the first to jump to the task.

    Nimbus Cloud says:

    Loved Baby Cobra, but clearly pumping her tits for Marc was part of her act, not something she just had to do.

    Alice Wilde says:

    "…you're like a real comic…" why is he saying that to her?

    David says:

    4 years to learn about Asians? That is dumb.

    Erin Kodama says:

    OMG I love her for pumping during an interview! This is a modern day woman.

    stonedpony oninstagram says:

    I turned this off after the 3rd commercial. Disgusting.

    Adrian P. says:

    7 mins in, he presented 3 ads, YT did 1 and Ali starts at 15, it's my first time here, defo the last.

    phix says:

    Ali Wong Is So Funny 30:13

    Fred Garvin says:

    She's hilarious. Her special is great.

    Samantha Harvey says:

    why does he keep brining it back to her husband? well her stand up is kinda about him too I'm just like idk lol

    zehra ölmez says:

    i hate marons voice

    love inallwedo says:

    This interview was incredibly sweet! Marc was fascinated and sweet ("You want some ice cream?"). 🍨 🍦 😋

    Noelle Schibetta says:

    Brave, authentic and smart!

    Dan Chiorean says:

    I'm not even 30 minutes in, and YouTube has played at LEAST 5 30-second ad pieces, and there's no way to skip them. And they just sneak up on you out of nowhere. Absolutely absurd. YouTube is almost unwatchable now.

    I manage to mute the sound on my computer while they play, but this is insulting, really. 5 30-second spots in less than a half hour on a podcast? That's not even close to ok.

    I now have 0 desire to subscribe to Marc Maron's channel.

    Martha Alexandra says:


    Severin Severin says:

    What a fucking PUSSY. Why not get the skank schumer, you hack sellout.

    ilovehouse888 says:

    Her special was hilarious. After watching it the two main questions that hit my brain were how many women really think like this? And how many women really try to trap their man and manipulate them on the level she joked about? Her jokes were very funny but the element of truth to them actually made them funny in a scary kind of way.

    giselle monae says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE ALI WONG! Make a pt 2

    Trev Randall says:

    she is the bae of bae's

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