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  • Jason Sudeikis and Ali Wong Play ‘5 Second Rule’

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  • Check out comedians Jason Sudeikis and Ali Wong playing a special parent-themed edition of “5 Second Rule”!


    Falando Coisas says:

    I clicked because I didn't believe it was Jason from the thumbnail pic

    LexDime says:

    That was so awesome 😊🙌

    Gille87 says:

    «the charleston, 90’s, todayyy»😂

    omomoification says:

    Love Ali, funny in all that she does, HOW SHE DO DAT

    N. BR says:

    I love Jason and Ellen friendship!!

    Bougie Suzy Favs says:

    I would do watch a movie and or TV show with Jason and Ali

    Latifa says:

    I go the '30s, the '90s, TODAAAYYYY 😂

    zephyra says:

    hahaha, jason likes her sense of humor. i'd like to see them in a movie together.

    Kate Ellenberger says:

    Jason Sudeikis has morphed into a tall Jason Mraz

    Vamanos Ninja says:

    That lady is funny- looking not funny.

    Strong Belieber says:

    Missing Justin. Bieber alot

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