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  • Ali Wong: Baby Cobra – Vows and Racism | Netflix Is A Joke | Netflix

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  • Promise to love, honor, cherish and be a little racist together, forever. Marriage according to Ali Wong.

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    Ali Wong: Baby Cobra | Vows and Racism [HD] | Netflix


    Mount Hua Studios says:

    Netflix will never change, they will keep exploiting and racist against minority, just cancel my membership with Netflix. time to give my money to the Chinese and Korean films.

    sydandtaytum says:

    why did the video cut off there??? wow, way to take things completely out of context. if someone who didnt watch the special came by, they would think ali wong is full on racist against koreans. fucking ridiculous.

    Pattaya Dreams says:

    Hands down one of the best female comics on the scene. ❤️

    Melanin People says:

    I'm so glad you didn't get knocked up by a white guy there are a lot of Asians coons running to get them a white man and women even the gay ones . I personally think it's a low self esteem thing in asia u you worship white I don't know why for havens sake lmfaooo anyway it's pathetic

    Infinite Sky says:

    Aren't Koreans also Asian?

    mikfax says:

    Koreans love to shit on Koreans too.

    Me Troll says:

    My family shits on Latino people but…. we are also Latino. I don't get it either.

    Jackie Paper says:

    Koreans call southeast asians 땅콩, means peanuts.

    Kotak Grey says:

    This is not even funny.

    Jackson Ingle says:

    Lol they aren’t the same race, but great joke!

    High quality of fresh stolen memes says:

    Fancy Asians ———> Plastic Surgery

    richleev says:

    Wait isn’t her husband’s grandfather Korean?

    mr brown says:

    Im korean and i loved it^^

    Tamas Mihaly says:

    Ali is great.

    calico says:

    Her joke is about sharing ugly side of you with your spouse but it went right over people's head and all they talking about is how much they hate other Asians. This is why you have to be careful with your subject.

    김조엘 says:

    its hillalious
    because shes husband is
    actually korean-philipino
    (hes father was born in japan,
    but he is 100% korean)

    Eaxl says:

    Documentaries on genocides and mass murders are funnier than this bitch.

    Communist Dog Eater says:

    Korean and Japanese and Vietnamese people, please let's not hate each other, let's be friends and love each other, because you all basically are Chinese, hahaha. and most importantly, We Chinese is offering you the opportunity of not being bitchs of America/White people anymore if you come worship us, why can't you just appreciate this?

    James G says:

    FUNNY!!!!!! BUT what about the Korean's in the audience just offend them and they paid to see the show. you pay to see a show and " Your ethnicity get S*** ed ON : )

    James G says:

    I don't like Cures in comedy but I agree with the Korean joke I worked for the Koreans AND THEY TREATED ME LIKE Sh*t ALWAYS TALKING IN THERE tongue Cursing me out. " YOU KNOW WHEN SOME 1 is talking SH*t ABOUT YOU. EVEN IF YOU DON'T KNOW THE LANGUAGE.

    손지상 says:

    I am Korean have been living in the country and I understand logic and physics of the joke with flesh, I would do it if I were in that case lol

    Wilson Yu says:

    I probably making this worst, I think “Tropical Asians” is more suited than “Jungle Asians”, not every SE Asians living jungles you know. Obviously, Southeast Asia is a warm climate.

    I’ll admit, southernmost parts of China like Guangdong (Canton) is right in the tropical zone.

    arsjaad poese says:

    Indians hate each other.

    TheVampB says:

    Don't feel bad for the Koreans. The already own everything.

    love black says:

    shes right lol

    8mad says:

    Yeah, that's pretty accurate. My friend had Chinese roommates who would shit on Japanese people, and when into full detail when she listed Japan as a place she'd like to visit. Also, Latin people do the same thing (I'm half-Mexican). I had a friend who's Argentinian who would shit on Puerto Ricans and especially Mexicans.

    assassintwinat8 says:

    First time I saw this I had to pause I was laughing so hard

    Complexology says:

    But she is 1000% horney and hot.

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