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  • Ali Wong: Baby Cobra – Bad Mommy | Netflix Is A Joke | Netflix

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  • She’s fierce, filthy and very pregnant. Ali Wong: Baby Cobra now streaming on Netflix.

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    Ali Wong: Baby Cobra | Clip: Bad Mommy | Netflix


    Tri Nguyen says:

    don't blame candy crush!!!

    Midnight Daemon says:

    Ali is very witty! Playing candy crush and going to a doctor's appointment makes you a good dad–not a lot of work there. But, if mom stops cooking for a week and orders pizza for the kids, she's a bad/lazy mom. Smh.

    kristin martin says:

    Doing shrooms 7 months pregnant HAHAAHAH I love her

    Iailanee C. says:

    Im pregnant and I literally told my husband listen you bring nothing to the table im the one sacrificing everything. Alcohol, Social activities, full-time employment. Me!!!

    Amberlee Smith says:

    Wow doing mushrooms 7months pregnant isnt something little that would make you a bad mommy it's something pretty BIG n unbelievably selfish…..

    pauly h says:

    So talented, hilarious, and beautiful LOVE her 😅😅

    Janey Bakarbessy says:

    Ali Wong I so love you…

    83rdox says:

    She's right about that double standard, and there's the one where guys don't get as much flak for being hoes(though there is an explanation for that) ali seems real and honest about stuff like this. A lot of women don't realize how many double standards are on womens side though

    Fals3Agent says:

    This special was funny as fuck. If you don't find it funny you're probably biased against female comedy. Lots of guy comics shit on females, if you're looking for how the other side looks like, this is absolutely it!

    StydianX GameTV says:

    Anyone know what the name of outro song in her special?

    Drew Lanning says:

    She is so hot

    twiztid smurfette says:


    Alex Meyers says:

    I'm not a doctor, but your kid-to-be would probably be fine if you did shrooms 7 months pregnant.

    espn0o says:

    what's this clip made to be funny

    Noah B.-Wall says:

    they need to do another one of these WITH Ali Wong !!!

    Kaizen Mckenzie says:

    she's not funny retards laughing at something like this.

    What's on Netflix says:

    Go home Netflix – you're drunk.

    Termite30 says:

    I really enjoyed this. I'll probably watch it again.

    rainbowcuppycakex says:

    I love this chick, I was crying from laughter when I watched this whole show.

    Kitty Cohen says:

    one of the best comedy specials netflix has ever put up! fantastic i laugh everytime i watch it

    C.R. Shipman says:

    i gotta watch this lol

    mrzazzaable says:

    Sorta funny, at least better than that overrated hack Luis c.k

    Anthony Rodriguez says:

    Netflix needs to put season 2 of the flash

    sriracha boy says:

    hey Netflix put doctor who back on plz

    Junior Vieira says:


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