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  • The European Refugee Crisis and Syria Explained

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  • Why is the refugee crisis all over the news? How is this related to Syria? Why should we care at all?

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    The Syria / Iraq video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQPlREDW-Ro

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    The Future of the Global Muslim Population

    Pew: Fertility Rate for Muslims vs. Non-Muslims in Europe










    The economist, Time Magazine

    The European Refugee Crisis and Syria Explained

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    Formu Oli says:

    Fuck off to where you came from. You know why our countries are better? Because you aren't in them, it's that fucking simple. The people make places and you are unable to create anything. You will only pull us down with you.

    Tæüręn Čømprēssòr says:

    't Is time for fort-Europe.

    Bettina Szegedi says:

    I wanted to share this video, but the hungarian flag is red-white-green… so…👎🏻

    Steve Balls says:

    You're a fucking idiot. these Muslim cunts aren't well educated you fucking spastic

    A Person That Helps says:

    Nope go to west bengal Bangladesh refs u will find there they are killing all the jobs for native.
    Second go to Bangladesh they taken rongiyas now they dont have food for their own population.
    Third go to England refs currently did 1 metro and 1 suicide attack.
    4 go to usa refs/Muslims did 2-3 mass shootings+ youtube shooting yes she was a muslim.
    1000's of example of reality .
    But u will see humanity.🤔

    A Person That Helps says:

    Just think what happened in the most powerful country in the world USA latest 50 died in mass shooting by a refugee who is in influence of isis. I know not all refugees are terrorist but inly few of them do killings at this large level. ANYTHING OTHER THAN ISLAM IN MIDDLE EAST IS BANNED I WAS THERE FOR VERY SHORT TIME I KNEW THE CONDITIONS. JUST SEE THE FACT UAE NOT TAKING THESE REFS BECAUSE THEIR PRINCE DONT WANT ANY TERRORISM IN HIS STATE DUBAI . WHICH IS KNOWN ONLY FOR TOURISM. TERRORISM WILL KILL THEIR REVENUE.

    -The Business Lounge says:

    Westners being 2 faced whats new

    Shaun Ward says:

    "xenophobic rich cowards hiding behind borders" Call me what you want, I would rather be called this than welcome a bunch of people that wont assimilate into our culture and countries values. As for people bringing needed skills into our countries you're clearly ignoring the stupidly high rates of mental retardation because of all their first cousin marrying bullshit their western hating hand book called the Koran encourages (this isn't debated, just ignored alot because it's apparently racist now to speak about the truth if it hurts peoples feelings) Go ahead and use your expert non biased research skills and take 5 seconds to google "no go muslim areas in England" and try ignore what happens when you let the flood gates open for people whom wont assimilate into your culture. Life isn't a fucking Disney movie where every one ends up getting along in the end. Also any one out there reading this, look into "grooming gangs in Europe" and if you don't feel alittle racist after that then you are fucked mate.

    Ailurophile says:


    Zantic Trant says:

    So instead of fixing their own nations,
    come and turn ours into the same shithole they came from?

    Der Boi says:

    Complete bullshit, refugees rarely want to work, they love to rape and often come from africa and countries without war, simply want our money, also mostly men come here, rarely women and children also the pictures are wrong, woman have to wear a burka, yeah birth rates rise up, from all the rape, almost none of them are educated, fuck you telling these lies, pieces of shits

    Richard Pacifico says:

    Please make a video on the genocide of white farmers in South Africa. The EU does not give these Africaners refugee status. These white South Africans have been farming there since before America win independence. No one seems to care about these people.

    Richard Pacifico says:

    Rape has gone up 1000 percent. There are 'no go zones' meaning no police or military go into crime infested areas. Most refugees are military aged males and are illiterate in there own language. They will not learn to read or write in a European language. They will not be skilled workers. Most are economic refugees and not from Syria. Why should Europe take them? They should fight for and fix there own contries

    Yoni Geusens says:

    we'll talk again in 10 years when they are literally everywhere which they already are and we speak arabic. First mistake is to think that ur government gives a shit, second: nothing happens in this world without the ubereilite having a say in it or at least knowing about it. notihing happens for no reason u might not get that reason, but it will definetly affect u in ur everyday life.

    Arief Hutomo Aji says:

    I don't want to hate nor embracing hate, but those filthy rich camel herders are exceptions… I hope Indonesia and Malaysia can do more in aiding our Syrian brothers…

    Xd Xd says:

    傻逼 用中文干嘛 给中国人看,好帮你们白皮分担穆斯林难民吗?

    bearcolombia says:

    Crime is lower per capita among the refugees than the native population?

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