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1972 – Greatest Musicians When Doc & Earl Got Together

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A scene from my 90 min. show. Get it at . It presents Earl Scruggs with Bill Monroe, Doc Watson, The Morris Brothers, The Byrds, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez among many others. If you love old time Bluegrass/Country Music, you will love watching this. Said reviewer Bruce Elder: " The music here is glorious." Earl Scruggs: The Bluegrass Legend is the only full-length film on Earl's life & times.
#earlscruggs #scruggsdocumentary #docwatson

1972 - Greatest Musicians When Doc & Earl Got Together

A scene from my 90 min. show. Get it at . It presents Earl Scruggs with Bill Monroe, Doc Watson, The Morris Brothers, The Byrds, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez among many others. If you love old time Bluegrass/Country Music, you will love watching this. Said reviewer Bruce Elder: " The music here is glorious." Earl Scruggs: The Bluegrass Legend is the only full-length film on Earl's life & times.
#earlscruggs #scruggsdocumentary #docwatson

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  1. Leroy Carroll

    This world is a darker place without Doc

  2. A fine example to point to when someone asks, “So what does Bluegrass sound like? “

  3. lemonflower

    “It’ll usually sound better if you DON’T rehearse it.” True, sir.  True.  

  4. Gabe Powers

    Thanks David Hoffman.  These videos you post are a national treasure.

    • David Hoffman

      Thank you Gabe. That is high praise indeed.
      David Hoffman – filmmaker

    • giannetto1000

      +David Hoffman …A world’s treasure!
      Thanks from the extreme eastern hills of Italy
      and keep up the good work David.

    • David Hoffman

      +giannetto1000 Thank you Giannetto.
      David Hoffman –  filmmaker

  5. Paul Matchen

    Purchased this documentary (your documentary) on Amazon.  Hope you get the royalties. I love this. Thank you, sir.

    • David Hoffman

      Dear Paul .Thank you for your comment and for the purchase. I get no royalties but I do make about $16 a DVD and that money is helping me to do my new work right now.
      David Hoffman–filmmaker

    • Paul Matchen

      +David Hoffman Can’t wait to see your next project, David!

    • Mirza Baig

      great video. That’s a good livin’

  6. yesyoumay

    In Doc’s biography,  “Blind But Now I See”   it mentioned several times that Doc had lots of respect for Earl Scruggs.

  7. Joseph McDaniel

    Just Amazing gift God gave us for 91 years. There will never be another Doc…understatement of all time!

  8. JCMontero

    4 guitars aren’t able to kill that banjo…

    • No, but they sure tried!

    • SettimaLegione

      exact: banjo was designed metallic to be louder than guitar! As conterpart it can only produce short notes and must “harping” all the time. (plus a drone cord)

    • Michael Long

      Earle plays a nice guitar too. U start w guitar…then banjo. Play it all after that.

    • Wade Hendrix

      3 fingers picking a banjo to one pick of Doc on Guitar. If you play, you realize how difficult it is to do. Doc did it and did it well.

    • hmm well you may be right about short notes but when u play a banjo the notes sustain for a long time and you can feel them in your gut, its something you have to experience. truly awesome

  9. Sinister Gerbils

    With Doc Watson and Earl Scruggs together, can’t believe the earth didn’t crack open from the sheer awesomeness of this.

  10. snmthecloser

    I mean the only thing missing from this video is Jesus walking on water. Gods.

  11. Herb Mordkoff

    Unfortunately will we never see the likes of this talent ever again.  I could listen all day thanks for sharing.

    • Mackie Daz

      Herb Mordkoff says who?? Keep an open mind

    • Scott Heron

      We’ll never see Doc or Earl again, but talent like this or greater can be found and appreciated everyday. Going to a music festival or two would reveal that pretty quickly.

    • Sam Aubuchon

      You need to look up Billy Strings man!

    • Uriah Romero

      U made me cry…

  12. Youssef Rhanem

    What you get from observing this magnificient spontaneous video is how beautiful a father/son relationship can be; Just before the last song, doc asks Earl’s son if he can Play Cripple Creek, Earl’s son says something like “I can tell alright” then he smiles and says “ii know” CUT and then they start the song, and we can see all Earl’s attention on his son, his son plays the melodic guitar of the song so perfectly and happily, also to justify his reaction.. and at the end of the song we can see Earl very proud of his son joking with him, we can see also Shy Doc’s son who looks very happy to play with his father and the guys, having a look at Earl’s son and smiling, like giving him respect. We can see also the effect of Doc’s Voice on Earl’s son when he first heard it by looking at his father and expressing his happiness & wonder. Agree..? ?

    • BeWare Wolf

      Youssef Rhanem I totally agree !

    • Faronthefiddler

      Youssef Rhanem Boy Howdy! My Dad played a few times with Doc in the late 50’s and early 60’s. My Dad said he had perfect pitch, meaning, he could name the note by hearing it.

    • Ezra Miller

      Youssef Rhanem I love how Earl watches Doc’s soling so closely, such mutual respect

    • RoseAnne Davis

      your observations are such a pleasure to read–thank you!

    • scooter george

      doc plays the break at the end where everyone laughs. randy’s guitar has a different tone. nice pick up on his smile though when doc first sings. great that they had stevie sitting in as well.

  13. TheGhost5600

    Randy sure was a chip off the old block…

  14. Kenneth Steele

    I’m from West(by god)Virginia,I grew up with this kind of music being played just about every weekend live in our home,foot stomp”n”,cold beer drinking ,cigarettes stuck on the ends of the guitars extra string, I remember it was a blast just watching them. I remember my Dad and Mom taking us to a drive inn movie place in Boone summer night to watch Flat and Scruggs play live on top of the concession building.

  15. Edward Levine

    I was a musician in Memphis when the Earl Scruggs Review came to town. He had just split up with Lest Flat and put together a band with his family. The local talent were given free passes in return for, “Watching their instruments.” Scruggs must have found out that none of us had any money and had not eaten all day. Next thing we know, a bunch of barbecue with all the fixings and a bunch of sodas were delivered to us. We found out through the grapevine that it was Earl who ordered and paid for the stuff but he never came around for a thank you. I guess he just didn’t want us to go hungry.

    • Stable Genius

      This music won’t work without heart and soul, it all sprouts from our feelings and it’s impossible to think of someone hungry and do nothing! Earls earned his way in our hearts, by having one.

    • Kevin Fetner

      I can’t say much for the “Revue”…it seemed focused on making money and forced Earl to machine gun his music with amplification. This video is where Bluegrass should always be, as a get-together of friends & family. Earl in this vid piece is entirely at ease and smiling. When you try to make Bluegrass ‘bigger’ you ruin it. Nitty Gritty Dirt band got all the greats together for The Circle album set. To date, nothing like that has ever been done since. Bill Monroe was the only one not to participate in The Circle album…….his proud folly.

    • Gail Stone

      That certainly sounds like the Earl I knew. He and Jean would come out to the ranch in the rv and while Jean helped me tend garden and pick gooseberries for her pie, Earl and Buck Miner would reminisce and pluck… All on Buck’s 166acre ranch along the Mattole River in Northern Cal.
      Right down to earth, loved their family, and true talent- they both.
      Sweeeeet memories.
      Keep on pluckin, Earl wherever God put you to play sum’ore… 💖

  16. Tom Gannon

    Speechless- this stuff is fantastic! No words can really do justice to what was going on here.

  17. Jennifer Zeikus

    This is at the mouth of the hollow; brings back so many memories! My grandparents often played w/ him & Flatt & Scruggs. Doc always said hi when we came to my great grandparent’s home at the head of the hollow, & always knew if I was in the back of the truck, and would ask if lil’ Jenny was in there!! 💗

    • Maxwell Smart

      That’s a wonderful story right there.

    • Jennifer Zeikus

      I asked my grandmom how he always knew I was in the back of the truck b/c I knew he couldn’t see well, and there was a topper on the pickup. She replied, ” Oh honey, he sees more than most people ever will. I asked him one time what he saw. He said he could sense light & shadows, and energy.

    • Joseph Garrahan

      i appreciate you sharing that. Touches my heart. sounds like you had a blessed childhood

    • Mike LaBo Music

      Jennifer Zeikus thanks for the great stories. I saw Doc play a few times but never met him. He was a special man who not only inspired me to be a better musician but also a better man.

  18. Maxwell Smart

    Thanks for posting this. My favorite guitar player, Doc Watson. Bless his soul. A national treasure. But I would also like to mention what many people seem to overlook – his singing. That’s understandable because of Doc’s mastery of the guitar. Doc’s singing was also remarkable. Consider this: He could not see, blind since he was a child, and yet he knew the words to all of those classic old Appalachian, bluegrass, and country songs. Imagine how hard you have to work, and how talented you have to be to be able to do that. I am a singer, I have my sight, and it is not easy for me to remember words to songs and I find myself sometimes having to look at lyric sheets. Doc never had that to lean on. He could not look at lyrics to memorize them…everything had to be learned and memorized by hearing. And that covers many, many, many songs. I am absolutely amazed at his talent, not only his guitar playing, but his singing as well.

    • Jim Chumley

      Maxwell Smart I never thought about that. Im 58 yrs old and have been listening to Doc Watson since a teenager. I love his music wth The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band on the classic 3 album set Will The Circle Be Unbroken. Timeless music. Everyone forgot too that Doc often played a mean harmonica too in a rack while playing guitar. Im a harp player myself for over 35 yrs. and Doc was real good also on the harp.

    • Captainwaylay

      No Slouch on The Claw Hammer Banjo , Not too shabbb on the Harmonica also , thanks for lettin me inturupt you Day, Way back When the Sheep Were Ner vous . ~~~~~~~~~~ >}}}:^>

    • LilCrayzer

      Maxwell Smart – You‘re absolutely right with each aspect you‘re pointing out but we have to consider one thing objectively: If someone is handicaped like Doc with his blindness, each off your other senses are increasing in their effectiveness and sensibility. On the other hand: someone could‘ve helped him to learn the lyrics by reading them aloud to him.

      None the less he‘s an remarkable musician!!

      Greetings from germany! m/

    • little jo

      Absolutely! But lowly folk musicians being able to read is a very recent thing. I’m told if you can’t read your memory is much better- relying on ink withers our minds.

  19. Rhonda Boncutter

    When I was growing up, I lived down in Ky., no TV reception! My whole family mom, uncles, aunts and Grandma played an instrument! We’d sit on the porch or in chairs out in the yard and play music, sing and dance! Many neighbors always carried their instrument with them, would stop by and join in! Grew up in the best of times! Loved it!

    • Mike Long

      Rhonda Boncutter beats the heck out of rude young people staring at their phones today… I grew up listening to doc and Earle back when I could catch my limit of trout every day at the south saluda river behind table rock mountain. I started pickin real young. My dad wanted me to be a young Ricky Skaggs but I loved docs guitar flatpicking and took lessons in middle school. I remember all the kids at school laughed at me for playing bluegrass music. Now all the young hipsters are picking bluegrass in local bands…i just smile and say it took y’all long enough to found out what real music is….

    • Ralph B

      I am sooooooo jealous

  20. Kevin Fetner

    The best part of this video is Cripple Creek. Doc wasn’t sure how good Randy really was…chided him in the beginning. But watch Doc light up as Randy kept up note for note and Doc laughs & rocks in his chair. That was RARE for Doc who was a perfectionist. The mind-bending perfection of impromptu Bluegrass as you may never hear again.

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